"Life Hacks" That Are So Crazy They Just Might Work (20 posts)

Everyone loves saving time and money. Or even being able to make perfectly fried eggs with just the right skillet! And hey, life hacks that some people publish on the Internet generally make sense.

Hordes of YouTube channels have made mini-stars out of people who can teach you how to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew, clean your shower head with just vinegar, and keep your slime from getting your house dirty.

Many life hacks are probably just some smart tips you'd hear from a seasoned homeowner, and they're blowing up now thanks to sites like Pinterest and the Instagram.

Lucky for us, though, there are also many people who clearly weren't thinking when they decided to give the world their "wise" words. Some life hacks seem so insane that you have to stop and wonder whether or not the person telling you about them got hurt in the process.

For those of you who have no fear, here are 20 life hacks that are so insane they just might work.

FULL DISCLAIMER: We don't actually recommend that you give any of these a try (save for the one with the cat). Please be safe out there and don't be a doofus.

20 An eye for innovation

Cat people can often get frustrated at having a pet that constantly neglects them, owns the house, and acts as if they're the alpha of the space. They cuddle you only when they feel like it, they crawl all over your laptop to get warm coincidentally when you need to send those important emails, and they love to use your toilet paper as a toy when you need it the most. But then, they turn around and ignore you for hours on end as they take their extremely long naps on top of the TV, under the rug, or on top of your favourite pillow.

Fret not! Some genius on the Internet decided that they'd never have to face neglect from the pet they raise as their own child ever again! If you can't make your cat pay attention, you can certainly add googly eyes at a strategic angle so you won't feel alone. Who knew that fake gratitude is so much better than no gratitude, huh? The best part is that your cat may be so indifferent to you they may not even notice when you stick these bad boys onto them.

Dog people are probably getting ready to lecture us about how they don't have to do this with their puppies. But who cares about that when you've got these dead-eyed plastic eyes staring right at you?

19 No microwave? No problem!

Via Vorply

Most people respond to hunger by getting angry (otherwise known as "hangry"). This can get worse when there are no tools available to keep your food warm. Some people are optimists bent on making the best out of any situation, and that's probably how this particular life hack came into existence.

If you have no stove, then use a microwave. And if you have no microwave, then do whatever it takes to keep that sandwich warm at all costs. Here's proof that someone was either incredibly desperate to eat their meal the way it was meant to be eaten, or incredibly resourceful. Dare we say that maybe both terms apply?

Needless to say, this life hack won't solve all your food temperature woes, and may not be the best idea if you have watery or oily ingredients, but darn it, this is a great idea! After all, DIY solutions such as this are something we live for. We just hope no one grabs their bowl of soup in a fit of hanger and desperation. Plus, it just goes to disprove those adults who complain that youngsters today spend too much time on their computers. Perhaps spending so much time around gadgets can help us all find innovative and unexpected ways to use them!

18 Don't think outside the box, think behind it!

Via winkgo.

What happens when you have an extra pizza box and an acute fear of getting burned? This! Not only does this life hack contribute to your safety should you decide to deep-fry something, it also helps you give another use to those old pizza boxes that you'd normally throw away after using them only once. Inventive and environmentally friendly! Everything about this life hack is just right: the cutouts for the eye area so our intrepid chef can ensure their greasy food is as crisp as they'd like it to be, a hole to strategically hold on to this DIY cardboard shield and remain burn-free as they contemplate the deliciousness of their crispy bacon.


Or maybe this is just a college student that was using their critical thinking skills to find a safe way to eat a delicious breakfast. We're all for finding ways to use our excess pizza boxes. Life hacks are about doing what you can with the tools you have available, and finding ways to turn a negative into a positive via unorthodox fixes like this. We're grateful that this innovative thinker gave us a hilarious way to stay safe while frying the world's best breakfast meat of all time.

17 Who needs air fresheners?

Whoever said computers only serve as a waste of time never met this person!

