The 15 Most Expensive Movie-Themed Lego Sets Of All Time (And 15 That Are Worth Nothing)

Lego is both a beloved (and sometimes painful) memory for many of us growing up. Lego sets are a great way to engage kids’ minds creatively and critically to bring their playtime to life. I mean, who doesn’t want to build the Death Star and act out scenes from Star Wars? Or build the Eiffel Tower and display it in your room? The biggest issue with playing with them is accidentally stepping on one while barefoot and dealing with that agony; sorry if you winced at the memory. I personally preferred playing with sets that were cafes or buildings that I could pretend were hangout spots for my toys. I mean, people love it so much that there is a theme park based on it and surprisingly witty movies based on it and other franchises.

Now, Lego has been around for a long time at this point. It was established in 1932 and has been powering out popular toys ever since. With that in mind, there have to be some really valuable sets out there. However, as there have also been so many products over the years, there are going to be some standard ones that aren’t worth all that much. Sometimes the toys are really new and just small figures so aren’t going to be worth much compared to a new set or vintage piece. Someone is sitting on a treasure chest, so you may want to check if you still have any of these fancier ones.

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30 Expensive: Millennium Falcon Set (Star Wars) - $799.99

via lego.com

Woah, this one is a biggie. With 7541 pieces and 11 figures, this bad boy is a piece to behold. Not only does it have details like a concealed blaster, a Dejarik holographic game, a hidden floor compartment, a gunnery station, Han’s blaster pistol, and Chewwie’s stud-firing bowcaster, but it also comes with a little informational plaque. You know your set is legit if it comes with an informational plaque. It has even got figures from the latest movies, too. What a Star Wars tribute.

29 Cheap: Minifigures (Miscellaneous) - $3.19-$7.99

via hobbyheaven.wordpress.com

These are pretty cool, actually. With the minifigures series, the goal is to buy them and build a collection by trading with friends. In the immortal words of Pokémon, you gotta catch ‘em all. They even come with little mystery accessories and have updated outfits like an invisibility cloak for Harry. You can get Luna Lovegood and Dean Thomas alongside other supporting characters; I like that they don’t just have the core cast. These are the figures I could see kid me playing with a lot, so I’m glad that they are affordable.

28 Expensive: Death Star (Star Wars) - $499.99

via youtube,com

With just over 4000 pieces, the Death Star model is not as large and complex as the Millennium Falcon set, but it is just as cool. It measures 16 inches tall and wide and packs in a bunch of cool features. It features key scenes and locations from New Hope and Return of the Jedi, which makes for excellent re-enactment material. You also get 23 minifigures with it including Obi Wan-Kenobi, Princess Leia, and Luke Skywalker in disguise.

27 Cheap: Castle Interior Kit (Disney) - $4.99

via youtube.com

Who wouldn’t want to live in a palace? While many people cannot afford to buy an actual castle, you can let your Lego figures live in one. Disney helped Lego make this cute little castle interior kit to deck out your princess castle sets and let your Lego figures live their best lives. You can even rearrange the furniture using the manual provided to give them multiple kinds of uses. It’s a sweet set that can give endless fun for a cheap price.

26 Expensive: Hogwarts Castle (Harry Potter) - £399.99

via brickset.com

I would absolutely buy this as an adult, and I don’t even play with Lego anymore. It is so cool and would be awesome to have displayed in your house. It has over 6000 pieces and features 27 microfigures, 4 minifigures, Hagrid’s Hut, the Whomping Willow, the Chamber of Secrets, and a bunch of accessories. You can even build Aragog and the Basilisk which is crazy. This is a wonderful tribute crammed full of locations and memories for many Harry Potter fans.

25 Cheap: Guido And Luigi’s Pit Stop (Cars) - $7.99

via youtube.com

These two were honestly a highlight of the Cars movie. In case you don’t remember, these guys are the ones who give the main man Lightning McQueen his sick tires and get him ready for races. They are funny and always cool to see. This set could help your kids imagine giving their toy cars and vehicles some new sick wheels to keep them racing. This set is a simple but fun addition to any kids’ Lego collection.

