Alright! 10 Linda Belcher Quotes All Moms Can Relate To

Whenever a fan of the animated series Bob’s Burgers hears the word “alright,” they don’t just hear it, they imagine Linda Belcher saying it with enthusiasm. She is an incredibly cheerful person, and Linda is also a great and relatable mother.

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Linda is an excellent example of what a good mom is. She may not be perfect, but she loves her children, and it is clear that she would do anything for them, which includes getting involved in some of their questionable plans once in a while. There are a lot of times when real moms can relate to her.

10 "No Boys, No Parties, No Summoning Spirits,"

"Or Switching Bodies. And No Filling The House With Soap Bubbles"

Having children is amazing, but parenting is hardly ever easy. After all, kids can do some very unexpected things. Even though the characters in this series are fictional, the youngest ones still get themselves into a lot of trouble, which is why Linda has to say this line to them in the second season of the show.

At this point in the series, she and Bob are leaving Gene and Louise in Tina’s care. After they leave, the children get into a bit of trouble since Tina has been hanging out with a new friend who is a bad influence.

9 “Love It! Love The Confidence!”

Every parent knows that it is important to boost their child’s confidence, and that is something Linda does on numerous occasions. A great example is a conversation that takes place between her and her oldest daughter, Tina, in the fourteenth episode of the sixth season, which is titled “The Hormone-iums.”

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During this point in the show, Linda walks past Tina’s bedroom and reminds her that it is time to get up and get ready for school. Tina informs her that school should get ready for her, and Linda says she loves Tina’s confidence. Both Tina and Linda are rather inspiring.

8 “Alright! Freaky Friend Fiction!”

Everyone has hobbies, especially children. Moreover, moms know it is important to encourage their children to things that interest them and expand their intellectual skills.

That is exactly what Linda Belcher does when it comes to one of Tina’s biggest hobbies, which is writing interesting fictional stories about her friends. Linda says this line to Tina when she learns that one of Tina’s peers has been treating her badly and plans to read her stories to everyone at school. This scene is one of many in the series that shows just how much Linda loves each one of her children.

7 “Don’t You Tell Me Not To Have A Crap Attack!”

"I’ll Have A Crap Attack Anytime I Want!"

Every woman who has raised children knows how hard it can be sometimes, especially when they are slightly moody teenagers. Even fictional mothers like Linda have to deal with difficult times like this one.

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During this point in the series, Tina has been acting very different than usual due to the amount of time she has been spending around the new girl at school. She even gets in trouble at school and she basically tells her mother not to make such a big deal over it because she doesn’t think it is serious, which causes Linda to say this line.

6 “Forecast Calls For Fabulous!”

Sometimes moms just want to make sure their kids have plenty of friends, and Linda Belcher is no different. She is a social person, so it seems odd to her when Louise appears uninterested in having friends. In the fourth season of the show, Linda surprises Louise by inviting some of her classmates over. Linda tries to ensure Louise and the girls have fun by having a fashion show, which Louise doesn’t enjoy.

Each of the participants comes up with a creative outfit. One of the children puts on a raincoat with sunglasses, which prompts Linda to say this quote.

5 “Tina, Dance With Mommy.”

Every mom enjoys doing fun things with her children. This is especially true when it comes to Linda Belcher, and this is part of what makes her so relatable.

This episode is called “Mother’s Day,” and it is the nineteenth episode of the eighth season of Bob’s Burgers. The story centers around what the family plans to do for Linda on Mother’s Day. Apparently, she enjoys going to certain events just so she can have some of the free food. The kids seem to like it as well. At one point, Linda tries to get Tina to dance with her.

4 “Nonsense or MOM-Sense?”

There are some things that only moms seem to be able to understand, and Linda knows that. This is proven when she and Bob are talking about how their youngest child is not a social butterfly.

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Bob tells her that Louise isn’t really the type of kid that wants a lot of friends. She prefers to fly solo. But Linda knows that she needs to make friends and suggests that she try to do it even if she isn’t excited about it right away. Bob tells her that what she said is nonsense, and she responds with this classic line.

3 “I’m The Alpha Turkey.”

Parenting can get a little overwhelming, and sometimes it can be good for moms to remind themselves that they are the ones in charge. So, this line is probably something a lot of moms can relate to.

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However, the reason Linda said it is a little bit different. Things get a little out of hand with a group of turkeys in the episode that is called “Dawn of the Peck,” and Linda decides to do whatever she can to try to get the situation under control. Once things have calmed down a bit, she informs the turkeys that she is the one in charge.

2 “Okay Tina, Time To Put On Your Straitjacket.”

"All This White, It’s Like Your Wedding Day. Oh, I’m Tearing Up."

Many mothers get emotional when they think about their little ones growing up. Linda does the same thing, and honestly, this just makes her an even better character in the series. Linda says this line in the tenth episode of season four, which is called “Presto-Tina-0.” At this point in the show, Tina becomes a magician’s assistant, which is why she has to wear a straitjacket.

The jacket makes Linda think about Tina’s future wedding day, and she realizes how quickly her oldest child is growing up. This thought brings tears to her eyes, as it would for any mother.

1 “I Should Write A Parenting Book.”

"I’d Call It 'Hey You, I Saw That! Put It Back!'"

When parents start to feel confident in their child-rearing abilities, they tend to offer others advice. Since Linda has had three children, she is comfortable in her role as a mother and she jokes about writing a book about raising kids.

Linda says this quote during the episode called “The Kids Run Away.” The plot centers around the fact that Louise has to make a trip to the dentist, which she dreads. So, she runs away to her aunt’s house and Bob and Linda send Tina and Gene to try to get her to come home, which she eventually does.

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