10 Lions Who Still Believe "If I Fits, I Sits"

Nothing is stopping these lions from getting comfortable in weird places. Wheelbarrow? No problem! Another lion? Why not! If they fits, they sits.

Domesticated house cats are notorious online for living by the rule of “If I fits, I sits” and lying down in some truly weird places. From the bathroom sink to a cardboard box, regular cats have a knack for making themselves comfortable in any kind of situation. This knack of hanging out in bizarre locations also extends to big cats, such as lions or tigers. As seen below, the kings of the jungle in particular dearly love to perch in trees or make themselves cozy by hopping into a wheelbarrow at the zoo.

These felines have a gift. Most humans toss and turn at night if the covers on their bed are too heavy or if the air conditioner is set too low in the summer. There is no way that our species could ever contort and relax in the same kind of weird positions that our furry feline friends find themselves in. Forget the motto of Hakuna Matata from Disney’s The Lion King, these lions have taken the motto of “If I fits, I sits” and they are now masters of fitting themselves into bizarre locations and settling down to relax the day away, as befits a ruler.

10 Simba Has Claimed This Wheelbarrow

Via: Cuteness

Domesticated house cats love to sit in some really weird places. But this lion proves that whether felines are large or small, they all adore perching in spots that leave humans scratching their heads and wondering how on Earth that can be comfortable.

It’s too bad the “If I fits, I sits” cat meme went viral after Disney came out with the animated The Lion King film, otherwise they could’ve had a scene where a young Simba stumbles across a wheelbarrow and decides to claim it as his throne.

9 Every Cat Needs A Toy

Via: Slate

Our domesticated pets aren’t the only ones that benefit from the enrichment that comes from playing with toys; it is also really good for animals that live in zoos.

Judging by the tattered state of the box, it looks like this king of the jungle had a little too much fun ripping the cardboard to smithereens and using it as a nice mat. Guess he was tired of lying down on the dirt and grass so he decided to make a bed for himself so his fur wouldn’t get all muddy!

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8 I Have Claimed This Barrel

Via: Pinterest

It doesn’t matter whether it is a lion or a house cat, every feline loves claiming items as their own and will proudly use them as their new place to relax. House cats have garnered plenty of laughs on the internet by squishing themselves into a sink or a plastic container. This big guy decided to one-up his domesticated brethren by using a barrel as a place to relax and hang out. He must have some core strength in order to keep his balance!

7 Kitty Is Now A Chair

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This photo is a riot because the lion looks so disgruntled and must be thinking to himself “If I ignore my buddy, maybe she’ll get off of me and stop using me as a makeshift chair.” Sorry pal, but it does not seem as if the lioness is in a hurry to stop using you as a sofa and she’ll probably be sitting there for a while. Maybe she can give him the name of a good masseuse, he’s going to need it after this stunt.

6 Nala Says Trees Are Oh So Comfortable

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We're thinking like any other ‘90s kid looking back at the days of watching The Lion King on an endless loop. It would have been cute if Disney had included a scene where Mufasa and the rest of his pride were lounging around in a tree. Jokes aside, it’s hilarious that these cubs made the half-hearted attempt to climb the tree and then got lazy, so they thought to themselves “Eh, we’re here already, let’s just hang out until mom and dad bring home dinner.”

5 Big Cats Love To Use Humans As Pillows Too

Via: Imgur

Holy cow, this photo is seriously one of the cutest things to ever grace the internet. It is too adorable for words to describe. This adorable little cub was probably thinking, “Okay, I had a rough day of exploring my new digs at the zoo, now it is time for me to nap on my two-legged human friend.” This zoo volunteer must have been over the moon when her new furry pals decided to mimic their domesticated cousins and snuggle up with her.

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4 Catching The Breeze

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Cats really can be comfortable in bizarre poses. Did this lion take up yoga or something? Because it is mind-boggling to humans as to how sitting in a branch with his stomach dangling in the breeze is comfortable in any way. This big guy is obviously having the time of his life. Perhaps he manages to sit in such an awkward position because it gives him a better vantage point to look for dinner.

3 The Queen Of The Jungle Says This Doorway Is Mine

Via: Imgur

That poor tiger looks so annoyed at having to squeeze past their lioness best friend. He's probably thinking to himself “Why does Nala insist on hogging up the best spot for relaxing? Can’t she just curl up into a ball and snooze the day away like a normal feline?” Sorry Shere Khan, but this lioness is the queen of the house and if she wants to sit smack dab in the middle of the doorway, then she’s going to do so.

2 Momma Lion Teachers Her Cubs How To Sit In Weird Places

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The mother lioness looks like she’s yelling at the photographer not to judge either her or her children’s weird choices in finding a place to sit. “What, you didn’t think that we lions abide by the 'If I fits, I sits' rule? We may not be cool with living inside the houses of humans, but gosh darn it, we’re still felines and we still enjoy hanging out in weird places. Good day, sir!” No matter how big or small, it is so funny how all felines have the same instincts to hang out in the exact same places.

1 Hey Ma, I Found A Comfortable Human Chair

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If this little gal could talk, she’d be yelling to the rest of the pride about how nice it is to sit in the lap of the zoo’s volunteer. She must be roaring a message along the lines of “Seriously, this is super comfortable, come and try it! I had no idea that humans make such good resting spots!"

Sources: Imgur, Pinterest, Cuteness, Slate

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