Life Imitates Art: 17 Memes That Belong In The Museum Of Fine LOLs

When people think of art, most of us think of yawning through art history. Don't get me wrong, learning about classicism and the history of each piece, the little symbols that artists hid in their paintings and what they meant were fascinating to me! For instance, if someone had a halo over their head, it meant they were seen as a holy being. Women were meant to look supple and maternal. Certain things are added to make them look wealthy and a person of power. All these meanings were conveyed through animals, clothing, and the general scene of the painting.

Wait... still with me or is this causing some serious drowsiness?

Now that it's 2018, art is still taught and loved by many. However, it's kind of making a comeback in recent times thanks to memes. People have turned to popular works of art (even lesser known works of art) to make them into hilarious moments that can happen in daily life. My personal favorite is when someone sees a piece of art and totally transforms the painting into a moment that can happen to anyone. Like when the waiter brings us our food or when we really have have to go to the bathroom at one of those desert festivals.

One thing's for sure; art is beautiful, but it's even more beautiful when people add their own meaning to it.

17 Hop In Line

Festivals and concerts are fun for all ages. They're literally made for entertainment purposes. No one goes to a festival because they have to. They go because they want to. While festivals and concerts are a jolly good time, there's three things that literally peeves me to the moon and back.

1) The bathrooms: bathrooms at festivals, carnivals, and concerts are THE worst. Just like this classical art portrait — the lines for the bathrooms are from the door to Kentucky (unless one lives in Kentucky...). The bathrooms are NEVER clean. Every stall is missing toilet paper. There's water (or something else) on the floors. And they're just nasty. Going to the bathroom at an event like these is the worst part about the whole thing.

2) The crowds: much like the lines to enter the bathroom. The crowds are these kinds of events are absurd. I like being around people, I also enjoy being social, but I dislike when there are SO many people that they're touching me. Most of the time, they don't mean to be touching me — it's mainly because the person behind them is ALSO touching them. But. I. Don't. Like. It.

3) The food is expensive AF: when we go to a festival, most people consume a lot of beverages and end up buying french fries or carbs to thicken their blood up a bit. However, it's hard to do that when beers are $10 a pop and a burger is $11. What gives?! Whatever happened to combo meals?!

16 Why Is Poking A Thing?

We all know who Mark Zuckerberg is, but like, is he the one who invented the whole "poking" thing? Now, I don't know when poking became a thing or why those at Facebook thought it was a *kewl* thing to create, but it's annoying AF. It's not cute.

I remember people doing it in high school to be annoying, but I literally thought it would die out. And then when I got to college, I realized people were poking people they thought were cute... It was like a tech way of flirting. The only problem is — poking is ANNOYING.

Why am I being notified that someone "poked" me. Like, hi? Yes? Can I help in any way? Why would I poke back when I can just be the bigger human being and shoot a message with my thoughts? Why would I continue to poke back and forth with whoever poked me first? No thanks.

So yes, I resonate with this classical art piece wholeheartedly. It does feel like someone is poking me in the eye, but with a knife. Let's just get rid of the whole poking thing and go back to messaging each other like weird adults who can't converse face-to-face. Okay, got it? Okay.

15 *One Bottle*

Listen, I don't know who painted this man, why he's holding that massive glass, or what's even in his glass, but I'm all about. I'm enjoying it tremendously. I mean, his quirky smile isn't really rubbing me the write way, but I'd still be friends with him.

It's always a sad day when a friend of mine tells me they're cutting back on drinking.

It's never because they have a sobriety problem — it's mainly because they're going broke and are gaining weight from drinking so much beer. Nevertheless, that leaves me a man-down whenever I want to go to happy hour. However, I've never gotten a glass of wine quite as big as the glass pictured. (I don't know what century this painting was done in, but I wonder what orange liquid was so important to them that they just HAD to paint...)

Also, now that I'm looking even deeper, he's also smoking a pipe in his left hand! This man is ready for the evening. It would be the equivalent to Fridays in our world. I'm pretty sure people had things to do back in that century, but I don't think they cared if they drank or smoke when they should be being more productive. I don't think they gave a hoot.

I guess I'd accompany this man for a beverage if he was drinking alone. No one should ever drink alone, after all.

14 Thanks Tho

I'm guilty of this and I need to stop, because I, too, know how it feels to have someone tell me I look like I'm sick. And it's not nice.

