20 Little Known Facts About Leighton Meester And Adam Brody's Relationship

Leighton Meester will always be a TV and fashion icon, because she brought so much sass and style to the role of Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl. Adam Brody rose to fame playing Seth Cohen on another juicy prime time soap. The O.C., which was also was aimed at the youth market.

Both actors are still doing well in showbiz, but may never be as famous as they were while they were dazzling audiences in Gossip Girl and The O.C.

When Leighton and Adam got together, they became a perfect couple, right out of central casting. Both were attractive, young and popular.

This couple is very private. Anyone who is curious about their relationship should check out this list. It's filled with fun facts that a lot of people don't know.

20 They Got Engaged In 2013

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Adam and Leighton have been together for years. They are married now and they got engaged back in 2013, according to Usmagazine.com. They secretly wed the day after Valentine's Day in 2014. Their daughter. Arlo, was born in August of 2015.

Adam and Leighton still seem very happy. They aren't the kind of couple whose marriage troubles make the tabloids.

19 They Met While Filming “The Oranges”

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Co-stars often get together and Adam and Leighton were no exception. They met on the set of the film, "The Oranges", which also starred Catherine Keener and Hugh Laurie, according to Imdb.com.

In "The Oranges", Leighton's character got romantically involved with Hugh Laurie's much-older character. Leighton also appeared as a love interest of Dr. House (Hugh Laurie) on "House".

18 They Are Proud Parents

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This low-key couple are into being parents, but they're not into showing their child off in the media. Usually, pics of their daughter come from the paparazzi, according to Dailymail.co.uk.

This isn't the type of couple who are going to show off their child in an exclusive magazine photo shoot. They are proud parents, but prefer to keep their child out of the spotlight.

17 Adam Is Older Than Leighton

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Many people don't realize that Adam Brody is five years older than Leighton Meester. He is currently 39, according to En.wikipedia.org, and Leighton is currently 33. Adam will turn 40 on the 15th of December of this year (2019). Leighton celebrates her birthday in April.

It's hard to believe that Seth Cohen is going to turn 40 soon, but it's true.

16 They Aren’t Close With Blake Lively

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Adam and Leighton aren't enjoying cozy double dates with Blake Lively and her handsome hubby, Ryan Reynolds. The two couples don't exactly hang out.

There has always been chatter about Leighton and Blake's lack of friendship on the set of Gossip Girl. Leighton doesn't follow Blake on social media, and vice versa, according to Distractify.com.

15 Leighton Used To Date Sebastian Stan

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Before she got together with Adam Brody, Leighton dated a Gossip Girl co-star, Sebastian Stan, who is now a Marvel movie star. Sebastian was born in Romania and he played the role of Carter Baizen on Gossip Girl from 2007 to 2010.

Leighton called her ex, Sebastian "a joker" after they broke up, according to Usmagazine.com.

14 Adam Used To Date Rachel Bilson

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Adam seems to have a type. Before he dated Leighton, he was with another lovely brunette, Rachel Bilson. Rachel went on to have a child with Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith actor, Hayden Christensen, but she and Hayden aren't together anymore.

Adam and Rachel broke up in 2006, according to People.com.

13 Leighton May Do A Gossip Girl Reboot

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Leighton isn't opposed to the idea of doing a Gossip Girl reboot, according to Cosmopolitan.com, but she says that no one has actually asked her to do the reboot.

The Gossip Girl reboot is officially in the works, according to Imdb.com, but the cast list hasn't been posted yet, so we'll all need to wait and see if Leighton reprises the role of Blair Waldorf.

12 Adam’s Not Into Doing A Reboot Of The O.C.

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Adam has moved on and he's not so stoked about the idea of appearing as Seth Cohen in a reboot of The O.C.

In September of 2019, Distractify.com reported that a reboot of The O.C. is a possibility. Some people think it'll get the spot that the under-performing Beverly Hills 90210 reboot had.

11 Leighton Is More Private Than Adam

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According to Adam himself, Leighton is more private than he is, so she may be the main reason why this couple is mostly under the radar. That's the way she wants it.

Adam says he is very open with strangers because he enjoys chatting, but he's not courting press, according to Celebrityinsider.com.

10 Leighton Considers Adam A Soulmate

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Marriage seems to be working out so well for Leighton and her hubby, Adam. She considers her husband her soulmate and she looked so happy in pictures from 2013, where she was captured wearing her diamond engagement ring for the first time.

Her ring has a four karat diamond and a pretty, rose-gold band, according to Engagementringbible.com.

9 Adam Was Embarrassed To Date “Blair Waldorf”

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Adam knows that "Seth Cohen" dating "Blair Waldorf" was a little bit embarrassing, but his connection to Leighton was strong enough that he would put up with the jokes and comments. Since they're still together years later, he clearly made the right choice.

Adam says they both like doing the same types of things, according to Celebrityinsider.com. They're just really compatible.

8 They Are Both Homebodies

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Adam spilled some rare details about their marriage in a Celebrityinsider.com interview. He said that he and Leighton love to hang out at home and that they don't exactly go out of their way to get publicity.

They don't go to every event that they could attend. This is why so many people are curious about their relationship.

7 They Aren’t That Interested In Social Media

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Leighton does do the IG thing, but not too often, and Adam seems more interested in posting his views on Twitter, according to Twitter.com.

He's pretty outspoken when he disapproves of things, which fits with what he said about being very open. He doesn't post a lot of pics to Twitter.

6 Their Daughter Is An Only Child

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Their adorable daughter, Arlo, is currently 4 years old and she's definitely a cutie, based on rare pics of her that appear online. Unlike her brunette parents, Arlo is very blond. She doesn't have a brother or sister right now, but maybe she will someday.

Leighton says she'd do anything for her child, according to Usmagazine.com.

5 Adam Supports Leighton’s Musical Ambitions

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Adam is a supportive hubby who is there for his wife no matter what she's doing in her career. Leighton doesn't just act. She also enjoys making music.

She released one record called Heartstrings and the album did get some positive reviews. Leighton wrote the songs on her album.

4 They Still Work Together

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Adam's been playing a deadbeat dad on Single Parents and Leighton has a starring role on that show, according to Imdb.com.

The show is about a bunch of single parents who are trying to do a good job raising their kids as they also make an effort to build new romantic relationships.

3 Adam Says He’s Never Been Happier

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Adam seems like amazing husband material, probably because he has an amazing wife who values him and respects him. He says he's never been happier, so this Hollywood couple may just be married forever.

They've known each other since 2011, according to Marriedwiki.com, so they're definitely making their relationship work through the years.

2 Adam Taught Leighton To Surf

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Leighton likes to pick up new hobbies from her hubby, such as surfing, according to People.com. It's no surprise that the former star of The O.C. likes to surf now and then.

These two do fun stuff together and that's probably one of the reasons why their bond remains so strong after all this time.

1 Leighton Doesn’t Want To Discuss Motherhood

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Leighton will occasionally talk about motherhood and marriage, according to People.com, but she's hesitant to talk about parenthood too much, because she thinks that female actresses get typecast in mom roles when they do talk about motherhood.

Since she's on a show called Single Parents, her strategy for not getting typecast may not be working.

Sources: People.com, Celebrityinsider.com, En.wikipedia.org

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