With its vast applications and functions, most computers can do whatever we dream of. In this case, someone decided that if they couldn't code a program into this device for eliminating bad smells, they'd use hardware to avoid a stinky work area. Instead of giving up and being complacent, this maestro decided to wow us with their ability to put a lemon and a computer together so that its fan could make a work area smell lemony fresh while also cooling down the computer.

There's a slight possibility that this person is clueless about what usually happens when technology and food are put together. But we choose to believe that this person lived in a place where there's a severe lack of air fresheners, candles, or other things we'd normally use in order to make our areas smell nice.

You've gotta hand it to those who are desperate to find a solution to any problem that comes their way. This life hack is so insane that it could actually deliver a nice aroma as opposed to ensuring that this slice of lemon gets fused to the hardware.

16 Snow big deal

Some people have an uncanny knack for engineering that allows them to turn anything into a machine that does all the work for them. This person is obviously the next Elon Musk because they thought out of the box and came up with a way to remove snow that was less work than shoveling. And they did it in a way that innovates how snow should be removed! We can all agree that this idea is so smart we wonder why it took until now to come up with it and the talented individual who came up with it deserves a reward.

We're just unsure about one thing...

Did it take longer to create this contraption than it did to remove the snow with it? Whatever the answer is, we agree that shoveling snow is old-fashioned, tedious, and annoying. Creating a new solution for this problem is cheaper than moving to California or Vancouver (no one can afford to live in either of those places anyway), and probably got the creator of this DIY machine a lot of... um, attention. Kudos to this guy for grabbing what many of us would consider to be junk and turning it into a new way to complete a chore that very few enjoy doing. We just hope he doesn't forget his helmet next time.

15 Colour me surprised

Getting rich quick means coming up with unique ways of making sure that you don't spend money on unnecessary accessories. The truly creative penny-pincher may also become a master of DIY solutions that can help them save money on excess items. And phones really do stick you with intense bills!

From using more than your allotted bandwidth, to expensive phone plans, and roaming (for those who are partial to globetrotting), how can using one little gadget add up to so many monthly expenses? Thanks to the Internet, we are now privy to a new and innovative solution to avoid one way of spending more money than we need to on a necessary phone accessory!

As most of you may know, some phone cases can be pretty expensive. Some can cost thousands because they're made of gold or titanium. Why bother buying a phone case when you can paint your phone yourself?

YES! The inventor of this method didn't specify what type of paint should be used, or whether or not one should know how to paint at all before trying this (unfortunately, this person doesn't), but as long as it's your phone, you can do whatever you want with it! If anyone asks, you can always say you dropped your phone on wet paint.

14 Drinks are on me

Via Twitter








Many a college roommate has taken an item out of the fridge that didn't belong to them. So have relatives in large families or most anybody in other communal living situations. Nothing is worse than getting back from work or school to have a drink only to find that it's gone. What kind of selfish jerk would take your stuff without asking? That's why this inventive person decided to use their possibly stinky shoes as a shield for their libations. Some people write passive-aggressive notes, demanding that the culprit pay them back for the stolen goods, but this hero is focused on prevention.

There are some things in life that are meant to be shared, and this person knows it's okay to be selfish about certain things.

Or maybe this once-kind soul felt taken advantage of and decided it was time to place boundaries on potential alcohol thieves. Whatever the reason, this is a simple way to lay down the law. It costs no money, and could even prevent you from losing out on your investment. Unless of course, you live with people who are so bent on having your stuff that they won't care whether or not it smells like athlete's foot. Thankfully, most people who see this will get the hint.

13 This idea might need further reflection

Like phones, cars can be expensive to maintain. Prone to breaking down, replacing any part of them can turn your fat wallet into an overdraft quickly if you're not prepared. Plus, there are plenty of bad drivers whose terrible habits could cost you money, inconsiderate kids who don't care if their baseball breaks your windshield or thieves that take the time to steal parts that you really need!

Most people experience car trouble and freak out over the possibility of getting ripped off by a mechanic. Lucky for us, this person came up with a temporary solution that's safer than having no solution at all... or at least we think so.

