16 Less Than Flattering Pics Michael Jordan Wants Deleted

Michael Jordan is arguably one of the greatest basketball players of all time. He is a master at the game and has become more of a celebrity over the years as opposed to an athlete alone. He is rich, famous, and fast. His ball-playing skills are extraordinary and many players have looked up to him as their idol. Fans simply adore him, teammates admire him, and those who love basketball certainly have their opinion of the man.

While most of the pics taken of Jordan over the years are spot-on, there are some that just do not do the guy justice. Call then unflattering if you will, but these pics surely will not be on Jordan’s living room wall. Just like the rest of us “average” folks, there are photos floating around on the web that Jordan would rather forget about. These 16 would definitely fall into that cringeworthy group.

15 Why So Sad?

Via: npr.org

This teary pic of Jordan has taken on a life of its own, becoming a meme that never gets old. Jordan may have been emotional at the time, but these days we’re sure he’s laughing along with the rest of us.

Too bad he didn’t have a tissue, but the meme-makers are happy there was no hankie to hand to him.

14 Someone’s Not Impressed

Via: thesource.com

Looks like Jordan didn’t agree with the ref’s call, so he’s got his hands on his hips in opposition. There are always occasions when a player is pissed, and this time it’s Jordan who’s dealing with the drama.

He may be mad, but he’ll have to suck it up and continue on.

13 Can You Hear Me Now?

Via: romper.com

Jordan has a message to send, so he’s shouting it out to the guys on the court. It’s hard to get anyone to hear a thing when the crowd is so rowdy, so Jordan has to raise his voice to he heard.

Let’s hope the guys got the info, otherwise, Jordan will have to scream at the top of his lungs.

12 I Love You Man

Via: usatoday.com

Is it a “bromance” or just a strong shoulder to lean on? These Bulls teammates are close companions, and their affection for one another is evident.

The men get to know one another quite well when they play for the same team, and these two are tight as can be.

11 Deep Thoughts

Via: qz.com

Jordan seems to be reflecting on something other than the game. He’s deep in thought, perhaps wondering what he’ll do once he gets to go home.

He may want to focus on what is in front of him. You never know when a basketball will bounce in the wrong direction.

10 Lickety Split

Via: celebritynetworth.com

Jordan’s tongue is on display, but he’s not too worried about it. Sometimes we all wind up in a weird moment, but unfortunately for Jordan, his pic was taken at just the right second.

Blame the paparazzi for the photo. He still looks cool, but that tongue is a tad distracting.

9 It’s A Bird…It’s A Plane…

Via: sportingnews.com

Seems like Jordan has spotted something in the sky. The fella next to him caught an eyeful too. What are they looking at? We’ll never know.

But it appears that these two guys are the only ones who noticed. As long as it’s not a UFO, everything should be A-OK.

8 Frustrated And Furious

Via: clutchpoints.com

Jordan does not look particularly pleased, and it seems like he is yelling something important to the team.

He is beading up with balls of sweat, so this must be a high stress situation. Maybe next time he ought to ditch the heavy sweater vest for something with better ventilation.

7 Whatcha Looking At

Via: cnn.com

Former President Obama seems to be over-the-moon to be in the presence of Jordan, but the athlete is keeping his cool. Obama’s smile is sincere, but Jordan does not even seem to notice those pearly whites.

Even a man as accomplished as Obama is in awe of the basketball great.

6 Anyone Got A Light?

Via: businessinsider.com

While smoking cigars isn’t great for athletes, Jordan can partake when he’s not playing. He appears to be enjoying what must be a special cigar, as this guy wouldn’t puff away on something subpar.

Let’s hope he doesn’t do this all the time, as his health could be at risk.

5 Rub For Good Luck

Via: ncxsqld.com

When there is no genie in a bottle to wish upon, the next best thing is this fella Walker. Jordan has his relatively large palm on the guy’s head, making for an awkward photo.

Someone could Photoshop a basketball in its place and create a viral internet sensation. The captions would be creative.

4 I’m Good At Everything

Via: si.com

We all know that Jordan is a master at basketball, but who knew he could play the piano too? We’re not sure if he’s any good, but if he puts his mind to it, he could be the next “Piano Man.”

Move over Billy Joel, Jordan’s ready to tickle the ivories!

3 How Many Fingers Am I Holding Up?

Via: espn.com

Jordan is holding up three (very long) fingers, making us glad that he is not only showing off the middle one.

At the time this pic was taken, his hand gesture must have made sense, but now it is nothing more than a silly shot we’ll have to wonder about.

2 On-Court Conflict

Via: dotesports.com

These players are in each other’s faces, apparently arguing about what just went down on the court. Athletes often get riled up, so this scene isn’t anything odd.

When high-level players spend their entire careers getting to this stage, there’s bound to be a conflict of opinions among one another every now and again.

1 Denim Don’t

Via: funnyordie.com

These jeans are not exactly what the fashion-forward would call stylish, but Jordan appears to be embracing the look.

Bleach stains seem more like a laundry room accident than a trend, so it’s pretty bold of the ball player to risk his rep by stepping out in public in this pair.

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