Whenever someone tells me I don't look well or if I just woke up, I don't know whether to take is as a compliment that I've looked so great on other days or as an insult for just looking like a joke when that was never my intention. On the flip side, my face does more of the talking then I ever do.

I honestly can't tell a lie. If I tell someone they look phenomenal when they look like donkey butt, my face is gonna have a contradictory message. People never know what to believe because I'm saying one thing while my face is saying another. I honestly don't mean to be so harsh, but I CANNOT control my face!

This classical meme does remind me to be a little more sassy, however, when the next person insults me like this. Why do I have to defend myself for looking like garbage? Especially when I didn't mean to look like garbage? Why can't I just say the same thing right back to the other person? Or worse... say things that aren't PG-13?

13 Thus I Am A Genius

Ladies and gentlemen, does Sir William Shakespeare need an introduction? The man pretty much made story-telling what it is today. Though the playwright died in 1616, his work is as popular as ever. It's read and taught a thousand times over in high schools and colleges across the world. He's monumental in the world of literature thus making him an icon to many. (SEE WHAT I DID THERE?)

There comes a certain time in every adult's life where their vocabulary becomes a little more sophisticated.

It's not a huge change but it's clear enough where you're using large words in every day sentences. Sometime people only use elegant words at work or in a more professional setting, but then there are those random moments when we begin using these words on the bloody WEEKEND. Who have we become?!

While this sketch of William Shakespeare has an added pair of sunglasses on him, I wouldn't be surprised if that's what he would look like today in 2018. Those glasses and that very small patch of fuzz on his face is working for him. Heck, now that I think about it. I wonder who the people are in this world that are blood relatives to him. The man had three children, one of them being a son. WHAT DOES EVERYONE LOOK LIKE TODAY?!

12 Let's Turn Up, Mona!

Ah, The Mona Lisa. Is there any other painting in the world quite as charming as this sly beauty? Well... maybe, I just don't know their titles because I'm uncultured and lazy.

My girl Mona here has been gracing the halls of da Louvre for years. Created by Leonardo da Vinci, Mona has been keeping people on their toes since the 1500s. I mean, what is she smiling at? What is she looking at? Why is she important? Come on, Mona — speak!

Since the Mona Lisa is an actual work of art, it's smart for this person to make a little meme out of her. Everyone is familiar with her and her story, so why not make it look like she's dabbing. Mona seems shy, but she definitely looks like the kinda lady who dabs on the weekend. She's quiet yet ballsy. She'll do anything once and though she might be embarrassed doing it, she'll do it for the laughs. That's our girl.

On a serious note though, how much do you guys resonate with this meme? It's not quite the weekend until that clock hits 5pm or 6pm. There might be a half-hour 'till quittin' time, but that's still a half-hour. It's not the weekend until you physically get in your car and drive to the nearest taco truck.

11 I Don't Wanna Work Anymore!

This artwork can be about so many things other than homework. Why is it that whenever we're busy, a bin full of distractions comes our way? Is it because we don't want to do the thing that we're supposed to be concentrating on? Whatever it is, it's annoying AF.

Believe it or not, as a writer there aren't too many distractions that come my way. Well, besides my fiance and my mom's dog. Those two are always begging for attention and it can become difficult sometimes. But other than them, I'm usually good to go.

However, back in my college days, there were ALWAYS distractions. If it wasn't a party I wanted to go to, it was a roommate being loud. If it wasn't people screaming in my street, it was the house-party going on below us.

I guess—now that I'm writing this—the biggest distraction for me is noise. When all the TVs are on, someone's watching a video on Instagram, and someone else is listening to the radio — I can't hear myself think. So do I understand where this painting is coming from? Without a shadow of a doubt. I mean, look at all those little demon babies.

10 Leave Pasta Out Of This

"It's not about the pasta!" - DJ James Kennedy from Vanderpump Rules (If you don't know what I'm talking about, just know it was a hilarious moment in reality TV history.)

I don't know who the artist is that painted this nor do I know who is modeling for the chance to be in such an image, but I'm about it. I like what's going on here.

