15 Less Than Flattering Photos Of Cops And Their Cars

Despite a professional and highly respected image, police officers often find themselves in embarrassing or humiliating situations. Cops rate the following at the top of their list;

Caught in uniform without a duty weapon. An officer can feel incompetent arriving at an active disturbance without a weapon. A prisoner escapes by sliding the cuffs under their feet from the back, moving their hands in front of them and then stealing the patrol car they were sitting in. Running out of gas while on patrol. Getting locked out of the patrol car. Losing a suspect during a foot pursuit, and perhaps a bit less embarrassing, during a vehicle pursuit. Being forced to use the bathroom at a private residence, or to ask a favor of any kind from a citizen on a crime scene.

Here are 15 less than flattering photos of cops and their cars in some compromising situations.

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15 The Police Can Park Anywhere?

Via: noteabley.com

While all drivers are subject to traffic laws, including restrictions on parking, police officers are frequently considered the exception. Driving at high speed, often with reckless abandon, and parking wherever necessary to apprehend a criminal at times, is essential.

However, illegally parking just to pick up some donuts may annoy parking enforcement officers.

14 Police Car or Cart?

Via: noteabley.com

Sometimes the green movement goes a bit too far. While this police car is no doubt the ultimate in fuel efficiency (it is unclear if the vehicle is battery operated or uses peddle power), the design has many limitations on traditional law enforcement activities.

High-speed pursuits are severely restricted, and transporting arrested criminals back to the police station is out of the question.

13 Undercover Cops

Via: noteabley.com

Converting a car from a police patrol vehicle to an average-looking streetcar for use by an undercover officer is usually achieved by removing all police-related equipment such as the flashing red and blue lights mounted on the roof, spotlights and any police-related text on the outside. The car is often painted a different color, other than black and white.

However, to prevent confusion and assure drivers of nearby cars that the vehicle is no longer used to enforce traffic violations, “UNDERCOVER” should be written on the back.

12 Small Man’s (Cop) Complex?

Via: noteabley.com

An in-field sobriety test is usually conducted by a police officer looking directly into the eyes of his test subject. However, when the height difference is significant, a cop may need an assist like a nearby curb, small step ladder, or the front-end of his vehicle.

In this case, the subject is the 7’8″ starting center for the Serbian national basketball team.

11 Police Stuck in the Mud

Via: dailymail.co.uk

Police pick-up trucks that patrol the beaches are equipped to help free stranded vehicles stuck in the wet sand. So, it is a bit embarrassing when one of them gets clogged so deep it requires digging out manually with a shovel.

Perhaps a weekend off-roader with four-wheel drive and a heavy-duty winch could help?

10 Motorcycle Police Pushups?

Via: noteabley.com

As part of the Police Department’s program for keeping their officers in good shape, push-ups are required. Not just ordinary push-ups, however, they must be done while riding on a motorcycle through the city streets, preferably during a parade.

The exercise requires two officers, one with a view of the road ahead and the other with a view of, well…, the rear.

9 Budget Police Cars

Via: universityfox.com

Car manufacturers introduce more powerful and higher-performance automobiles with every model year. These fast cars that are available to the general public, as well as criminals, have created a challenge for law enforcement officers to keep up during a high-speed pursuit.

Forced to provide their cops with high-performance cars, sometimes the budget just won’t allow it. These officers were limited to shoplifting pursuits in warehouse stores.

8 Police Officer Fashion Statement

Via: universityfox.com

Perhaps these two law enforcement officers got tired of getting up every morning and dressing in the same drab-colored uniform. A change of color and style for the pants to a Holstein cow print and a flowered pattern seemed in order.

While the new outfit created some diversity in style, many observing citizens were confused and wondered if the officers were genuine or part of a stunt.

7 Police Car Out of Control

Via: thestar.com

Police officers are required to complete extensive driving training at schools which give them the ability to handle almost any driving condition. These include maneuvering through traffic, high-speed chases, and parking in front of Dunkin’ Donuts.

However, occasionally, the road conditions are too challenging even for these highly trained cops. The officer driving this car no doubt took some ribbing from fellow cops when he explained how his car flew into the window of a house in a quiet residential neighborhood.

6 Cop Car Climbs a Utility Pole

Via: YouTube

Utility poles are fixed objects that may occasionally get in the way of a moving vehicle. Most often the pole inflicts damage to the front of the car while remaining on all four wheels.

This police car came to a stop in a vertical position leaning against the pole and with limited damage to either the car or pole. The police accident report must have provided interesting reading.

5 Busy Bees

Via: Pinterest

A modern-day police car is equipped with the latest technology to fight crime, pursue criminals, and enforce traffic laws. They included sophisticated computers with access to suspect criminal records as well as equipment to help subdue perpetrators.

However, a swarm of bees can bring this entire system of law enforcement to an abrupt halt.

4 Police Car Stuck in Wet Cement

Via: inspirationmessages.com

Police officers and their cars can go almost anywhere. They are equipped to handle any driving and road condition, giving the cops a significant advantage over the suspects in pursuit.

However, the advantage is eliminated when officers attempt to drive their high-performance vehicle through freshly poured cement.

3 Chasing Criminals on Foot Not an Option

Via: thesun.co.uk

An officer wearing a pair of heels to raise awareness of domestic violence received criticism from his superiors.

“Police chiefs should be targeting their resources on catching criminals rather than silly stunts… Gangmasters will only be caught if officers are allowed to spend their time doing their job, rather than being encouraged to engage in gimmicks."

2 Police Stealing a Police Car?

Via: Pinterest

What could be more embarrassing than a policeman who locks his keys in his police car? Answer:

Three policemen breaking into the car with a long flat metal rod used by car thieves. Cops don’t carry an extra set of keys or keep a copy at the police station? Maybe these three wanted to save the embarrassment of reporting the locked car to their chief.

1 Checking Email or Texting Girlfriend

Via: talkingpointsmemo.com

Perhaps these two officers are checking the Police database for the license plate number of a stolen car.

However, more likely they are texting their girlfriends, watching the live stream of a baseball game, or making a dinner reservation. It is difficult to watch for possible crimes when officers are focused on their cell phones.

Sources: noteabley.com, universityfox.com, thesun.co.uk, talkingpointsmemo.com

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