20 Less Than Flattering Images Of Celebs On The Gram

It seems that now, more than ever, people are enslaved to the idea of having the perfect IG feed, with pictures teeming with retouching, filters, and false realities. People are able to tailor-make an online perception of what they desire their lives to look like.

Sadly, this era of social media is reaching an all-time high, where people cannot stand the thought of posting a picture if it’s not perfected with photoshop. Quite simply, bad pictures don’t seem to exist in this world of perfected poses and pruning.

But there is hope! Hollywood celebrities have begun to embrace candidness and the projection of the idea that perfection only exists in the fake world you create on IG—an unhealthy and toxic world to live in. So, they have taken the initiative to share their most vulnerable ugly selfies and pictures for the world to see.

Here are 20 less than flattering images of celebrities on Gram.

20 KJ Apa


King of teen television, KJ Apa’s IG is a collage of his coolest shots while playing with his band, and memorable moments with his Riverdale castmates.

But among those pictures are unflattering images of, not only Apa, but anyone of his mates as well.

19 Keltie Knight


Television personality and member of the Lady Gang podcast, Keltie Knight is probably the most perplexing human being you’ll ever come across.

All the while being a workaholic and juggling two careers, Knight is able to completely leave her followers in stitches, one ugly post at a time.

18 Erin Foster


Erin Foster is what you would call an underrated Instagram user. Though she is not as popular as IG comediennes Chrissy Teigen and Amy Schumer, Foster does post some pretty painful, but very funny, life moments that make her that much more likable.

17 Chrissy Teigen


Chrissy Teigen is pretty much known for her witty-one liners on Twitter and killer sense of self-deprecating humor, which is frequently displayed on her IG page.

Teigen’s transparency with her followers and tendency to be brutally honest has made her a new-age IG comedian, of sorts.

16 Blake Lively


This picture of Blake Lively was given to us, courtesy of Ryan Reynold’s IG. Reynolds posted this picture, along with a handful of others less than complimentary photos of Lively to commemorate her most recent birthday.

Talk about the gift that keeps on giving.

15 Sophie Turner


Though she played a serious character on Game of Thrones, Sophie Turner is anything but.

Whether it’s poking fun at the paparazzi with her husband Joe Jonas, or posting hilarious snaps of her on set naps, this isn’t the last unflattering photo we’ll see of Turner.

14 Lewis Capaldi


Lewis Capaldi is not only one of this year's biggest breakout stars in the music world, but in the IG comedy department as well.

Much like his smooth and soothing voice, his sarcastic and self-deprecating jokes just seem to hit the spot.

13 Julianne Moore


Seen as a highly-regarded and esteemed Hollywood actress, it turns out there’s more to Julianne Moore than meets the eye.

Though her IG account is mainly filled with promotion for her movies and adorable pictures of her husband and children, you may find a few funny photos in there!

12 Camila Mendes


This unfortunately-hilarious picture of Camila Mendes was delivered to us via KJ Apa’s IG account.

By the looks of it, Mendes was trying to squeeze in a quick snooze on a flight while wearing a cute pair of shades, providing the perfect opportunity for Apa to sneak a photo.

11 Ed Sheeran


Ed Sheeran is arguably one of this generation’s best musicians and songwriters but also has a very quirky and interesting personality.

Though Sheeran is usually quite private during his time away from the spotlight, his fans and followers do occasionally get a personality picture on his IG, like this one!

10 Amy Schumer


Amy Schumer is basically the poster woman for relatable moments in the life of a celebrity and does not shy away from sharing most of them.

Schumer will be the first to post a less than flattering image of herself, for the sake of a few giggles.

9 Kate Beckinsale


With her dry sense of British humor, this awkward picture of Kate Beckinsale is not a one-time occurrence.

The actress’ IG page is filled with funny pictures and equally amusing captions to go with them.

8 Sebastian Stan


Sebastian Stan may be known for his role as killer assassin-turned-good guy Bucky Barnes in the Avengers franchise, and his serious demeanor in public, but his IG page will make you think twice.

Stan has a great sense of humour, it'll blow you away!

7 Joe Jonas


Joe Jonas has been known as the funny Jonas Brother since the band's early days, so it’s no surprise that he poked fun at himself when he posted this picture of his face broadcasted on the big screen at a basketball game, all while in mid-chew of his court-side snack.

6 Jennifer Garner


This picture is not the first of its kind to grace Jennifer Garner’s IG page. The actress is, at this point, known for her playful use of the social media platform.

Garner often posts humour-filled videos of herself and even shares the odd meme on occasion.

5 Dua Lipa


Sexy and sultry British pop star Dua Lipa has made a splash in the music world over the past couple of years.

She often shares snapshots of her eclectic fashion sense, studio sessions, and quality time with her family and friends, posting the occasional meme-esque pictures, similar to this one.

4 Elizabeth Olsen


Notoriously private actress Elizabeth Olsen, who once said that she would never create an Instagram account, seems to have fallen into the social media trap.

Olsen mainly posts about her love of cooking but does not shy away from sharing even her most unattractive of moments, every now and then.

3 Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner


There’s nothing like a good old throwback IG post, and Justin Bieber definitely gave us a gift with this gem of he and Kendall Jenner.

Perhaps it’s the general look of youth, or the caught off guard expression on their faces, but this picture is one that should be archived.

2 Luke Hemmings


5 Seconds of Summer member Luke Hemmings has undergone a serious style transformation over the course of his career.

But this look was a definite flop, and it’s a shame the paparazzi was there to permanently document it… As did Charlie Puth when he reposted it on his IG.

1 Dylan Minnette


Young actor Dylan Minnette is known for his portrayal of the intense and troubled Clay Jensen on Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why. However, Minnette’s personality is very much opposite to that of his character.

On his IG you can find images, much like this one, showcasing his penchant for unflattering selfies.

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