17 Less Than Flattering Photos Of NFL Stars And Their Cars

The NFL defines masculinity – male dominance, aggressive, authoritative personalities, and an eagerness and willingness to win! Despite and in spite of all odds, through physical pain and psychological pressure, NFL stars are known to exceed expectations and over perform. So…it’s a bit surprising to catch them in moments that are any less “incredible” than these ones.

Given all that the NFL stands for, it’s hard to imagine NFL players to be caught in situations or photographs that defy their “untouchable” personas. We hate to break it to you, but they do exist! One of the biggest assumptions society makes is that NFL’ers make a tonne of money, and therefore own luxurious things. These images will show you just how “real” and down-to-earth some of these players really are.

Let’s take a look at 17 less than flattering photos of NFL stars and their cars….

17 Antonio's Smart Car

Via Sportster

Tough guy Antonio Garay has proved his “tough guy” status on the field but that image sure doesn’t portray itself in this photo. We’re not even sure how he fits into this cute little Smart car in the first place. The “Hello Kitty” decal on the side really throws us off. Poor guy, he had so much street cred before this image was released!

16 Mazda Makes The News

Via Pinterest- AlfredMorris

Ouch. That’s a damaging headline. Alfred Morris is a humble guy- and the press should leave him alone! The poor guy likes his ’91 Mazda, and we think it’s humbling that he didn’t instantly pawn it off when he attained his NFL pro- status. While he is “staying true to his roots”, we don’t think such widespread reporting of his Mazda was really necessary.

15 Reliable Reliant

Via Pinterest

A Reliant is not the type of car anyone would want to brag about. It’s great that he has one, and we can appreciate the starting points of anyone’s life and career, but whoever advised David James to boast his pride in a Reliant, ought to be fired. It’s a great throwback to old-school cars, but he should not have been the spokesperson for this photograph.

14 David's Pride

Via Pinterest

We couldn’t resist throwing in another image of David James and his Reliant. Look at the pride in his face as he flashes the keys!!! This premiere goal-keeper has so much to brag about on the field that would mesmerize any audience. The Reliant is a feature he could really do without!

13 Policing With Patrick

Via Pinterest

Patrick Mahomes is seen here driving a police car in Kansas City. While we’re sure it was a “cool” experience for him at the time, NFL players are known to be tough and are among a crowd that is not to be messed with. Establishing an alliance with the police is probably not great for his tough-boy image!

12 Standin' In The Lambo

Via AutoTrader

This running back is well known everywhere he goes. Highlighting his career with the Kansas City Chiefs afforded Jamal Charles the ability to live a very luxurious lifestyle. He’s seen here posing with his Lamborghini, and while that’s all fine and dandy, we’re not sure why he decided to stand it in it like that. Posing normally would have gone a long way to make this a more respectable photograph.

11 The Face Of Confusion

Via FoShiggles

Joe Haden drives a Lamborghini – that sounds about right. The issue is the fact that he looks purely out of sorts while sitting in the driver’s seat. One would expect this Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback to take command over the car he’s driving, but it looks like he’s meek and measly within this lambo. He may have a great sense of confidence on the field, but he looks very awkward and uneasy in his car.

10 Denver is Down

Via USAToday

When we think of the Quarterback for the Denver Broncos, we think of a rough & tough, no-holds-barred, alpha male. We do not at all expect to see Joe Flacco on his knees, awkwardly peering into his Stingray. It’s a great car, and we’d fuss over it too, but Joe really looks too comfortable in this super geeky position. It’s a car, Joe….just a car.

9 "The Look"

Via JustJared

Russell Wilson and Cierra look like they were having a fun time at one point, but the paparazzi made it a point to burst that bubble. While this is a great ride, and we think he has awesome taste, this photo looks incredibly awkward and Russell looks miserable. We’re sure he’d opt for a re-take, given the opportunity.

8 The Throne

Via DubMagazine

Marcell Dareus of the Jacksonville Jaguars was drafted by the Buffalo Bills as third overall in 2011. He has a lot to be proud of, and yes, he certainly is the king of his own domain. We also love his taste in cars, and can’t argue that this is a pretty amazing Ferrari he owns. We aren’t sure about his half-nude King posing on the throne though. It’s not the most flattering photo and we don’t think the Bills would approve.

7 Perching On The Maserati

Via Maserati

Frank Gore is a massive, powerful man. Weighing in at 98 kg and being 1.75 m tall is the definition of a big dude that plays for the Bills. This big dude should not be perched so weirdly on the hood of his Maserati. We’re not sure how his car is handling the weight at all. He sort of looks like a bird that just happened to land there. He doesn’t’ look comfortable or dominant in any way, and we feel bad for him, knowing this image has been widely circulated.

6 Sketchy Sale

Via Subzero

Playing for the Chicago Bears and New York Giants is a huge accomplishment. Very few have seen the success of Antrel Rolle. He dominates in his career, but he looks pretty meek in this photo. We’re not sure who this other fellow is but we presume he just sold this Maserati Gran Turismo to Antrel. It looks like a pretty sketchy dealership and we’re wondering what’s really going on here….

5 Way Too Poised

via iwate kokyo

Tom Brady commands respect. He’s one of the most well-known NFL players of all-time, and has really made a mark for himself both within the NFL and beyond. Reported to have earned more than 180 million over the course of his career, we’d hope he could pose next to an S5 in a more natural fashion. He looks so poised and unnatural in this photograph.

4 The Jail Release

Via NBCNews

After three seasons with the Carolina Panthers, Rae Carruth decided to ruin his career by becoming a convicted felon. He was in jail for 17 years under the charge of conspiracy to kill his pregnant girlfriend – not so classy! Images of him getting into his car after being released from prison are less than flattering, to say the least. Too bad he couldn’t have obtained a more peaceful exit from his cell.

3 Kaepernicking

Via Pinterest

No introductions are necessary here. We all know who Colin Kaepernick is! We love his Jaguar, but we’re not sure about his picture of him “Kaepernicking.” There’s a time and a place, and this was neither. He’s such a talented, and highly revered athlete – it would have been nice to see him pulled together a bit more for this photograph!

2 Brady's Aston Martin

Via Pinterest

Oh Tom Brady! If we didn’t think he was a bit pretentious before, we sure do now! Of course, in true Brady –fashion, he’s sprawled on an Aston Martin, not a low-end vehicle. While we appreciate and respect his success, they could have found a more glamorous pose for this photo.

1 Boomin' Rolls

Via Stackd

Antonio Brown has garnered a lot of respect while playing with the Raiders. He may have taken it a tad bit too far with this photo. While we understand his business may be “boomin,” it looks less credible to be “grateful” with his hands in the prayer-position when he’s perched atop a Rolls Royce. Someone should tell him that a custom-Rolls doesn’t really signify humble gratitude.

Sources: USAToday, Sportster, NFL

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