24 Expensive: Betrayal At Cloud City (Star Wars) – $349.99

via youtube.com

Not quite as big as the others we have looked at so far, Betrayal At Cloud City has over 2000 pieces to keep you busy. Not only that, but it has multiple sections. You get 18 minifigures and a bunch of accessories which bring the whole thing to life. There is the freezing chamber, Boba Fett’s Slave I ship, and the Twin-Pod Cloud Car to keep you occupied. Packed with little details such as sliding doors and a swing-out sensor balcony, this set is another excellent Star Wars tribute.

23 Cheap: Lightning McQueen Speed Launcher (Cars) - $7.99

via youtube.com

Kids will love this one. The speed launcher has a decent 47 pieces and will set Lightning McQueen up for a great race. Simply pop him in the launcher and press the button to launch him across the starting line. I wonder if this works for other cars of the same size. Either way, any kid would be stoked to get this little set. Just look out for any model cars strewn about your kids’ room – wouldn’t want another classic Lego injury.

22 Expensive: The Disney Castle (Disney) - $349.99

via brickloot.com.au

Another impressive build that I wish I had. With over 4000 pieces, you can bring Disney magic into your home for a large amount of money. Measuring over 29 inches high and 18.8 inches wide, this monster of a set has multiple floors, many rooms, and even some secret compartments with surprises inside. It also comes with five minifigures plus two frogs, which makes for some excellent playtime fun (especially if you are a Kingdom Hearts or Disney fan.

21 Cheap: Mighty Micros (Marvel) - $7.99

via mobilesyrup.com

Mighty Micros are little versions of iconic heroes, often in their signature vehicles of choice and come in pairs of hero and villain. For example, you can get Mighty Micros of Starlord and Nebula, Scarlet-Spider and Sandman, and Loki and Thor. Perfect for the little (or big) fans of the Marvel universe who just want to enact their favorite iconic fight scenes from the movies. These will bring a lot of fun to the table, for sure.

20 Expensive: Ninjago City (Ninjago) - $299.99

via rickbricks.com.au

Ninjago City fills every kids’ dream of becoming an awesome ninja with all the modern conveniences we love. Standing at 24 inches high and 12 inches wide, this is another set that is brimming with detail. Each piece out of the 4867 pieces has the attention to detail and care that makes Lego great. You get 13 minifigures and a bunch of cool features like a working ATM, a moving sushi conveyor belt, and three who removable levels to play with.

19 Cheap: TIE Striker Microfighter (Star Wars) - $7.99

via zloklokow.pl

Need another fighter pilot in your Lego Star Wars collection? The TIE Striker Microfighter is a cheap and handy little addition. It has 88 pieces which is impressive for the price and has a bunch of cool features; folding wings, two stud shooters, and an open cockpit ready for your pilot to enter and begin the flight. This little guy will be a great help when recreating those epic fight scenes from the movies or the new ones you come up with.

18 Expensive: Welcome To Apocalypseburg! (Lego Movie 2) - $299.99

via youtube.com

With over 3000 pieces, Lego really went ahead and made a full-on 360-degree experience with this one. Every inch has some kind of reference or cool room; the coffee shop, the tattoo parlor, the diner, the gym, and a whole bunch more. Not only that, but you get a whole bunch of figures to pop in and play with. Little accessories like a love letter from Batman and secret compartments and hideaways make this an excellent set for any collector or fan.

17 Cheap: Ariel’s Underwater Concert (The Little Mermaid) - $11.99

Via: Mighty Ape

This is so cute! This set comes with an archway and microphone for Ariel to perform, plus a dolphin-drawn carriage, treasure chest, and drums for Sebastian. You also get figures of Ariel, Flounder, Sebastian, and a dolphin to help bring the scene to life. You can even put accessories like a diamond or a goblet in the chest and store Ariel’s precious belongings away while she sings. This sounds like a fun way to host karaoke night with your toys.