Though it's probably more likely that this driver gets strange looks once someone notices an unruly glare in their direction, it's true that most people no longer use CDs. Why not use them to replace broken mirrors? We can't determine with certainty that this life hack will actually prevent an accident, but we can say that it's fun to look at and only for those who are totally brave. Or maybe it works like a placebo medicine, and the perception of safety with this solution will make the driver more cautious. Who's to say?

12 This duct tape hammock could save your summer!

Via winkgo

Duct tape is so versatile that many people probably wonder if we're worthy of having it around. Some people have reportedly used it to stop bleeding, prevented blisters from getting worse, made clothes with it, or fixed their torn computer charger! Google "what can I do with duct tape?" and you'll see a variety of cool and even strange tutorials on how to use this roll of miracles. Thanks to this hammock, we now know duct-tape really can be used to build anything we want. Now that summer is almost here, nothing is more relaxing than resting on a hammock in your backyard or a public area with a gentle breeze.

Of course, this solution is the result of not owning a hammock to begin with.

Instead of splurging and investing in an actual hammock, our duct tape creator decided to take matters into their own hands. Literally. You could also say this person has a creative flare. It also looks like no one's fallen off this contraption yet either, and we know duct tape is strong so we fully support this crazy life hack that will hopefully support whoever chooses to lie down on it. But to be honest, we'll probably be too lazy to recreate this idea ourselves.

11 Best seat in the house

Via gizmodo

Motorcyclists have plenty of woes to deal with while on the road. The lack of visibility and uncomfortable seats are only part of the problem. Drivers often pretend not to see them and complain about the fact that motorcyclists make a lot of noise and seem so carefree and happy during their adventures.

But what do you do when you're a motorcyclist and your seat breaks? This DIY solution not only shows that you value comfort, it also forces drivers to reckon with your presence on the road! Plus, you won't have to give anyone a ride anymore because there's only space for the one motorcyclist that matters: you.

Nothing is better than a life hack that not only upgrades your ride, but screams "I'm here to conquer the road in comfort!" It's the motorcyclist equivalent of feeling no shame whatsoever while wearing Crocs in public.

No one is sure exactly how this crafty motorcyclist came up with this solution to a genuine problem or how the car seat actually stays on, but we are behind this idea every step of the way. If only because we at least we have proof that coming up with life hacks and inventions also involves having a sense of humor and an innocent amount of shamelessness.

10 Make the best out of a possible fire!

Via winkgo

Most people think of fires and feel a sense of desperation. Fear crawls into their bodies as they decide they'd never want to end up in one. Others would probably stand around a fire and decide to take out their s'mores kit or a few hot dogs. Guess which side this life hacker is on? This particular life hack holds a special place in our hearts, but we actually hope you never have to use it. For those of you who are confused, the inventor of this helpful tip decided that if they should ever be involved in an incendiary situation, they'd be able to make some popcorn in the process.

Yup, that's right!

This is a popcorn pan whose sound is meant to make you want to flee a fire! To be fair, we hope this was just a joke and that there's an actual smoke detector somewhere in the house because the popping sound might actually come too late if there's a fire in the house. But we do have to hand it to this person. The sound of popcorn being made could alert anyone to almost any danger. This idea is so crazy it might just take over the world. If not the world, then it certainly took over the Internet!

9 Say hello to the retro laptop!

Via cybersalt

Our craze for '90s nostalgia knows no bounds. You can now find revivals of everything 90s in TV and fashion. But our generation loves to have its cake and eat it too, which is why no one is clamoring to bring '90s tech back as the standard. This guy is different from everyone else, though. Here's someone who decided that instead of taking the easy way out and buying a laptop, they'd prefer to gather relics of the past and create a DIY laptop that even hipsters would say has gone too far.

