19 Little-Known Facts About Paris And Kim’s Friendship

Best friends don’t come knocking on your door every day. If anyone knows this, it’s Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian. The two of them have had a strong friendship, which began when Kim made a few appearances on Paris’s reality show “The Simple Life.” But they’ve also hung out a lot off-camera, too. And they’ve done the kind of stuff best friends do all the time like shopping and partying.

But although their relationship has had a pretty solid foundation, the two besties have experienced a couple of ups and downs over the years. So, let’s take a look into the wonderful and sometimes turbulent friendship between Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian.

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19 Contrary to What We’ve Heard All These Years, Kim Didn’t Actually Start Off As Paris’ Assistant


Everyone has always assumed that Kim Kardashian was once the assistant of icon and socialite Paris Hilton. But it turns out that all Kim did at the time was work with Paris to clear out closets, toss out junk, and sell some stuff on eBay. She was also Paris’s shopping assistant. But Kim had bigger plans and even bigger dreams.

18 While Paris Was Filming The Simple Life, Kim Did Make a Few Appearances to Organize Her Closet


While Kim was not working as Paris Hilton’s personal assistant, she did appear in her reality show "The Simple Life" at one point. But the beauty mogul only seemed to pop up when it came time to help Paris organize all the junk in her closet. This might be where the whole “assistant” misconception came from.

17 Fake Screenshots


Some people just love hashing out old drama. So, someone made a screencap of scenes from “The Simple Life” and created a bunch of fake captions that made it seem like Paris was cracking the whip and forcing Kim to clean her closets like a common maid. But all of these memes are nothing but fake. Sorry to burst your bubble!

16 In 2019, Paris Teased a Music Video That Featured Her Longtime Bestie Kim and We’re So Stoked!


Kim did a fabulous cameo in Paris’s music video. So, obviously, the two powerful gals have never stopped being besties and supporting each other. They had a blast shooting the video, which really translated on camera. Plus, both Paris and Kim looked like a million bucks with their silver chain mail gowns and had the best time of their lives.

15 The Video Was a Total Homage to the 2000s and It's All About Their Behinds


It sounds nuts, but Paris’ new song with Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike not only involved Kim Kardashian but also featured their behinds as well. Apparently, that’s pretty much what the video is all about. Now, a lot of fans thought that the concept of the video was kind of ironic given that Paris supposedly insulted Kim’s backside a few years ago.

14 Back in the Day, Kim and Paris Used to Be All About Getting Attention


Like most reality stars looking to gain more attention, Kim and Paris would hang out everywhere and make sure they got people and the media’s attention. Sometimes, they wore flashy outfits to stand out, or would even go to a party or sit at a restaurant just to get their names on the paper. And rest assured, every time these two stepped foot inside a room, the paparazzi took notice.

13 But Did You Know That Kim Would’ve Never Met Kanye If It Weren’t for Paris?


Paris didn’t exactly introduce Kim to Kanye directly. But their social circles did intertwine, which led Kim to her first encounter with Kanye in 2002 or 2003. This was around the time Kim and Paris’s friendship was in full swing. But Kim probably didn’t imagine that the rapper was destined to be her husband or father of her four kids. Isn't that wild?

12 Lawyer Approval


Kim is doing a four-year apprenticeship with a San Francisco law firm to follow in her dad’s footsteps and become a lawyer. She’d like to take the bar exam in 2022. And Paris showed her full support for her friend’s endeavor by publicly claiming that she’s going to be brilliant.

11 But Back Then, Paris Wasn’t Shy About Reminding the World That She Practically Created Kim


Once upon a time, Paris went on Entertainment Tonight and claimed she was responsible for creating Kim Kardashian. It’s certainly true that Kim appeared in Paris’s reality show “The Simple Life,” which put her on the reality TV map. But it was Kim’s private tape and her marvelous job on KUWTK that turned Kim a superstar.

10 Now That They’re Friends Again, Kim Helped Paris Celebrate Her 38th Birthday


Although they’ve hit a few bumps in their friendship over the years, Kim and Paris are close once again. Kim helped her socialite bestie celebrate her 38th birthday with a belated party that was also a St. Patrick’s Day celebration. And Paris looked absolutely stunning with a silver birthday catsuit in one of Kim’s IG videos.

9 Back When Paris and Nicole Had Their Beef, Kim Was Right by Paris’ Side to Fill Up Nicole’s Shoes


Paris and Nicole were best friends at one point, but then they had a serious falling out, which left a huge void in Paris’s on-screen and off-screen life. Fortunately, Kim was close by to fill in for Nicole when she needed it the most. And now Kim is still Paris’s friend even though Paris and Nicole have finally reconciled.

8 Kim Totally Supported Her Bestie Paris When She Got Herself in Trouble With the Law


In 2007, Paris got into some trouble with the law because she was caught driving with a suspended license. But even as Paris cooled her heels in jail for 45 days, Kim told Hollywood TV: “You have to support people that you love.” This proves that love really does conquer all.

7 Paris Said Some Pretty Mean Things About Kim…Or So the Rumors Claimed

via Today

Unfortunately, Paris made some unpleasant comments about Kim in 2008. According to TMZ, Paris said Kim’s backside was like “cottage cheese stuffed in a trash bag.” Then, during an Extra interview, Kim was asked about what she thought about Paris, and she responded, “Paris who?”

6 The Girls Patched Things Up, and Paris Even Attended to Kim’s Baby Shower


To celebrate the birth of her 4th child, Kim hosted a baby shower full of certain products and meditation. The gathering was very laid back and included tea time. Everyone who showed up got a pair of Yeezy slides, too. And naturally, Paris was also in attendance, which suggests the girls are good friends once again.

5 Paris and Kim’s Infamous Bachelor Pad Is Up for Rent (If You Can Fork up $30,000, That Is!)


Remember Paris’s old party pad? You know, the one where Kim worked as her stylist before she became a successful beauty mogul and a major reality star? Well, the duo’s former bachelor pad is up for rent. And the cost to live in this lavish abode is a whopping $30,000 a month.

4 Kim Too Popular For Paris


For those of you pondering what caused Kim and Paris to feud, the reason seems simple—jealousy. It turns out that their temporary fallout may have been caused by Kim’s sudden rise to stardom which left Paris in the dust. The fact that Kim’s name popped up whenever someone searched for Paris on the internet probably didn’t help matters much.

3 Kim Admitted She Wasn’t Friends With Paris Anymore


No one really knew if the rumors were true or not. But then Kim set the record straight during a 2011 interview with Harper’s Bazaar. In it, she explained that she and Paris had simply grown apart, which followers of the reality star understood as it was clear that these two were no longer friends. For a moment, it seemed like the two megastars would never see eye to eye.

2 Paris Backed Down


In 2015, Paris did an interview with Glamour, where she reported that the feud between herself and Kim had ended. She also showered her on-again, off-again bestie with compliments and stated that she was proud of the things she accomplished. She also said that Kim was “chill; she’s so sweet,” and that she also had a “great work ethic.”

1 Partying Again


Christmas at the Kar-Jenners is like taking a trip to the North Pole. But instead of Santa Claus, you have Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton, who also attended the family’s 2016 Christmas party. Paris took tons of photos with Kim and the fam and captioned a snap claiming she had a “lovely evening.” So, their longtime drama is finally over. We can't wait to see these two gals working together again!

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