16 Expensive: Slave I (Star Wars) - $199.99

via worthpoint.com

Another Star Wars entry! Lego must be really into this franchise. With 1996 pieces, you can bring Boba Fett’s ship to life. It has a cargo hold where you can keep a figure of Han Solo as himself or in Carbonite just like in the movie. You also get figures of Boba Fett, Bespin Guard, and a Stormtrooper to keep Han Solo imprisoned. As if all that is not enough, it even comes with a stand so you can display the set as if in flight – awesome!

15 Cheap: Gollum Fun Pack (Lord of The Rings) - $5.99

Via: Lego

Ah, Gollum, you look just as freaky here as you do in the movies. I hate spiders and even I think that the spider looks cute. This is just a simple set to add to your collection and maybe give your other Lego figures arachnophobia while you play with them. This set is mainly for connecting to the Lego Dimensions game and adding to the multiverse experience, but you can also just play with them as they are, which is pretty neat.

14 Expensive: Voltron (Voltron) - $179.99

via youtube.com

What with Netflix’s foray into the Voltron franchise, it feels right that I include this bad boy. Voltron was a hit anime about humans going into space and saving the universe in their lion-themed ships. What’s more, those lions could interconnect to create one super mech robot known as Voltron. I enjoyed Voltron: Legendary Defender (even if a bunch of questionable things and plot points happened) and have seen clips of the other show, so would love to have this on display protecting my home.

13 Cheap: Scarecrow Face-Off (Lego: Batman Movie) - $11.99

via boorooandtiggertoo.com

The Lego: Batman Movie was a great release. It celebrated Batman’s legacy, had a nice balance of humor and seriousness and was not afraid of acknowledging the marketability and value of the franchise. It was a breath of fresh air for adults who accompanied their excited children. The Scarecrow fight was a highlight for me, so I can imagine kids would be all about recreating it with this relatively cheap model set. It even comes with accessories like Batman’s jetpack and jetpacks are always a great thing to have.

12 Expensive: The Hulkbuster: Ultron Edition (Avengers: Age Of Ultron) - $119.99

via toywiz.com

This, in my opinion, is one of Iron Man’s coolest suits and I completely get why there is a fancy Lego version of it. He is rotatable and posable and even comes with a plaque. You also get a little minifigure and can light up his chest at the touch of a button. You can also add extra bits from other sets and clip the spare arm to the construction arm to make the display even cooler. This would totally make you feel like the Lego version of Tony Stark from when he was building this Hulkbuster in his lab.

11 Cheap: ATM Heist Battle (Spider-Man: Homecoming) - $15.99

via pinterest,com

Based on the scene in Spider-Man: Homecoming, in which Spidey first comes into contact with the Vulture’s powerful new weaponry. This was a very funny and cool scene from the movie and this set is perfect for recreating it. Maybe you have an even more ambitious plan for how that scene could have gone down. Either way, it truly has been a wonderful time for Spider-Man at the time of writing, so it seems right that I should include this.

10 Expensive: Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters (Ghostbusters) - $349.99

via lego.com

Such an iconic movie deserves a cool set and this is perfect. I have always wanted to hang out at the firehouse headquarters getting ready to bust some ghosts; now we can kind of do that. You get nine minifigures and a bunch of ghosts to bust. There’s even the lab and containment unit in case one of your buddies gets ghosted. I am a big fan of the fridge accessory with a little frozen pizza inside it – feels like my uni days but with more ghosts.

9 Cheap: Battle Of Atlantis (Aquaman) - $15.99

via youtube.com

Aquaman was a surprisingly sick movie and had some great CGI and battle sequences. Jason Mamoa nailed it as always so it was a pretty good experience all around. This Lego playset can let you relive some of the movie’s most epic moments. It comes with four minifigures and a neat little miniversion of Atlantis to stage the epic battle in. It is up to your kid whether they enact the battle in the bath for fun.

