Check Out This Life-Sized Cake Of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

With the impending wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, England is going a bit crazy with excitement. Surely no one is more excited than Lara Mason, who has taken on the task of creating a life-size cake model of the Prince and his bride-to-be. Her cake sculptures are creepily accurate, yet beautiful at the same time. She fits in every single detail. Mason lives in the West Midlands city in England and found the time to create this masterpiece while juggling a full-time job and her twins. Wow!

The amount of ingredients she used for this cake is insane. She needed 300 eggs, 33lbs of flour, 33 lbs of butter, and 33lbs of sugar for the actual cake. She then needed 22lbs of buttercream icing, 44lbs of modeling chocolate, and 110 lbs of fondant icing for the top layers of decoration. The humungous cake could feed 500 people and took Lara 250 hours to complete.

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Lara spoke to Mirror Online and admitted that making a life-size accurate cake was a challenge. She said "It really has been, a labour of love but I'm so please and so proud of myself. It's the tallest cake I've ever made. Annoyingly, Prince Harry is 6ft 2 so it had to be 6ft 2".


She also shared that the hardest part of the cake was molding Harry and Meghan's faces with modeling chocolate. It's certainly a different type of hobby, and she did a great job and they look great!

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All of this work is for the Cake International event that will be held in Birmingham in November. Until then, the cake will sit in storage. Sadly no, this cake was not made to be eaten. It's all about the design and the art of cake making and decorating.

This isn't the first time Lara has garnered attention for one of her life-like cake models. She created two model cakes of each of her twin daughters to help celebrate their first birthdays. The past February her twins Lily and Lyla turned one and were treated to a one-of-a-kind gift.

Which one is the cake?!

Via mirror.co.uk

This cake really shows off Lara's talent and care when it comes to decorating. She matched all the colors perfectly in both the cakes and the outfits! You can barely tell who the real babies are, and which ones are there to be eaten!

We're so glad that Lara found this amazing talent. We hope that she continues making these unique cakes! What do you think of her Prince Harry and Meghan Markle cake?


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