Little Dog Photobombs All These Google Street View Cameras

In Kumage, Japan, a little orange dog followed a Google street car, and he was featured in all the Google Street View photos for that area that day.

While some headlines read that the pup “ruined” the pictures, we would argue that he actually made them even better. It would be a pleasant surprise to select street view and see an excited dog running after a car.

Dogs don’t have the best focusing abilities, and their attention spans can be quite short. Especially if there’s a lot of stimuli, your pup can dart from one object to another during walks. While it can be good for them to explore, it’s important to keep an eye on them to make sure they’re not getting into anything dangerous. It’s not typically okay to let your dog chase after a car, but this pup was without supervision from what it appears.

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The dog was waiting by the side of the road when the Google Street View Car drove past. The first photo shows the pup super excited when he spots the car, and you know he’s about to chase it. The succeeding photos of the street show the dog running behind the car, likely hoping to catch it and claim glory. While he chased the car until it reached the end of the road, it’s not known what happened after he was able to catch what he perceives to be a metal squirrel on wheels.

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This incident was cute and a blessing, but it’s usually preferable that the photos the street view cars capture are unobstructed. This is especially true if you’re trying to get a sense of where you’re supposed to be because it can be annoying to go to Google Maps only to find out that something obstructs what you wanted to see in the photo. However, even if a whole squad of excited puppies are covering the street signs, it can be hard to find someone who would be mad at that.

Via: Pixabay, 825545

Of the thousands of photos taken for Google’s Street View feature, these ones from Japan are probably the best of the selection. Not only are they informative, but they also feature an adorable, excited dog who is just as keen to explore the world as we are.

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