Nintendo Switch Owners Can Get The Lion King & Aladdin Remasters As Retro Cartridges

The Lion King and Aladdin remasters are released across all platforms this week, but Nintendo Switch owners might want to hold off on buying their copies.

Remaster and remake fever is in full swing not just in the movie world, but also in the video game realm. Perhaps even more so, in fact. Next year, the remade version of Final Fantasy VII will be released across all major consoles. In recent years, remasters versions of Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon have taken the gaming charts by storm.

With every remaster announced, our excitement has grown. With the games released this week, however, the fad may have reached its peak. Remastered versions of Disney classics The Lion King and Aladdin. Whether you played them on the SNES or the Sega Genesis, if you had one of those consoles during the first half of the 1990s, chances are you have fond memories of these games.

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Both were released as part of a double pack earlier this week on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Everything about the games is as it was, other than the fact they have been dragged into 2019 so they look better on our HD TVs. The only thing that has really changed is the packaging. However, if you prefer your games as cartridges like the good old days, we have some good news.

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The games' developers Nighthawk Interactive have teamed up with iam8bit to complete the retro feel, reports The Verge. They've done that by popping the tiny Switch cartridges for the games into replica SNES and Genesis cartridges. The packaging is also a lot more like that of the original games from 25 years ago. They'll cost you more than the regular game, but that only seems fair considering the extra work.

Retro editions of the games cost $49.99, while the Legacy Cartridges will retail at $99.99. Now for the bad news. If you haven't already caved and bought the games and would prefer the full retro experience, you're going to have to wait. The cartridges are available for preorder now, but the regular ones won't ship until December 10, 2019, and the Legacy versions won't ship until early 2020. Plus, this offer is only available for Switch.

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