20 Leaks That Probably Got Someone At Nintendo Fired

It's not like the two words "Nintendo" and "leak" have never come in contact before. Nintendo is probably the biggest gaming company when it comes to having their stuff leaked (and that is saying a lot considering how much is leaked each year from other companies). Sooner or later, something Nintendo is bound to be leaked to the general audience.

The unfortunate thing for Nintendo is that it has very little left to go on, so leaks make their wares even less important. Well, we are going to take a look at mostly newer leaks from the company and we are pretty sure that, one way or another, someone probably got canned for each and every one of these!

20 Switch Mini

via thegamer.com

There have been several leaks about this machine, most notably from Roland Quandt (who has often accurate info). The Mini really changes a lot about what makes the Switch the Switch... now it is more like a Game Boy meets a Game Gear. Either way, this leak really takes any power out of the release (even if it ends up being a flop anyway).

19 Zelda Anthology

We're not sure who should get fired here. The Best Buy worker, or the person at Nintendo who gave the info to Best Buy, but there were several placeholders for certain Nintendo games that ended up on the Best Buy site well before any game announcement. While this does not necessarily confirm a Zelda Anthology, people just won't shut up about it ever since the leak!

18 Witcher 3 On Switch

When the release date for Witcher 3 for the Switch was leaked... well, no one thought anything of the release date. They just simply wondered how it would be possible to fit such a game on such a system. It's not like Nintendo is running Shadow of War or anything like that, but it should be out in September according to a likely now fired Nintendo employee!

17 Switch System Leak

Surprisingly, Nintendo does still have a pretty big following (which is pretty much its only saving grace). Even when the original Switch was leaked before release (known then as the NX,) people still found their way into buying one, even though the concept seemed either too good to be true or just too bizarre to begin with.

16 Super Smash Soundtrack

The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate soundtrack is a pretty awesome thing to behold. There are all sorts of re-imagined versions of some classic themes on there. However, considering that the soundtrack was ripped from coding from a copy of the game that should have never found its way out of the company... someone is without a job now, for sure.

15 Star Fox 2 Switch Online

This might not be too big a deal but considering that Nintendo doesn't really have all that many great titles to work with in the first place, Star Fox 2 is sort of hype game (which helped sell the SNES Classic). This is one of many SNES games to have been leaked to be available soon on the Switch Online service. Ooops

14 Switch Price

The interesting thing about this leak is that it initially turned out to be inaccurate. The leak was real, but the eventual price was not. The leak claimed the price at about $250... and for anyone who has bought a Switch, they will know that this is just not reality. It's like Nintendo fired the leaker and upped the price. Poor us.

13 SNES Switch Online

The NES and SNES Classic machines have been big hits for Nintendo for the past couple of years. Every time a shipment shows up at a store, they are gone that day, it seems. However, the leak that at least 22 SNES games will be coming to Switch Online really will punch a big hole in the sales of those consoles in the meantime.

12 Super Smash Gameplay

Sure, this comes down to a piracy issue, ultimately, but considering that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was leaked two weeks before the game was actually released must have got someone in the I.T. department fired from Nintendo. The company's biggest game of the year and pirates release it for them weeks early!

11 Sabi Leaks

This is not necessarily a leak that would get a Nintendo employee fired. After all, this is actually the successful prevention of a leak in action. Sabi was stopped from leaking big E3 news just in time. However, the big media storm that this created will still likely get someone from either legal or PR at Nintendo, fired.

10 New Punch Out

It's funny enough to think about someone like previously-Iron Mike Tyson leaking big news about Nintendo, but when it kind of seems credible too... that's just nutty! Tyson tweeted out that Nintendo would be releasing a new version of Punch Out (for whatever reason) but without Tyson. We hope there is no Tyson and no game, to be honest.

9 Pokémon Sun And Moon Pokédex

Thanks to the power of 4Chan, according to GameZone, the entire Sun & Moon Pokédex was released well before the Pokémon Sun And Moon game was even released. That is over 100 Pokémon listed out there before a game can even take off. It's a good thing that Pokémon has a following because people will still buy into that franchise with or without spoilers.

8 Super Smash Bros 3 DS / Wii U Roster

It's sad enough when a single DLC character gets leaked, but an entire roster? That's simply too much. In the lead-up to the incredibly hyped Super Smash Bros. 4, the entire roster was leaked well before the game's initial release. Interestingly, fans even debated over whether or not the leaks were real only to come to the unfortunate conclusion that, whether they liked it or not, the entire roster really was out in the open.

7 N64 Classic

Well, this would make a very important leak as well as a very easy fire for someone at Nintendo. If the leak is to be believed, the next in the console classic series will be the N64 Classic. We are not sure how they will manage to port the N64 favs onto one machine without harnessing the power of a PS4 or Xbox, but they can try!

6 Metroid Prime Trilogy

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This is one of the leaks that came along with the Best Buy placeholder screw up. Which is really too bad because Nintendo should've been the one to make this announcement. Metroid is one of the few remaining titles of worth to the company and a Prime Trilogy could really bring people around to buying into the Switch.

5 Mario 8-Bit Amiibo

It's not like there aren't already a number of different Mario Amiibos, let alone 8-bit Mario Amiibos, but the fact that they get leaked before Nintendo has a chance to release them has got to put some strain on the company. Especially since the leak was pulled from the servers of Nintendo of Europe according to Engadget. There are already five other Amiibos like this though so... who cares?

4 GameCube Classic

Alongside the N64 Classic, there is a leak that the next to follow in line will be the GameCube Classic. While these systems do sound like a wonderful idea, these leaks, alongside the leak about the SNES games coming to Switch Online, really don't work together. People will wonder "why not bring these games Online as well and skip the classic machine"... to which Nintendo will say..."no, we want the money."

3 Animal Crossing Release Date

Well, this one is a little outdated now thanks to the E3 Nintendo Direct release date push that gives us Animal Crossing in March of 2020, but this past February, according to NintendoEnthusiast, there was a leak that put the game's release as early as September 13th of this year. We're guessing someone was fired and the players were punished with a later release (or Nintendo couldn't sort the game out at the last minute...)

2 A Link To The Past

via theverge.com

Oh, the boys and girls at Best Buy who messed this one up must definitely not work there anymore. Nor the Nintendo employees who gave out the information for the placeholders. This is, yet again, a leaked title from the Best Buy placeholders online. So, it seems we are getting A Link To The Past on Switch! Nintendo should kiss the Best Buy moron who posted this because more people will care about the Switch now!

1 Game Boy Classic

Well, here's the thing... The Game Boy Classic is exactly the machine we're looking at right now. This is indeed the classic Game Boy. However, it seems Nintendo may be looking to create a Game Boy Classic... Classic? According to the forum on GameSpot, a Nintendo official has given up the ghost on a Classic system (past its 30th-anniversary date when they should've put it out).

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