It's Like They Didn't Even Try: 15 Liars Who Must Be Stopped

People lie on the internet. Everyone knows that sometimes people will try to pull the wool over the internet's eyes to make you believe things that are not true. Lying can go undetected for years if the person knows how to cover up their tracks or comes up with a believable lie, but sometimes people don't even bother to hide the fact that what they're saying is totally bogus. They just expect people to take everything at face value.

Well, most of us know to check certain claims out on our own. And people will lie about the most ridiculous things. We even have to wonder why they would tell these particular lies, but people do such weird things. Check out these liars who must be stopped. And it's like they didn't even try.

15 Not so generous

Via: theultralinx.com

This person wanted everyone to think that they were kind and generous. So, they wrote a $100 tip on one of the receipts for their meal. Of course, they put it on their copy and not the copy that the server gets. That means that the tip did not actually happen. The server would have never received the tip if it's on the customer copy, and the person who posted this knows this. They were trying to lie to the internet. Not only is this self-serving and cruel, it's downright despicable. Servers make less than the normal minimum wage and have to make up the difference in their salary with tips. So, no tip or bad tips can mean that they can't pay some of their bills even though they work eight hours a day. Playing with someone's livelihood like this is quite the opposite of being a good person.

14 Fantasy muscles

Via: collegehumor.com

Chris is an average-looking guy who is just trying to get a date, but he made a fatal mistake. When he was flirting with someone, he sent a photo of a different guy. This other guy is incredibly good-looking with rippling muscles and a trimmed waist. But Chris' profile picture already reveals the truth about his appearance, so this attempt at lying is so ridiculous. We can see right through this lie without even having to do extensive research to disprove it. Did he forget about his avi? Did he think it was too small to be able to tell? We don't know what was going through his head when he tried to push this lie, but we know that any chance he had with this person is now over. People who lie about such small things will lie about everything. That means a relationship would be based on so many lies.

13 Caught sleeping, huh

Via: grabberwocky.com

People try to lie on their social media all the time. This person wanted everyone to believe that they had a boyfriend who took photos of them sleeping, but we can see the truth in the mirror. This photo was posed to the extreme. And there is no boyfriend at all. Why do people lie about dating someone or being in a relationship? Maybe all of their friends are in relationships, and they don't want to be left out. Maybe they think being in a relationship gives them validation as humans and so they lie to validate themselves on social media. But this person didn't really try to make their lie believable. We can see the truth right behind them, and their lie is thrown out of the water with the reflection. Embrace singleness. There's nothing wrong with being single.

12 Don't lie about fast food

Via: ebaumsworld.com

Zach tried to get attention on Twitter by posting a fake screenshot of a conversation with Taco Bell about a delivery service. He wanted a bunch of retweets. But Taco Bell saw it and called him out on it. The DM in the photo is totally fake and Zach was caught lying. But did Zach really think that Taco Bell wouldn't notice? His lie could have repercussions on their business when people start expecting them to deliver and that's not a service that they offer or even plan to offer. Zach just wanted attention. But he got the attention one gets when they're liars.  We can't trust what he says at all because he has a tendency to lie about things. And this was a blatant lie that did not even need to happen. Taco Bell is totally on it when it comes to their social media.

11 Even celebrities tell lies

Via: thechive.com

Bow Wow has an image to maintain. People expect celebrities to have private planes, so he decided to post a fake photo and claim that he was going on his private jet. But someone saw him on their flight and snapped a photo of it for evidence. Oops. Maybe it's not a good idea to lie on social media when it's so easy to get caught these days. Some people won't really care that he exaggerated about his travel accommodations, and it's rather trivial. But that he even bothered to lie about this is ridiculous. He could have posted anything else that wouldn't have been a lie. There had to be so many other options for his social media post that would not have involved lying. He could have posted a photo of him before he left for the airport and used that same caption, but nooooo. Bow Wow decided to lie instead.

10 Touched-up selfie

Via: cheezburger.com

Let's see what's going on here. This girl has used a filter to smooth out her complexion and enhanced her makeup. But that's not all! She added in a fake barrette and necklace, as well as some golden wisps at the bottom of the photo. Her friend noticed that the necklace was fake and said so. But she didn't deny it once she was caught. She did all of this to make herself look prettier. That's why most of us touch up our photos, too. Perhaps she did go a little overboard with it, though. There isn't one thing in her selfie that is not touched up. Does she do this to all of her photos? That seems like a lot of work when everyone can tell that it's been faked. A good touch up is not this obvious. Sure, it can take some practice to get really good at touching up photos, but it can be worth it if you want to project a better image of yourself online that may or may not be rooted in the truth.

9 Sure, she knows Ashton (yeah, right)

Via: smosh.com

This girl claims that Ashton Kutcher called HER. Yes, that's right. A famous movie star took time out of his day to call someone who is not in his immediate circle and likely has never met. That is so believable. NOT! Her friends might have fallen for it, but we know better. Ashton might be a cool guy and we adore Mila Kunis. But that doesn't mean they just randomly dial fans' phone numbers to talk to them. What this girl did was either change someone's name in her contacts to "Ashton Kutcher" so that it looked as if he were indeed dialing her number. The lie kept getting bigger and bigger as she told her friends that she also spoke to Mila and exchanged numbers with her as well. How long did this lie go on before her friends realized that it was totally fake? That would be interesting to find out.