8 Expensive: The Flintstones (The Flintstones) - $59.99

via ideas.lego.com

Man, what a blast from the past. The Flintstones is one of Hana Barbera’s most iconic shows that mean so much to people all over. I used to watch them every Saturday morning and have the movie at my parents’ house. This set has a removable roof, a bunch of figures, the classic car, and even a post-box with letters. Reenacting classic episodes will be a breeze with this set. Do kids still watch The Flintstones? Man, I feel old.

7 Cheap: Elastigirl’s Rooftop Pursuit (Incredibles 2) - $15.99

via youtube.com

The Incredibles 2 was an amazing movie and absolutely worth the wait. The music, the animation, the script – everything was on point. One of the best sequences was Elastigirl’s pursuit of the Screenslaver who rudely interrupts her interview. This set even comes with her cool motorcycle but she is not wearing her diamond suit, which is an odd oversight by Lego. The mini chopper is really cool, though. This set looks like a lot of fun.

6 Expensive: TRON: Legacy (TRON: Legacy) - $34.99

via ideas.lego.com

Okay, so this entry is not as expensive as the others but I think it’s cool. The TRON bikes have always been the coolest thing about the franchise and frankly I don’t care about any other aspect of it. These Lego bikes literally light up like in the movie and even have the little power streams in the back. Three minifigures is a pretty good deal and the bikes will look awesome in the dark. It even comes with a display base.

5 Cheap: Ariel And The Magical Spell (The Little Mermaid) - $23.99

via youtube.com

The Little Mermaid is arguably Disney’s most popular film to date. From the music to the animation to the storytelling, it really set the bar high and pulled Disney out of dark times. From then on, things only got better for Disney. The scene where Ariel sells her voice to Ursula is a classic and you can act it out with this set. Ursula looks really different; interesting design there, Lego. In the end, it’s all about providing a fun time for your kid.

4 Expensive: The Mountain Cave (Minecraft) - $249.99

via lego.com

With nearly three thousand pieces, this massive Mountain Cave set is perfect for Minecraft fans. It has all the kit you need to play Minecraft in real life; two minifigures and a bunch of animals like cave spiders, wolves, zombies, and creepers. There is even a lava feature which is awesome. If you have a kid who is all about playing Minecraft with their friends, then this may just drag them away from the screen for a little bit. (And yes, we know it's not strictly a movie, but Mincraft: Story Mode made such an impact, we're sticking wiht it).

3 Cheap: Cole - Spinjutsu Master (Ninjago) - $7.99

via varle.it

Be the king of Spinjutsu with the Cole set. With Cole on your side you can’t lose with its superior spin and easy to put together build. You can learn moves like The Palm Spin, The Zen, The Orbit, The Knockout, and The Drift. Learn these tricks from the manual and you will destroy your opponents in battle. You can even combine this set with others to create the ultimate battle lifeform. Check online for even more tricks to win.

2 Expensive: Y-Wing Starfighter (Star Wars) - $199.99

via youtube.com

Another awesome Star Wars entry. This is another one that comes stand and informational plaque which is great. It has a Gold leader minifigure and R2-BHD to place on the craft for optimum display quality. It makes for an excellent centerpiece on any shelf or Star Wars themed collection. Y-Wing Starfighter is one of the coolest spacecraft in the series and is great for any Star Wars fan. All your friends will be super jealous of this one.

1 Cheap: Mickey Mouse (Disney) - $7.99

via twitter.com

It is no surprise that our favourite mouse has wriggled his way into Lego too. This little guy can sit at your desk, on your shelf or in your kids’ toybox ready to be played with. Honestly, his eyes kind of freak me out but we don’t need to get into that. This little one is a perfect stocking stuffer or a small gift that will warm anyone’s heart. Bring this little guy into your life and let him bring the magic for you and your family.

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