19 Less Than Flattering Pictures Of Jersey Shore Stars And Their Cars

The Jersey Shore made America feel better about itself. Whether viewers found Snooki's actions relatable, or felt they were better-off than Vinny Guadagnino, the show resonated with the public.

Even though the cast all worked for free during the show’s first season, in a report by Insider.com, the cast members all went on to achieve the American dream. Thanks to the show’s success, the cast made millions and own the lavish cars to prove it.

Yet in staying true to their characters, the cast continues to find ways to bumble around even around their own cars. These behind the scenes photos below show off the Jersey Shore cast with their cars looking anything but smooth (Insider.com).

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19 Breathalyzer

via New York Daily News

This looks awkward. By the look on Snooki’s face, however, it looks as if she’s done this before and knows how to use a breathalyzer without the officer needing to explain it to her. It looks like Snooki found herself on the wrong side of the law again and had to answer for her wrongdoing.

18 Hang Dog

via Zimbio.com

The Jersey Shore cast is many things, one of which is being unafraid of how they look. It would seem that what matters most to JWoww in this instance is having her dogs at all, not the fact that they’re hanging uncomfortably by their leashes as she gets outside of her car.

17 Balancing Act

via Celebrity Cars Blog

One of Snooki’s more notable cars is her custom Cadillac Escalade. The thing that stands out the most about it at first glance is the paint job. Bearing a black and pink matte finish, it’s a funky car that fits the owner’s personality, who’s seen here stumbling her way to the car in high-heels.

16 Busted

via The Daily Mail

The law always seems to catch up to Snooki and the Jersey Shore cast members. After having a talk with an officer at her window, during which Snooki had a concerned face, she got out of the car and escorted away, according to The Daily Mail. The same source notes that this was after she hit a cop car.

15 Shopping

via The Daily Mail

This snapshot shows JWoww getting out of her SUV. With high heels on while lugging around a big pink purse, she’s unable to exit the vehicle in a smooth fashion. The Daily Mail reports that here she and Snooki went shopping for wedding dresses, though it didn't stop JWoww from sporting a flashier look.

14 Dazed And Confused

via The Daily Mail

“License and registration.” It’s something most of us hear at least once in our lifetimes getting pulled over. For the cast of Jersey Shore though, it’s something they probably hear more often than even the typical offender does. According to The Daily Mail, this snapshot shows Snooki after one of her accidents.

13 Post-Brawl

via TMZ.com

Mike “The Situation” got into a difficult situation at a hair salon. According to TMZ, he and his brother got into a fight, which explains the cut eye. This pics shows Mike looking beat up in a car driving away. All he can do is raise his hands up, shrug and roll off into the sunset.

12 Stuntman

via Twitter user @RealRonnieMagro

Ronnie Magro seems pretty proud of this shot, which he uses for his official Twitter handle. It’s not the flashiest car, but it served a purpose in lending Magro a platform to slide on before landing onto a padded airbag. According to Us Weekly Magazine, Magro experienced some legal troubles just this past summer involving his on-off girlfriend, Jen Harley.

11 Truck Trunk

via CafeMom

Jersey Shore opened up doors for its cast members. According to Cheat Sheet, Snooki started her own fashion company. That, along with a spinoff she starred in alongside fellow Jersey Shore cast member JWoww, helped her accumulate a net worth of around $4 million, which gives her the freedom to buy cars like this one.

10 Mike Sorrentino’s Arrival

via YouTube user Nick Spaloss

When the cast arrived at the Jersey Shore house for season 6, camera crews were on hand to capture them unloading their cars. Mike Sorrentino, who also goes by “The Situation,” showed up in a white Jeep and took time figuring out how to open the back of it (YouTube user Nick Spaloss).

9 Collision With Law Enforcement

via Motor Authority

Aside from drinking and partying, the Jersey Shore cast often gets in trouble with the law. According to Motor Authority, Snooki actually drove into a police car back in 2011. While it’s more common for people to get tickets for illegal parking or speeding, Snooki actually sought out the cops instead of the other way around.

8 Partied Out

via GotCeleb

After a night out in West Hollywood, Snooki caught an Uber home. According to GotCeleb, this pic shows the Jersey Shore cast member leaving a major nightclub in the area. She looks relaxed and comfortable in the front seat, as if she’s convinced she’s lying down in her own bed.

7 Fair Game

via Zimbio

All right, so it may not be a real automobile, but this huge go kart is pretty close. Snooki looks like she’s having a wild ride as Zimbio reports she went to a fair with Mike “The Situation” and Deena in this photo. Catching her while rounding a turn, she’s not wearing the most flattering of faces.

6 Deena Nicole’s Arrival

via zimbio.com

Like many of the cast members on Jersey Shore, Deena Nicole Cortese loves to party. She also has her clumsy moments too, which is what viewers can’t resist laughing over. A cameraman close by is shooting a scene from season as Deena struggles to keep her luggage from falling while getting out of her car.

5 Photoshoot Minus Six Pack

via matt-prokoop.blogspot.com

The guys of Jersey Shore thought it would be a good idea to take off their shirts and stand by their cars for a little photoshoot. Vinny Guadagnino may not have a six pack, but that didn’t stop him from joining Mike “The Situation,” Pauly D and Ortiz-Magro by the Escalade.

4 The Show’s Best Car Owner

via The Daily Mail

There isn’t really a debate about which Jersey Shore cast member owns the best cars. The Daily Mail reports that Pauly D got about $30,000 for each episode he was in. It’s largely due to his sizable paychecks that he got to drive the yellow Lamborghini seen here.

3 Playing To The Camera

via OK! Magazine

Before getting into her car, Jersey Store star Nicole Polizzi—best known by her nickname Snooki—turned back and flashed a grin at the photographers. Today she has three kids and admitted to facing some challenges after giving birth. “Hello postpartum,” she wrote candidly in an Instagram post (Life & Style Magazine).

2 Getting Out

via Zimbio

Jenni Farley, better known as JWoww, and Deena Nicole Cortese look like they’re having trouble just getting out of an SUV. JWoww on the left looks lost while Deena is making a face like she’s about to trip and fall. Even if she did trip, she has nothing to worry about, considering she’s a veteran by now having taken her share of tumbles throughout the show.

1 Returning From Errands

via ContactMusic.com

For a Jersey Shore cast member, even something as simple as a walk from car to the house is liable to raise eyebrows. This pic shows Vinny arriving home from some errands. In one hand he’s carrying dry cleaning, and in the other, a mysterious linen sack. It’s not the best look for Vinny after getting out of the car (Contactmusic.net).

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