20 License Plates We Can't Believe Got By The DMV

Vanity license plates have been a standard for drivers for years. The majority of car owners prefer taking the random numbers and letters the state provides them and are okay with it. Others would rather pay extra to have a personalized plate to say what they want.

The DMV does have rules to try and block truly vulgar or explicit messages but some drivers are clever enough to sneak them through. Other times, the owners can just go with some other version but still have some fun.

Some of these plates can be clever and funny to read. Other times, they can be very insulting and obnoxious. A few cases have plates that easy to misunderstand while others are just confusing. It’s amazing how many of such plates have been okayed by the DMV. Here are 20 license plates it’s amazing the DMV passed to show they have to answer for some of the drivers’ likes.

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20 John Cena?


It’s confusing what this plate is trying to say. Is it that the driver has problems with vision and thus shouldn’t be on the road? Is it that somehow they think the police can’t spot them driving wrong?

Maybe they’re huge fans of John Cena and using his “you can’t see me” catchphrase. Either way, it seems off for the DMV to help issue a plate that boasts on how a driver doesn’t consider vision that important.

19 Less Than Metal


This one is just bizarre. One can imagine how the DMV clerk felt when told the driver wanted a plate saying “ettlaic.” It makes no sense and doesn’t fit any type of car.

As it happened, the owner was a huge fan of the heavy metal band Metallica and wanted to spell their name out. 

18 Amp It Up


Most can see how this is an obvious reference to the classic comedy This Is Spinal Tap where their amps “go to 11.”

Hopefully, the DMV clerk was a fan of the film to okay this. Because it’s possible they don’t know the movie and instead are fine with a driver bragging about how he can go to massive lengths on the road. 

17 Self-Explanatory


Now, this is just lazy. If you’re going to the trouble of crafting a personalized license plate, at least have the guts to have it stand out. Put in something funny, someone crazy, even something insulting as long as it’s unique.

Instead, a driver just wanted it to say... license plate. 

16 Misspelled


Driving a Tesla already opens one up to some mockery. The owners of this model went the extra step with a terrible license plate. Maybe it was supposed to be “elec-chick” as in the female driver. Maybe it was an attempt to spell “electric” and it didn’t take.

Maybe the DMV clerk was near-sighted and misread what the owner wanted. 

15 Only in Cali


Residents of California know the traffic in that state can be an absolute nightmare. That’s especially true in Los Angeles where bumper-to-bumper jams are part of daily life. So this owner decided to fire back by putting up an “I’m boxed in” plate.

No doubt the DMV clerk had gone through exactly the same experiences and thus was happy to put this on the car. 

14 Laugh on Michigan


People in Texas take their sports very seriously and love to rejoice in a victory. It appears this plate was created after the 2005 Rose Bowl where the Texas Longhorns defeated the University of Michigan Wolverines.

The owner of this car celebrated by putting up the “M” logo of Michigan and then a mocking laugh. 

13 Walk It Off


It’s one thing to see license plates mocking disabled people. It’s another when the actual person asks for a joking plate. Sure enough, this owner asked for a plate with the state’s wheelchair logo and then adding in how they can’t walk.

Perhaps the owner just wanted to make it clear in case other drivers failed to see the wheelchair symbol. It also shows they have a sense of humor about things. Still, one can imagine the DMV clerk giving some funny looks before okaying this plate.

12 People Person


Everyone knows a visit to the DMV can be a nightmare. The lines are long, the work is slow and the various tests can be a huge hassle. Perhaps the owner of this plate was having a bad day to finally declare he was going to broadcast how much he disliked everyone.

Maybe the DMV clerk agreed to okay it. Putting it right over the logo of “the sportsman’s paradise” doesn’t help either and just radiates the aura of “angry driver.”

11 Dingo Bingo


We’ll cut the DMV clerk some slack on this one. When the owner asked for a plate saying “Dingo 8,” the clerk perhaps thought it was a reference to a pet or some local band. They should have realized how the plate holder in Nevada would look.

Put together, it’s a reference to the infamous case of an animal attacking a child that made dingos a dangerous creature. It was clearly a rib by the driver which the clerk should have caught.

10 Bigger MPG


Residents of Texas love to brag on their love of “bigger is better” and enjoy some great cars. Pickups are a constant in the state thanks to its wide open areas and the fact the state is packed with oil means they have easy access to gas.

This owner clearly is mocking how much mileage he can get with this truck and not caring about the fuel economy. 

9 DUI Magnet


Cops love to joke on how they can pull over someone who was wavering all over the place and the first question the driver asks is “what’s this about?” Putting up a license plate openly proclaiming you’re in an inebriated state is just asking the cops to pull you over.

Even if the driver is perfectly okay, having this plate doesn’t cast them in a good light. The DMV offering this plate makes them complicit in any issues the driver may run into.

8 Not Poor


If you’re driving a Porsche Carrera you automatically have to have some money. It’s not as expensive as other Porsches but still a good price and serves as a status symbol to boot.

Yet somehow the owner of this car felt like putting up a plate declaring “not poor.” That’d be one thing if they were driving some beater but the Porsche alone shows they have money to burn. It’s a confusing pick of a plate for the car and the owner seeming to overcompensate.

7 Hon-Duh


It’s obvious what the owner was going for here. They just wanted to showcase they’re driving a Honda (even if that should have been clear). However, the clerk may not have known that so the reasons for the plate could have been different. Maybe the owner was taking a shot at his wife with a spin on “duh honey” or some other insult. 

6 Impatient Driver


On the one hand, you can sympathize with someone inside a McLaren packed in a big jam. Then again, someone who buys an ultra-fast speed machine and insists on using it for the daily commute should be asking to get stuck in traffic.

Maybe the clerk didn’t know the owner was asking for a plate for a McLaren as they’d point out that he’s not driving a cop car. It’s likely very few other drivers listened to this owner’s “request” in traffic.

5 Not Kid Friendly


Seriously, how did this slip by the clerk? It’d be one thing if the “kids first” line was on the plate holder so the plate just said, “eat the.” But no, the clerk clearly saw first hand how the owners wanted to declare they’d feast on children first.

Having it right by the Virginia crayon logo doesn’t exactly sell the right image for the state. It’s probably best not to get behind this car when one is driving on a family trip.

4 Ownership


It’s not too bad if you want to boast about actually owning the car rather than leasing it. But it does send a bit of a message to any car thief that if they boost this, it’s the owner who’s on the hook rather than a car company.

It also just looks arrogant slapping it onto a fancy car as if you’re boasting about how you can own it outright. In which case, getting this ride boosted is really on the owner’s own head.

3 Lame Indeed


Just owning this is odd enough. It’s another that someone at the DMV actually put it together. Sometimes a person who requires a wheelchair needs a good sense of humor about things.

Yet one would think the DMV would avoid literally saying “lame” with the wheelchair symbol for the plate. Maybe it was meant to be ironic yet it just doesn’t seem the right word to go with that plate.

2 Crazy Choice


Maybe the DMV clerk assumed the owner was a big Van Halen fan. This is actually a reference to the state code on how someone can be a danger to themselves or others due to mental issues.

That results in a mandated 72-hour stay in a hospital. The DMV seems to confirm it doesn’t make it much better.

1 Epic Fail Indeed


This is laughable on multiple levels. It’s one thing to ask for a vanity plate saying ‘Epic Fail” as having that on your car seems to invite mockery. It’s another to not even get the extra “l” on there.

Instead, he’s stuck with “Epic Fai” and then decided to put a little post-it of the final letter on the end. It just ensures you live up to the mantra perfectly and makes this a crazy plate.

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