Lay's Releases 8 New Chip Flavors Based On American Cuisine

Each year Lay's, the famous chip company, comes out with limited edition flavors and this year was no different. Lay's announced eight new flavors chip lovers are going to want to try. The new line is called "Taste of America" and it is inspired by different local cuisines throughout the United States.

"Cajun Spice" is inspired by Louisiana-style food with spices like garlic, paprika, onion, and oregano. You will be craving some jambalaya or blackened cajun fish after eating these chips. "Chile Con Queso" is pretty self-explanatory, inspired by Tex-Mex cheese from the south. You don't need any cheese dip for this one, just the chips.

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Next up is "Chesapeake Bay Crab Spice" inspired by the mid-Atlantic east coast region, with a custom blend of Old Bay. "Deep Dish Pizza" is also basically what it sounds like, inspired by the Chicago area with spices from their famous pizza. Then there is "Fried Pickles with Ranch," which might be our favorite flavor mentioned. This one was created after fairs in the Midwest, this flavor is true to its name.

The last three flavors are definitely a little different, but curiosity has gotten the best of us. "New England Lobster Roll" is inspired by New England's favorite dish. The chip company combined the flavor of lobster and butter for this new chip. "Thai Sweet Chili" was inspired by Pacific Northwest, especially the food trucks out there. It is a mix of sweet chili sauce and some heat. Finally, the last new flavor is "Pimento Cheese", named for the classic dip made in the southeast, consisting of cheddar cheese and pimentos.

These eight new limited edition flavors will be available in stores from July 30th until September 23rd, but there is a twist. Each new Lay's flavor will only be in stores in the regions they were inspired. For example, "Fried Pickles with Ranch" can only be found in the Midwest. However, if you want to try them all, a variety pack can be ordered at lays.com.

What do you think about the new Lay's chip flavors? Which one sounds delicious and which one sounds disgusting to you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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