Sure, pasta is technically an empty carb, but personally, I think that term if offensive. I think I'm a pretty clean eater, but how does a human being say no to pasta? How can you see those buttery noodles and not add salt, pepper, and maybe some kale. How does one say "no thanks" to Italy's favorite food? Calling them empty is an insult. I'm not even Italian and I'm insulted. I guess you could say I look like the man painted above. Well, except I don't eat with my hands. I think it's barbaric and enjoy forks and spoons whenever possible. I think it's mainly because I dislike when my hands are sticky, so a fork is just a better option. I guess this man DNGAF about silverware; he just wanted that good-good.

9 *Waits For Them To Stop Talking*

I absolutely love that this man is whittling a feather pen. Because although he's just very good at his craft, it seems to match the meme perfectly. It absolutely does look like he's waiting for someone to stop running their mouth so he can school them in some knowledge. Better yet, he's about to write down all his knowledge and send the person a handwritten manuscript on the subject. I mean, look at him.

His facial expression, his eyes, his mustache, that earring. He's ready to whip someone into shape.

This man probably looks like everyone who caught someone else in a lie. You KNOW the hard core facts. You KNOW what's a lie and what isn't. And yet the person you're talking to just keeps on saying lie after lie. And you're just sitting there, waiting for the right moment to jump up and attack.

Now that I think about it (wow classical art really makes you think), I wish I could be as patient as this man is. I don't really wait for an opportune moment. I just kinda... pounce and hear what they have to say the next day. I'm not proud of it, of course. So maybe I really should be taking some lessons from art.

8 Can You Listen?

This meme actually made me giggle. For starters, yes, women can be a tad complex. But I think this is because most of us express our emotions and that can come off as emotional or irrational. But that's not the case. We're just very open creatures who like to talk things out and hear what other people have to say.

Do I think we're mysterious? No. I feel like most women are honest. And if a woman isn't honest, she'll spew her feelings soon enough. It's only a matter of time. For me personally, I have no problem expressing my feelings to anyone at any given time. However, when it comes to complexed matters of the heart, it can be hard for me to find the right words, so I typically keep that shoved down in my soul until the legit WORST opportunity. I just can't keep it in anymore!

Even when most of us gals do speak our minds, men act like they have no idea what we mean. UM, YOU SHOULD KNOW WHAT I MEAN — I'M TELLING YOU. We're not really mysterious when we're telling you our feelings and you have selective hearing. How about you open your ears and we won't be such a mystery anymore.

7 Why Am I Me?

This meme is actually perfect considering it's literally a piece of art in a massive garbage bin. And though we all know wha it is, we're oddly connected to it.

I would like to say that most of us treat our own bodies with respect. Though we may not understand our bodies and get frustrated often (whether it's physical or mental), most of us love being ourselves. But that comes with a few bumps and bruises.

I love myself but I do treat my body like a hunk of junk at times. Just last night I ate ice cream at 11pm. I know that may not be a big deal, but I don't think anyone's supposed to have that much ice cream when their body is minutes away from falling asleep. The same can be said when a person drinks way more alcohol than they expected or eats greasy food when they know it's better to cut that out... Sometimes we really do put our bodies through a lot, but that doesn't mean that someone else is better than us, of course! Most of us still think we're royalty — regardless of what we put our bodies through. Just look at the woman in the portrait's face, she knows what's up.

6 Don't Ask

This is an actual scene from every job interview ever.

Honestly, what's the point of resumes if employers just re-ask all the questions (that are already answered on your resume) that they already have the answers to? It's BS. I know resumes are great for online applications, so an employer can look through a few and find someone they connect with enough to meet in person, but they seem like such a waste of time.

I wish I could be as bold as the man in the painting is.

My long-term goals would never fly in an interview setting. My legit five-year plan would be to have a baby, take care of 50+ dogs, and always have a drink in my hand at 5:30pm. You tell me one employer that's cool with that response and maybe I have a chance.

Employers who ask that kind of question just want to make sure you're in it for the long-haul. They don't want to put in the time and money if you're just gonna leave, according to your five-year-plan, which I can respect. So if there are any employers who are cool with a crazy wannabe dog mom and wine lover — let me know. No, let the world know. More than me would apply. That's for sure.

5 Gather 'Round

These kinds of memes always make me laugh because I can just imagine someone doing this. People who own pets (and adore their pets) tend to talk to them like their humans. They treat them with respect and let them know what's going on — even though a pet can't really ask in the first place.

