Which Lion King Character Are You Based on Your MBTI?

Everyone is excited about the new Lion King movie, especially after the release of the trailer. The newly reimagined animation will provide a fresh beginning for the story, as Mufasa sacrifices his life for his son and Simba comes back to take down scar. It is a touching story, but let's not forget the beauty of the original.

Did you know there is an original Lion King character who matches your MBTI? They convey similar personality traits which match your own throughout the first movie. Their silly antics and life choices identified their key features, placing them in a specific MBTI category. Keep reading to find out which Lion King character matches your MBTI!


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Ed and an INFP are a perfect match as his constant laughter speaks of his passion and energy. He is always excited, even when there may be nothing to actually be excited about.

He works as hard as any INFP to prove his worth to his leader, Scar, as his sense of purpose drives him to succeed. His maniacal laughter may be impractical at times, as are some of an INFP's actions, but he can't help who he is even if it may be considered slightly annoying.


Mufasa has all of the attributes of an INFJ, as he proves his loyalty to his son up until his traumatic death. He jumped down to save Simba from the wildebeest, despite knowing he would probably die from the attempt.

Any INFJ would have done the same thing, as they support their friends and family in desperate times of need. Mufasa was a reliable leader who provided for his people no matter the cost like the INFJ he truly is.


INTJs relate to Rafiki as he uses his open-minded nature to his advantage. He connects with the spirits, using his powers to strategically guide Simba in the right direction. He is determined in his efforts, constantly using his staff to knock some sense into Simba as he journeys his way to adulthood.

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INTJs enjoy this side of him, as they struggle to convey their emotions in a positive way. INTJs tend to be private individuals like Rafiki, who remained hidden until he wanted to be found.


ENTPs can find common ground with Scar as their charismatic nature gives them power. Scar understood how words could be applied to influence the minds of others, using them to rule the hyenas and eventually, the entire pride.

He thought as quickly as any ENTP when he was questioned about Mufasa's tragic death, claiming it was an accidental fall as he attempted to save his son. He did not tolerate any different ideas and took criticism of his methods personally, as any true ENTP would.


Simba is the definition of an ENFP as his highly emotional nature led him to run away from the pride. Simba was always a curious cat, willing to try and explore new things with Timon and Pumba.

ENFPs can become easily stressed and Simba was no different, lashing out when Nala came to ask him to come back. He enjoyed his independence in the jungle, not wanting to go back to a world of politics and famine, as any ENFP would refuse.


Timon lives for the spotlight as much as any ESFP. He is original, with his songs and the way he lives his life. He managed to befriend a lion despite the possibility he might eat him.

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His people skills are as good as any ESFPs, and his ability to entertain a crowd is even better. His act for the hyenas with Pumba was nothing short of perfection, as he donned a hula skirt and distracted them with his silly antics as Simba requested.


The ISTJ personality is abundant, like the wildebeest population in the movie. The wildebeest were insensitive, as they failed to notice Simba running for his life and as they brutally killed Mufasa. They had a predilection for duty like any ISTJ, so they chose running from the scary hyenas over caring about Simba and Mufasa's well-being.

Their actions were textbook wildebeest as their flight plan sent them running for the hills, which any ISTJ would understand. They can be calm at times, munching on the grass to fill their empty tummies, but occasionally their other nature gets the best of them.


Zazu is like any ESTJ as he attempted to form order amidst complete chaos. He always knew what was going on within Mufasa's kingdom and attempted to provide Simba with advice after his father's passing.

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He was as dedicated as any ESTJ would be to the pride, staying true to the pride even when he was trapped. Zazu was always honest, sharing his feelings whether they wanted to be heard or not. ESTJs are uncomfortable with awkward or new situations, and Zazu was no different when he was imprisoned by the hyenas.


Nala wanted to solve the pride's problems like a true INFJ. She traveled miles to find Simba, knowing in her heart he was capable of freeing the pride from Scar's grasp. She overreacted like any INFJ would when Simba refused to come back with her, asking her instead to remain with him.

She could not abandon her pride and decided if Simba would not help she would have to do it herself. INFJs feel their purpose may be one thing, only to find out its something else, like Nala did when Simba refused to follow her.


ISFPs relate to Pumba because of his sensitive nature. He is not afraid to cry and is unafraid of adventure, as he pushes Timon to follow Simba with him. He is passionate about following Hakuna Matata but is open to imagining a world away from the jungle. ISFPs are likable, similar to Pumba, as he wins the hearts of everyone he meets.

He is curious about what else the world might have to offer for a pig like him, and ISFPs relate to this as they too wonder what else the universe might have in store.

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