Little Boy Explains What's 'Wrong' With Marriage In Adorable Video

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When I was a little girl, my main goal in life was to one day get married. My imaginary groom looked like whichever young male star had my attention at the time. Other little girls I knew had made wedding planning books and cut out photos of wedding dresses and cakes for that one fine day when they would walk down the aisle. I don’t remember when I decided that marriage would no longer be my prime goal in life (probably when I was a teenager), but not everyone decides to marry. Marriage can be the most wonderful, and the most terrible, thing in the world. Now that I’m much older (don’t DARE ask), I am happy to be unequivocally single and living with my cats (yes, really).

This little boy doesn’t want to get married either. His dad, or perhaps some other adult, questions him about his thoughts on marriage. While scarfing down what looks to be a delicious slice of pizza, the little boy proceeds to explain his reasons for not wanting to do that marriage thing the adults always talk about. I mean, yuck!

5 Marriage is scary.

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Think about it: someone doesn’t put the toilet seat down or leaves their hair all over the sink. The love of your life does gross human things like fart and burp. You might find out that the person you married is not who you thought they were, or it could end up in divorce later on.

4 Kissing involves spit.

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The kid is right. If you think too much about what’s really involved with kissing, it can be rather disgusting. Granted, majority of us get over the potential gross factor and happily lock lips with people when we can. But yeah, all of that swapping spit is enough to reconsider marriage (or dating, for that matter).

3 What he doesn’t know….

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When asked if he still wants to be a dad someday, the little boy thinks about it. He, of course, doesn’t know what becoming a dad involves or how it happens. From the expression on his face, you can tell that he knows he’s missing a key detail based on the adult’s question, but isn’t sure what it might be.

2 He already has a mom.

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Why would there need to be a mom in this scenario when he already has a mom? The word “mom” only has one meaning to him at this point, and it isn’t referring to the mother of his future children. Nope. “Mom” means that lady who tells him to clean up his room or take a bath before bedtime.

1 But he does want to have kids.

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Kids are great. Just as much as he doesn’t want a wife or a mom, the little boy does want to be a dad someday and have his own children.

He makes a really good argument for choosing not to marry. Relationships take work and involve plenty of compromise. And kissing! Marriage has kissing. That might be his best argument of all.

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