This piece of art is genius because it actually looks like he's about to tell them a story. He has his sword stationed up, and his hand is making a gesture that's kinda like "gather around, sweet children."

I used to have the fluffiest cat named Annabelle. We rescued her from a shelter (she was literally free because no one was interested in an older cat), and she was the light of my life. She was so adorable, so fluffy, so sweet. She definitely chose me to be her mother and it just warms my soul thinking about it. But I used to come home rather tipsy a few times and would see that kitty waiting up for me and immediately tell her about my night. I'd fill her in so she wasn't so left out. The poor dear. I don't think she really cared either way, but it was a sweet ritual either way.

4 Hobbies: Sleeping

I love meeting new people, but at the same time, I dislike it because that means there's a lot of smalltalk involved. I'd rather be asking people questions about their life and what they like to do for fun, rather than someone asking me. I live a pretty nomadic lifestyle, so this leaves people wanting to ask even more questions, which I truly don't like. But I guess that just comes with the territory.

The thing is, when people ask what I like to do for fun, my answers are always so lame: nap, go outside, workout. Umm... okay, Layne. 

They sound WAY too polished and professional, if you ask me (minus the napping). I feel lame saying a hobby of mine is napping but it 100% is. When I have time for a nap, I don't always take it, but once my eyes get heavy, I don't even try and fight it. I just let it happen. My body is clearly telling me I need sleep, so I might as well do what she says, right? Who am I to tell my body when she's ready to sleep or not!?

Everyone enjoys sleeping, I just wish they were more honest about it.

3 Look — Don't Touch

WHENEVER I show my mom a photo on Instagram, she immediately gets her fingers all over the screen and starts poking things, scrolling through, and zooming in. MOM, CAN YOU PLEASE LOOK BUT DON'T TOUCH. Sometimes I'm showing her someone that annoys me, so if she accidentally likes the person's phone, then it's game over for me. I lose. That's it.

I look JUST like this...animal? This creature? This bloated starfish?

The worst is when you show a parent someone on Instagram and they're like "Who is that?" It's like, "Mom, I don't know who they are. But aren't their clothes awesome?" Then when I tell her I don't know the person that I'm stalking, she gets so defensive; as if the person will be alerted that a woman in her later 20's is looking at their public Instagram account when they already have 30-thousand followers.

Parents of the world, I know vision is a tricky thing, but when your kids show you their phones, please just use your eyes and then ask questions. Scrolling around and touching the screen in random areas is not doing anyone any good. Especially not your kid since you're about to call them out for digging through two years' worth of pictures.

2 Plz Let Us In

It’s been a long time since my friends and I have had to negotiate with a bouncer. I wanna say that only happens to younger adults, but who am I kidding — older adults can drink just as much and can cause Just as many—if not more—issues with the bouncer.

Back in the day I used to dislike bouncers more than anything because they would never fall for my fake ID or they wouldn’t let me friends in.

But now as an adult, I genuinely feel bad for them. They have to deal with A LOT.

Not only do they need to keep the bar patrons safe in a sense; they have to make sure everyone who’s entering the bar is of age. And since people are drinking and ready to have s good time, this doesn’t always end well. It usually turns into a crying/yelling match with a dude who is just doing his job. Poor bouncers. But I guess if it wasn’t their cup of tea they would just get another job. I mean, they have to make a decent amount of money to do such a thing, right? Wait a second... do bouncers get tipped like bartenders do?

1 Why Are You Doing This?

Why. Do. Couples. Do. This?

Is it an insecurity thing? Is it a trust-worthy thing? Is it a unity thing? Why can individuals have their own Facebook account? I know there are a lot of creeps out there who have done countless of absurd things, but that's typically why you choose a partner you can trust... You don't date someone who you don't know can be faithful or not. Because then having a joint-Facebook page is just pointless. Someone who is unfaithful is never gonna give another person their Facebook page because they know how equally ridiculous it is that they share it with another human!

Even if couples do it to show unity... It's still weird. I mean, congratulations. You love someone enough that you wanna link up with them through social media profiles. Nice work...

I just don't see the point. I don't know one person who sees a joint Facebook page and says to themselves "wow, that's a good idea." And thankfully, I don't see too many of these kind of pages, so I'm assuming more people than not think they're ridiculous.

Spread the word, friends. Having a joint Facebook page is a horrific idea that should never be duplicated.

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