The Lion King' Remake Is Cutting Scar's 'Be Prepared' Song

When the Disney animated flick The Lion King hit the silver screen in 1994, families fell in love with Simba and the challenges the furry quadruped faced from his embryonic days as a cub to a fierce defender of his turf. But a more cult-like contingent was partial to Scar, played by Jeremy Irons. His voice and cadence was so menacing he could freeze a burning channel into an icicle, especially when he sang "Be Prepared."

But fans of the song will be disappointed that it won't be picked up in the live-action and CGI remake of The Lion King, slated to hit theaters July 19, 2019, 25 years after the original debuted.

In fact, pop star Elton John and musical lyricist Tim Rice, who scored the catalog of tunes for the 1994 version, have decided that only four songs from the original will make the cut in the new adaptation. They've opted for the more memorable "Circle of Life," "Hakuna Matata," "I Just Can’t Wait To Be King," and "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?" most of which wound up as hits on contemporary radio.


The duo are also looking forward to scoring a piece for singing superstar Beyonce, who was added to the cast in November. She'll be joining a star-studded lineup that includes Seth Rogan, James Earl Jones, and Alfre Woodard. Donald Glover, best known for his work in the FX series Atlanta, will play Simba. Jon Favreau, who helmed the first two Iron Man action movies, will direct the outing.

Scar devotees will also be disappointed that Irons isn't back to reprise his role as their favorite feline villain. That role's going to Chiwetel Ljiofor, who played the lead in the Oscar-winning film 12 Years A Slave.

Hopes are high that the remake will do at least as well as the 1994 version, with a production budget of $45 million and has grossed nearly a billion dollars worldwide since its rollout. The Lion King was nominated for four Oscars, winning two (Hanz Zimmer for original score and "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?" for original song). The movie also landed three Golden Globe awards, as well as three Grammys.


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