10 Easy DIY Hacks To Declutter Your Home

If you’re anything like me, then cleaning is the bane of your existence. It seems like a full-time job trying to keep a household neat and tidy, even if you only live by yourself. That’s why ensuring you’re doing the most to organize and de-clutter your living space is crucial in order to maintain your sanity.

As they say, your mind is as cluttered as the space you live in. It’s important for your personal well being to ensure your home is somewhere you feel comfortable and relaxed. And we guarantee that you don’t feel nearly relaxed in a messy space as you could in one that’s organized from top to bottom. Though it’s a big job getting your entire life organized, it’s what you’ve got to do if you want to ensure your home is working to benefit you.

We’ve rounded up the best tips and tricks to de-clutter any space. From hacks that free up precious floor space to those that promise to make getting ready in the morning even easier, we promise you that these tricks are going to change your life. All you need is a little creativity and crafting skills, and you’ll be able to transform your clutter into organized chaos, at the very least.

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10 Use Magnetic Boards For Makeup

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If your vanity or bathroom counter is a complete disaster thanks to your makeup products being thrown everywhere, then it’s time to give this hack a try!

Pick up some magnetic boards from a store like Wal-Mart or Target, or even order them online at Amazon. Then, stick the boards to your wall with two-sided tape or nails. Then, you’ll be easily able to stick any of your makeup that comes in a magnetic case onto the boards.

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You’ll now be able to clearly see where all of your makeup products are, and quickly grab for them whenever you need them. Plus, think of how clean your countertop will be!

9 Keep Pot Lids In A Magazine Rack

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It can be tough finding a way to organize your pot and pan lids so that you can easily find them when you’re ready to get cooking. Instead of just shoving them away in a cupboard, we suggest investing in a magazine rack. Install the magazine rack to the side of a cupboard or even to your kitchen wall.

Then, you can easily stack your pot lids according to size. This way, you’ll be able to easily see what lids are clean and can quickly grab one when you’re ready to use it. Plus, this will free up space in your cupboards for your other kitchen utensils, so there will be less chaos for you to sort through on a daily basis.

8 Use A Shoe Organizer For Cleaning Products

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Shoe organizers don’t just have to be used for shoes!

By using an over-the-door shoe organizer for cleaning products, you’ll be able to quickly see what you have on hand and easily grab it whenever you need it. Put this baby on the back of your laundry room or bathroom door, so it will be out of eyesight for the most part.

Stick everything from window cleaner to Lysol wipes to extra paper towels. B having a convenient place for all of your cleaning supplies, it’ll encourage you all the more to keep tidy and clean. And we all could use a bit of extra motivation when it comes to cleaning!

7 Use Acrylic Containers In Your Fridge

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Just like the rest of your home, your fridge deserves some attention! Give it an organizational makeover by adding acrylic containers to better organize your food. This tip promises to make it easier to see what’s inside your fridge, so you’ll never let something go to waste again.

Separate the containers by different food groups- have fruits and veggies in one, meats and cheese in another, and so on. You can even stack pop cans or juice boxes if you keep those in the fridge as well. The best thing about this hack is that you can easily pull the containers out when you need to grab for something. Then, easily slide it back it when you’re done. Cooking has never been easier!

6 Use Pop Can Tabs For Extra Closet Space

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This is one hack we bet you never thought of!

Start saving the tabs off of your soda cans so you can make some extra space in you closet. Once you have enough, put a tab on each one of your hangers. This way, you can easily hang another hanger onto the original one, which will free up space on the tension rod, so you can hang even more clothes.

We suggest putting similar clothes on the same hangers, like putting two pairs of jeans per pop can tab. This way, it’ll make it all the easier to find what you’re looking for as you’re scoping through you closet, even though all the hangers are doubled up.

5 Use A Ladder As A Towel Rack

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It can be tricky living in a bathroom with no towel rack. Where else are you supposed to hang your towels? If you find yourself in this predicament, consider re-purposing an old ladder as a makeshift towel rack.

Ask around and see if anyone is willing to part with an old ladder, or else see if you can store one for cheap second-hand on sites like Craigslist or a Facebook market. Breathe new life into the ladder by giving it a paint job if it needs a face-lift. Then, simply hang it against your wall for a shabby chic décor element that also serves as a way to display your towels.

Easy peasy!

4 Organize Beauty Products in Mason Jars

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A pack of 12 mason jars with lids costs roughly $10 on Amazon, and it can serve many purposes in your home. A great hack to organize your bathroom is to put beauty products and hair tools inside mason jars.

Line your medicine cabinet with see-through jars and fill them with anything from Q-tips, lipsticks, hair elastics and bobby pins, and cosmetic rounds. It’ll be easy to see exactly what products you have (and what you might need to replenish), and to quickly grab the jar when you need to fetch something.

Plus, the aesthetic appeal of this hack will instantly please the organizational freak inside of you. Who knew organizing could be so fun!

3 Get Under-The-Bed Storage

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If your bed has extra space underneath, then you need to utilize it for storage! Invest in collapsible storage boxes that can be found on Amazon or in any home store, and which can easily be shoved under your bed. Because they’re collapsible, they’ll be able to conform to whatever size your bed is, and they’ll be hidden from plain sight.

Store anything that you don’t need to access on a regular basis under here, including holiday decorations and off-season clothing. It’s as simple as dragging it out from under your bed when you do need it. These storage containers can even be shoved under sofas or any other furniture that has extra space just waiting to be utilized.

2 Invest In An Armrest Caddy

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If you find that your living room area is always a disaster, then an armrest caddy is what you need! This bad boy simply lies on top of your couch or chair’s armrest, and has pockets for everything from your remote to books to snacks. You’ll never need to wonder where the remote is again because now it will always have a space.

This hack is especially great if your space is too small for a side table. The caddy provides all the convenience of having a side table, without taking up any floor space. You can even buy versions for your bedside or desk, so you can great additional storage virtually anywhere.

1 Get Over-The-Toilet Storage

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Storage is usually limited when it comes to bathrooms, so it’s important to create additional space wherever you can!

Over-the-toilet storage fits over almost any toilet and instantly creates shelving for you to store anything from beauty products to extra towels. Add some baskets to keep the clutter even more organized and out of the way. Finish off with some decorative accents to give the shelf an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

You don’t even necessarily need to put this rack over a toilet; fitting it anywhere that you need a bit of extra storage is an excellent idea and will immediately make your cluttered space more liveable.

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