Lion Arrested, Sent To Jail In South Africa After Escaping From Zoo

Lion Arrested, Sent To Jail In South Africa After Escaping From Zoo

A young lion was arrested in South Africa and sent to jail for escaping from a local wildlife park.

Kids these days. They’ve got no respect for authority. Case in point, a young male lion who was arrested in South Africa last week after escaping his legally-defined living area, the Karoo National Park.

This young lion had been on the lam for weeks, with South African National Park officials saying it was close to a month. If it hadn’t been for some resourceful locals giving tips to the local constabulary, he might still be evading the law. As it is, he was successfully apprehended last week, but not before spending a night in a jail cell to help him sober up.

To be clear, the lion was not on drugs. He was shot with a tranquilizer dart after a Park Services helicopter spotted him in the mountains near the Northern Cape town of Sutherlands, 75 miles from Karoo National Park.

Once darted, the lion fell into a deep sleep that allowed wildlife officials to gather him up. Unfortunately for the lion, officers didn’t have a crate of the size necessary to transport the drugged-out kitty, so he had to spend a night in the brig where people could take selfies with his unconscious body.


In a media release, Karoo National Park Manager Nico van der Walt said that the lion “looks very healthy and is currently in transit back to the Karoo National Park.” He went on to explain that the lion’s capture was only possible with the help of farming communities in the Northern and Western Capes, who notified the Park of the lion’s droppings.

Once park staff had gotten the lion’s scent, it was only a matter of time. A helicopter was called in for aerial reconnaissance, and an experienced wildlife shooter pulled the trigger on the tranq rifle.

“Thankfully, Sutherland SAPS provided a holding cell for the lion until the arrival of a crate from the Addo Elephant National Park this morning,” van der Walt said.

The lion was returned to the park last Thursday, where hopefully his night in jail has convinced him not to break the law again in the future.


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