This guy also seems to have a strong back and obviously kept their Windows 98 gear in the attic for emergency purposes such as this one. We're sure that in the bottom of his heart, he knew he'd find a use for them again someday. We wonder how he got around the power issues, but we'll leave it to this genius to figure that out and know that if anyone dares to recreate this, they'll be able to figure this out as well.

Or, in a few years, our descendants will look at contraptions like this and wonder why we weren't searching for the cure for cancer or something. To each their own, we say!

8 A way to make up for lost time

Via wackyowl

Many a makeup guru has gotten famous for giving contour tutorials, teaching an entire generation of viewers how to look like a mermaid, have lips like a celebrity, or create the perfect smoky eye. Every once in a while someone comes up with an invention so timely, we wonder why it wasn't thought of before. This is one of those instances. Lipstick-challenged people everywhere can now perfect their office or nighttime look with this new method.

An added bonus: this new life hack doesn't require spending hundreds on new tools or forcing anyone to master a specific technique.

The word isn't out as to whether or not this will prevent getting lipstick on one's teeth, choosing the right shade, or how this will make you look more like the celebrities you're a fan of. You've got to hand it to the creator of this life hack for making makeup seem less intimidating for everyone without requiring them to buy a long list of products. Plenty of aspiring makeup artists could save time in applying their makeup by using something that looks like it was invented by a six-year-old. Those are the best inventions anyway! We wouldn't try this, but can't wait to hear back from others about how it goes!

7 Straighten your electrical plugs with this simple trick!

Anyone who's ever owned an electrical gadget knows how annoying it is when the electrical plugs get crooked. Sure, one can agonize over the best ways to re-align them, but no one has discovered the best way to prevent the problem.

No need to get bent out of shape anymore, though! Instead of getting angry that your electrical plugs get crooked with use, it's best to attack the problem at the source. Straightening out your electrical sockets clearly makes more sense than wrangling with your poor gadgets!

The person who came up with this solution is not only brave but prefers to attack the problem and not its symptoms. Plus, since your plugs are clearly made with some form of metal, the metal in the fork should pose no harm to the electrical circuitry in your humble home—or you. Please take this entry (and every other entry for that matter) with a grain of salt. We're really kidding and aren't sure what this person was thinking, but with some assistance from science and additional common sense, someone will eventually solve the mystery of Crooked Electric Plugs and make them a thing of the past. No, really, this life hack is too crazy to be entirely safe for anyone.

6 Make sure it's extra al-dente!

We can all agree that soggy pasta can be pretty gross. Despite how quickly you can cook it, it's still not fast enough for when you're really hungry and you've forgotten to cook dinner once again. Waiting for water to boil can seem like the longest minutes of your life. This life hack takes several things into consideration: you probably have pasta and a toaster somewhere around the house, and if you're desperate enough to try to do this you've reached a level of hunger you never even experienced in college.

Such desperate moments force us all to solve problems, such as what to eat for dinner that can be ready in under a minute.

Going back to our premise of how gross soggy pasta is, we're sure that the extra crispy version of pasta that would be a result of this cooking method would be a unique culinary achievement. Judging from the picture, we're sure someone came up with this because their dorm room cafeteria was closed for the evening. All we have to say is that we'll take their word for it on how good it was or not. We don't mind burnt pasta, but we do mind a burnt house.

5 Here's a way to keep your lunch from getting stolen.

Every workplace has that one person that decides everyone else's food is for the taking. Some people try writing signs describing the different ways the food's owner, God, or even Satan will smite them for their thieving ways, but some people take the risk anyway.

The one thing about this life hack is that there are some people who probably don't care about food poisoning and will probably end up stealing one's lunch anyway. Thankfully most people don't think this way.

It would appear that, in order to try this, you will need a plastic bag and a marker with a... moldy colour. Some art skills help but remember, mold can look like any old splotch. You just have to make sure the splotch covers the sandwich in a convincing area. You should also avoid telling anyone else what you're up, lest the unhappy sandwich thief learns about your crafty new method to keep them away from something that isn't theirs to begin with.

