18 Less Than Flattering Photos Of Pro Athletes And Their Cars

Professional athletes make a living playing the sport of their expertise and competing in games across their country and sometimes across the world. Playing sports is their job, and they get paid extraordinarily well. Most pro athletes make upwards of 1 million dollars, oftentimes significantly more than that.

With all that money, many athletes adopt a celebrity-like lifestyle, buying the nicest houses and most expensive cars that money can buy. But it's also true that many professional athletes don't like the celebrity status that often comes with a hugely successful sports career, and due to this they decide to avoid the lifestyle altogether. Let's take a look at some less than flattering photos of pro athletes and their cars.

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18 Rudy Gobert Cleaning Up His Mess

via forums.realgm.com

Rudy Gobert seems to have made a bit of a mess in his Range Rover Evoque, or at least his teammates seem to have made a big mess. There's tons of popcorn in this car, talk about a serious pain to have to clean all of it up. The poor guy, talk about a less than flattering photo.

17 Antonio Cromartie

via tmz.com

Antonio Cromartie, dressed in full elf attire, sits perched atop his whip here, looking less than flattering in this photo. Why he's in full Christmas attire is likely because it's Christmas, but I'd love to know the full story behind this moment. Just look at those massive donk rims.

16 Ronda Rousey With A Weapon

via si.com

While it's true that Ronda Rousey is successful as a professional fighter, it's clear that her aggressive ways go further than the ring. Here in this photo, in the street, in front of a Cadillac Escalade, it seems like she is allegedly smashing some doors in. Cool.

15 Antonio Garay Hello Kitty Smart Car

via deadspin.com

There's not really anything less flattering than attempting to rock a Smart Car Decked out with a Hello Kitty full-body wrap, but it seems like Antonio Garay is doing it anyway. Good for him, I guess, with such a hefty paycheck it's true that you can do anything you want with it. Including something like this.

14 Shaquille O'Neal

via YouTube

Shaq is well known for a lot of things, one of them being his pretty big and wild crazy car collection. He's spent a lot of his money on cars, but not all of them are typical, some of them are strange like this one. And when a seven-foot-tall man gets in one, it's less than flattering and quite funny.

13 James Harrison Smart Car

via deadspin.com

James Harrison is one of a select few athletes who own Smart Cars, and drive them with pride. In my mind that's one of the more embarrassing things you can do to yourself, to be seen in public driving one of these. Talk about a seriously less than flattering photo of James Harrison.

12 Daniel Norris 1978 VW Bus

via espn.com

Many people would find the idea of living in an old van less than flattering, especially as a highly paid athlete, but I personally don't find it to be so at all. In fact, living out of one of the coolest vans of all time and touring around the country sounds like a little bit of a dream come true to me.

11 Devin Hester's Louis Vuitton Donk

via bleacherreport.com

Many love the donk style of car, and there's honestly a lot of craftsmanship and artistry that goes into a truly impressive build. Covering the car in hundreds of Louis Vuitton decals though isn't one of them, and for Devin Hester, caught filling up his car from an awkward angle, looks less than flattering.

10 Andrew Chafin Keystone RV

via azcentral.com

When you've got enough money to buy an entire house, it might not make sense to a lot of people why Andrew Chafin bought an RV. It seems like a less than flattering decision. Because, with his wealth, he could've invested in property, a hard asset, and then with that investment been able to buy an RV next. Be smart with your money.

9 Antonio Brown's Decals

via nfl.com

Antonio Brown seems pretty proud in this photo with his crazy looking whip, complete with a beautiful taxi yellow paint job contrasted with a detailed graphic of a galaxy, including colored stars. While he looks pretty proud, his car is far from classy, and definitely less than flattering.

8 Chris Paul Jeep Wrangler

via taddlr.com

Chris Paul decided to buy a Jeep Wrangler with his earnings as a professional athlete, and that is one of the least flattering things that you could do with your money. At the least he could deck it out a little more, turn it into a serious off-road beast, though that's what's so unflattering, that he won't use it off-road often, if ever.

7 Shaquille O'Neal

via theblast.com

One of the many cars that Shaquille O'Neal owns is this, the Vanderhall Venice three-wheel roadster, which he apparently has a thing for. It's safe to say that seeing this super tall individual in a tiny little roadster is both less than flattering and quite hilarious.

6 Jared Allen Cadillac Coupe DeVille

via pinterest.com

A hot pink Cadillac Coupe DeVille is the ride of choice for athlete Jared Allen, and his even has the classic bullhorns on the front. Pictured here in a less than flattering photo, he seems like he's actually doing a really sweet thing taking this little girl to the prom. I wouldn't want to be seen in that car, though.

5 Metta World Peace And His Hyundai Genesis

via justforsneaks.wordpress.com

With a name like Metta World Peace, there's no doubt that this athlete has grown to have quite the reputation and fame. His car, seen driving around town, is definitely less than flattering, with tacky gold trim everywhere, even on the fake hood intake vents. That is classy. and unflattering.

4 LeBron James Kia K900

via autoweek.com

LeBron James is one of the highest-paid athletes of all time. Yet, here he is, driving none other than a Kia. How less than flattering, really, considering he could have any kind of crazy sports car supercar he could want, and still have more money than 90% of the population.

3 Mitchell Trubisky 1997 Toyota Camry

via si.com

The beige 97 Toyota Camry will forever hold a special place in my heart, but for different reasons than perhaps Mitchell Trubisky, who for some strange reason still has his, even though he makes quite a substantial paycheck. Some athletes just don't like the celebrity lifestyle.

2 Kirk Cousins GMC Savana

via nfl.com

The GMC Savana isn't exactly a luxury car, considering that this model can be purchased for less than a thousand bucks. The thing is, Kirk Cousins didn't even buy this one, it came from his parents for free. What an embarrassing story, considering how well paid he is.

1 Walter Jones Cadillac SRX

via si.com

A Cadillac SRX is not exactly a high-end vehicle, though it is pretty baller, and so when Walter Jones poses next to his wearing fingerless gloves and a sleeveless tee, it's a rather silly an unflattering photo, all things considered. With that fat paycheck as a professional athlete, a sicker ride might just be in order. And an outfit.

Sources: NFL, ESPN & Sports Illustrated

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