Lions In South Africa Ate A Suspected Poacher

The remains of a suspected poacher have been found in South Africa after the man was caught, mauled, and eaten by lions.

Hunting, poaching, and killing wild animals is unfortunately something that is part of the world we live in. Some species of animal are being hunted to the point of extinction in certain parts of the world, and unfortunately in some cases we are already passed that point. Big cats, such as lions and tigers, are poached in both Asia and Africa.

One of the main reasons these big cats are so sought after in these parts of the world is for medical reasons. In Southeast Asia, tigers are hunted for their bones which are used in medicine. When tiger bones are hard to find, the equivalent bone from a lion is used in their place.

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The key difference between hunting and poaching is that the former is legal and the latter is not. As reported by BBC, a suspected big cat poacher was recently found dead in South Africa. The big cats he had likely been trying to kill, got to him before he got to them. The lions in question, mauled and ate the suspected poacher leaving behind only his head.

The incident took place near the Kruger National Park in South Africa. The remains of the man's body were found alongside a loaded rifle, as well as some ammunition. While his head was the only part of his body left at the scene of the incident, other parts of his body have since been found nearby. This comes a little over a year after three lions were found with their heads and paws cut off in the same area.

If the acts of poachers continue at the rate they are occurring now, then more and more species of animals will be wiped off the face of the earth. Perhaps incidents like this one near Kruger National Park, will make other men and women suspected of poaching think twice before they head out to shoot and kill big cats.

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