Hopefully whoever is stealing office lunches decides to stop their negative habit and you can go back to using a regular bag after trying this. After all, keeping up this charade certainly can't be easy. Man, whoever came up with this must have worked with a total raccoon of a coworker!

4 A broken arm is no excuse not to have a cold one

Via: winkgo

Broken arms, wrists, or fingers show us how much we can take our hands and opposable thumbs for granted. We start realizing how valuable having moving and fully functioning hands are and how we can complete essential tasks with them such as writing, typing, cooking, and taking care of ourselves. But more importantly, using them for pouring ourselves a cold one. Remember, the human race has invented crutches, prosthetics of all kinds, cell phones, microwaves... you name it! But this guy? This guy over here is living in 3018, and there's a big chance many new patients with recently broken arms, wrists, or fingers will want a similar modification to their casts.

It's obvious that this individual has his priorities straight regardless of the pain involved.

Plus, using their wrist in this manner could help prevent muscle atrophy by making sure one's wrist and fingers get at least some weightlifting exercise. And because most people under similar circumstances would do the best they can to make sure they can still have fun during the worst of times. With such an injury, it's obvious that this guy has good friends who put their brains together to figure out the best way to make sure that their buddy would feel included in any drinking activities because let's face it: you can't make this contraption with only one hand. The world is a better place already.

3 Reverse the order of the world!

Via Instagram

Going to restaurants is great except for when the bill comes. Everyone can agree on that. With the tough economy we've gotta deal with, eating a nice meal out seems like a thing of the past. Have you ever felt the need to try your luck during a desperate situation?

If you can use the logic you use when playing UNO then perhaps you might be able to get away with this trick as long as you're extremely kind to your server. They'll understand if you need a break because we all need one once in a while.

There are a few potential pitfalls to this: anyone can start using it on you when they need a break, or people might start appropriating ideas from other card games that are far more powerful than anything UNO has ever come up with.

But hey, asking to reverse the situation is a lot nicer than just dashing out before the bill even shows up. Whether or not this works, your server is guaranteed to get a good laugh out of the whole situation. As long as they have a good sense of humor. Let's just hope their manager isn't around to see you try this one. They could have an more powerful UNO card than you do!

2 Most ingenious Black Friday hack ever?

Via Instagram

Black Friday has become quite the sporting event in the States. Any advantage you've got can be of assistance to you in your quest to get the best Christmas presents for your loved ones. Or even to get something for yourself! Preparing in advance is helpful for any endeavor or adventure. Now, this life hack seems great on the surface because pretending to be an employee has certain advantages. First of all, you could walk in and check the inventory. If you're smart enough you could even lie to potential customers that want your $99 iPad.

Just tell them that the one they want is out of stock (because you took it).

The paltry sum this seller asks for pales in comparison to the awesome new things you could get at Walmart by pretending to be one of their own and cheating the game for your noble gift-giving purposes. Or, you know, people could think you're really working there. In this case, you'll have to lie about just getting done with your shift because the last thing you want is to get crushed to death as everyone punches and kicks each other into submission just to get the last Spiderman toy in stock. You do you, though. We promise not to judge.

1 Don't like your job? Get rid of it!

Via Instagram

With so many new technological feats, it's surprising that many industries haven't found a way to make work more fun for their employees (we certainly have!). Despite the fact that money generated through work helps us pay the bills, hang out, or lament about how broke we are despite our hard hours, there are some people who are just begging to be fired that simply aren't. In a way, we're a bit jealous of this predicament.

We're unsure about what would prompt an employee to send such a text to their boss (of all people), or whether or not this was the desired result.

At least this person, or whoever tries to pull this stunt off, will have a hilarious story to tell. If their wallet isn't suffering, at least they can know they've gone into the Meme Hall of Fame with this one while hilariously sticking it to the man!

To the person who made this discovery, there are worse texts out there. Though work is a noble thing that helps us all get by, there are some bosses who need a gentle nudge and lesson in how to let go. This text just made it easy for one person, and so we wanted to say thank you.

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