20 Less Than Flattering Pics Of The Friends Cast

Here Are 20 Less Than Flattering Pics Of The Friends Cast.

Fans of TV’s Friends love the fact that the show still airs all the time in reruns to this day. While the cast has moved on and each member has embarked on separate endeavors, there’s still that chemistry that probably won’t ever disappear. Wishing for a reboot is probably a waste of time, but at least we can still see the cast’s pics on the internet.

These 20 photos may entertain us, but the people in them would probably prefer they’d never been taken. They aren’t exactly flattering, and the embarrassment is impossible to escape. Even A-listers have a bad day, and unfortunately these pics will live on to prove it.

Seeing these cast members in such photos makes the rest of us not feel so bad about ourselves. Evidently, the stars are just like us, as they say. And in some cases, we’re doing a lot better than they are.

20 Fresh-Faced To Forty-Something

Via: Hollywood.com

Matthew Perry certainly went through a transformation over the years. While we all get older, it’s like he’s a completely different person. He did go through some rough patches, and that could certainly add stress to someone’s life.

Perhaps Perry could find some time to focus on himself and return to the fun-loving guy fans fell in love with.

19 From Awkward To A-List

Via: theskincareedit.com

We all have those pics from way back that we’d love to burn. Courteney Cox is no different than the rest of us, and this super awkward pic of her looking nothing like she does now is a prime example.

She probably had no idea back then that one day she’d be a famous celebrity. If so, she may have styled herself differently.

18 Craving A Comb

Via: vogue.com

This messy hairdo may have been trendy when this pic was taken, but now it isn’t exactly Jennifer Aniston’s most magical moment.

At the time, she probably thought she was the best thing since sliced bread, but now she’d never be caught looking anything but smooth. Where’s the “Rachel” haircut when you need it?

17 Minus The Makeup

Via: today.com

Most celebs hate it when they get caught off-guard and don’t have their full “glam” look on. Aniston is bare-faced and basic, and it doesn’t seem like she’s thrilled that her pic is being taken.

Perhaps she looks this way for a role, but fans expect to see the star looking a lot more put together.

16 Frumpy Friend

Via: wikifeet.com

Wearing sweats is super comfortable, and even Cox is caught up in a relaxed look. She is so busy on her phone that she didn’t notice that the paparazzi were snapping her pic.

Too bad she didn’t take a few extra minutes to throw on something a bit more stylish.

15 Before The Coffee Kicks In

Via: baikal-melnica.ru

We’ve all had those mornings when we can barely stay awake. A large cup of coffee usually does the trick and perks us up.

Seems like Cox could use a caffeine kick or else she may fall asleep standing up. Maybe the actress should start getting to bed a bit earlier.

14 Awkward Acting

Via: friends.fandom.com

This scene from the show may have made the audience laugh, but taken out of context, it just looks weird. These two guys are having some sort of conversation, but the expressions on both of their faces makes the encounter quite questionable.

Only the biggest Friends fans could recall what was going on here.

13 Hilarious Headshot

Via: reddit.com

Actors and actresses pose for their headshots so they can audition for roles. When this one of Matt LeBlanc was taken, he was probably one of the best looking guys up for the roles. But looking back, he must laugh when he sees it.

What once was cool is now cringeworthy.

12 Braids For Days

Via: purpleclover.littlethings.com

Lisa Kudrow always plays kooky characters, and her role on the show was a silly one at that. These braids may have kept her long blonde hair off her face, but this style isn’t exactly screaming “Hollywood.”

That said, Kudrow isn’t one to follow the rules, but she’d surely look more mature with her hair styled differently.

11 Cramped In The Car

Via: abcnews.go.com

It seems like Aniston is having a situation as she’s stuffed in the driver’s seat. It’s hard to tell what the issue is, but she surely looks uncomfortable.

There’s little chance the actress knew she was having her photo taken, but even if she did, it appears that there wasn’t much she’d be able to do about it.

10 Helmet Hair

Via: gq.com

David Schwimmer is not looking like himself in this shot, primarily due to his hairdo. This look is apparently for a role, but the pic on its own makes him appear a tad strange.

Schwimmer may not mind the full head of hair, but he has definitely looked better with it styled to better suit him.

9 Goofy Guys

Via: glamour.com

The three leading men from the show are in a shot together, and one looks goofier than the next. Back when this pic was snapped, these three were on their way to being super successful stars.

But this photo makes them look like frat boys who are looking for a little fun.

8 Holy Hair!

Via: businessinsider.sg

Kudrow and Aniston seem to be dressed up for the evening, but the only thing we can focus on is their big hair. They look quite attractive, but these hairstyles are now so outdated.

It’s fun to see how trends come and go, but it’s pretty clear that these ladies won’t wear their hair like this in the future.

7 Monkeying Around

Via: telegraph.co.uk

LeBlanc seems to have found a friend in a cute creature. He apparently got sick of hanging out with his TV castmates so he decided to pal around with another species.

We only wonder which of the two is better at baseball? Something tells us it may not be LeBlanc.

6 Back To Basics

Via: aol.com

A much younger Aniston is fresh-faced and ready to face the world. She’s posing in this pre-Friends pic looking like the average adorable girl next door.

She may have had an idea about being an actress, but she could have never dreamed she’d one day become so famous. Sometimes dreams do come true.

5 Barely Recognizable

Via: ambut.distributorsusukambingetawa.org

Aniston must look back at this pic and wonder if she’s even the same woman. She looks totally different than she does now, and fans would surely agree. We all change over time, but not everyone in the world has to know it.

Being famous may have its perks, but once the old pics pop up, the minuses make their way in.

4 A Smidge Sloppy

Via: mirror.co.uk

Perry is out and about, but it doesn’t seem like he put much care into his cleanliness. We can’t say why he’s looking so disheveled, but let’s hope he’s doing OK.

We all have our less-than-lovely moments, so judging him would be unfair. But since he’s in the public eye, people can’t help but notice.

3 Overly Expressive

Via: nytimes.com

We all know LeBlanc’s an actor, but this pose is a bit overdone. Maybe he’s just trying to get a laugh, but he could do something a tad more subtle to get the point across.

Sometimes less is more, and one would think that LeBlanc could deliver his lines with less animation. Perhaps the director will advise him to reel it in.

2 Spotted Smoking

Via: radaronline.com

It seems like LeBlanc had no idea that he was being watched, let alone photographed. While sitting in his car strapped in, he’s puffing away on what appears to be something stronger than a cigarette.

Next time the actor may want to take his business indoors so he doesn’t become a tabloid story.

1 Yikes! Yearbook

Via: lifeandstylemag.com

Yearbook pics are the gifts that keep on giving. This one of Schwimmer is a gem, and he must giggle every time he sees it. Who would have thought that this high school kid would one day become a huge TV star?

If Schwimmer had kept that hairdo all these years, we wonder if he would have landed the role of “Ross.”

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