This Little Girl Bought A Bunch Of Toys Just To Donate Them On Black Friday

A little girl named Rylee Hebert from Nashua, New Hampshire, went to the Pheasant Lane Mall during Black Friday, in order to make a very meaningful shopping trip. The second-grader realized that there were some kids around the country that don’t experience the holiday season the same way that she does, with a loud Thanksgiving and a big Christmas.

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And that’s exactly why this second grader decided to start making a bunch of bracelets, that she then sold to her family, her friends and her classmates. The 8-year-old even set up a special table during the summer at Salisbury Beach to raise money for charity, and around Black Friday, she finally made enough to completely fill up a piggy bank. A total of $265 to be exact.

So when Black Friday rolled around, she had to spend all of that money on other people and their kids. She had been searching everywhere in order to find and buy the perfect toys that she would then give away to the kids in need. And when people asked her whether she would find it difficult to give out all of those new toys, she said wouldn’t, simply because she had enough of her own, and the new ones were for kids that don’t have a lot of them.

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Rylee also made her parents very proud of her, because she managed to come up with the entire idea, from making the bracelets, to buying and then donating the toys for kids in need, all by herself. She got all of the toys she planned on donating from the mall on Black Friday and packed them up in her parents’ SUV. Rylee then dropped all of the toys into the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation box located at Romano’s Pizzeria, in Haverhill, who then send them to less fortunate kids that live in the same community.

She says that helping other people is something that makes her very happy, and she is still going to be selling all of the bracelets, at the price of $1 per bracelet, so that she can make another big shopping trip and get some more toys, before the Toys for Tots deadline for donation.

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