8 That fake pile of money

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This person wanted everyone to think that they had piles of money in their room. But they used a photo from Google search that was so easy to find that the person commenting under their status was able to post a screenshot of where the image had been stolen. People forget about reverse image search and this photo of cash on the floor is all over the internet.

Oops. Guess that means we know the truth now, and so do all their friends. This person lies about having thousands of dollars in cash and expects their friends to just accept it at face value. And another thing: If you do have that much money, it's not wise to post photos of it online. Robbers scour social media to find people to target, so don't make it easier for them. It's also really rude to brag like that. Lock that cash up somewhere safe instead of leaving it all over the floor.

7 Not really an artist

Via: reddit.com

People want to be talented at something, so they might lie about what they can do. This person decided to lie about their sketching skills and found a photo online. They posted this sketch and claimed that it was something that they had done. At first, this person's friends fell for it until another friend did a reverse image search and tracked down the photo to the original artist. The lie had been uncovered. And it's really bad to steal from an artist and claim that you did the work. Now that this person was quickly caught, would they try to do another lie like this one in the future? People will lie even when they know they'll be caught, especially when they constantly get away with blatant lies. But we know that it's not cool to lie. And this was a totally unnecessary lie.

6 Stolen identity

Via: ebaumsworld.com

Way to be super creepy, dude. He stole a photo of a girl and claimed that she was his dead ex-girlfriend because he wanted attention and sympathy. And she found out about it one day and was freaked out by the whole thing. Of course, the situation is indeed quite creepy. It gets really personal because he would steal her photos and make up lies about her. What's his game? Was he using this story to try to get girls? Or money? If he doesn't have an end game, then why bother lying? Oh, it can get confusing really fast. In the meantime, the girl whose photos he steals feels a little unsafe thanks to him. And he keeps committing these lies over and over to try to get whatever he is trying to gain. Maybe he will learn not to lie about something so serious, or maybe not. Liars always gotta lie.

5 Gorgeous guy in blue hoodie

Via: reddit.com

This person stole a photo of a gorgeous guy in a blue hoodie and wanted people to add him on social media. Basically, this was a cat fishing scheme that failed from the get-go because the photo was easy enough to reverse search online. And it sounds like people have been using this guy's photo for all sorts of things, whether other fake accounts or just to post online as an example of a gorgeous guy. Cat fishing people can be really cruel because the people who fall for it think they are finding love, only to later learn that the whole thing was fake. Then their hearts are broken even more, and their trust is shattered. And we're also curious about who this gorgeous really is. He has mastered the art of the selfie and knows what colors look good on him.

4 Vegan or closet carnivore

Via: boredpanda.com

The vegan lifestyle is not an easy one to maintain. Vegans don't consume or use anything that has come from an animal, so that means even eggs and honey are off limits as well. Vegetarians will avoid some or all forms of animal protein. This person wanted people to think that they had committed to a vegan lifestyle out of some personal moral and ethical obligation, only for another friend to reveal that this person actually LOVES to eat meat. This person even mixed chicken and beef into one dish from Chipotle earlier that day. Ooops. Maybe it's not a good idea to lie on social media when friends can reveal the truth. Lying to get brownie points for being a better person still just makes the liar a not-so-good person.

3 Impossibly tiny waist

Via: reddit.com

What happens when an already gorgeous girl decides that she needs to Photoshop her pictures to oblivion? We get photos like this one. She wanted her waist to be even smaller and made it so small that there is no way it could hold her upper body or that he even tinier legs wouldn't buckle from the weight of her chest. It looks like she used some light to cover some of her waist to make it seem much smaller. This is a little better than some of the other Photoshopped photos that we have seen, but it's still obvious enough that we don't think she tried hard enough to hide the truth from us. She is already quite pretty and probably still looks great, even without using a photo editing program to trim down her waist and legs.

2 Snowboarding that never happened

Via: thesun.co.uk

Once again, someone wanted to pull the wool over their friends' eyes and claimed that they could do something cool. Snowboarding requires some skill, in addition to athleticism, and he wanted his friends to think that he could do snowboarding stunts like the professionals. But the truth was quickly revealed when his friend recognized the photo from Google search. Even worse, the photo was the first one in a Google search for "snowboarding," so it's like he didn't even try when it comes to this lie. Lying when it's totally unnecessary to lie or lying about such mundane things just makes the people who do it look ridiculous. And now we know that he definitely does not know how to snowboard, especially at that skill level.

1 Cotton stuffing everywhere

Via: dailymail.co.uk

Whoa, someone wanted to blame their dog for something that the dog did not do. But another person realized that no dog is going to use the zipper to get to the stuffing. Dogs would just tear the pillow to shreds. So, what was the purpose in lying about the dog? Why take the stuffing out of the pillow to blame the innocent dog? It makes no sense. But sometimes people stage photos to get attention, and that might have been the case for this photo. The person who tried to frame the dog for this cushion crime left a tell-tale sign that it was a human who committed the crime: the zipper. The dog should probably sue for defamation at this point. The innocent dog should not get in trouble for something that the human did.

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