25 Little Secrets No One Knows About The Amish

We live in a world where a lot of different people choose to live in various different ways. One of the communities that reside within the US is the Amish community. While many of us have heard of them, even watched movies about them in the past and perhaps met some in real life, there are a lot of things about their way of life that we just don't know about.

We decided it was about time that we all learned a little bit more about the Amish population. We've gathered twenty-five different facts about the Amish community that we bet most people won't know about. It's about time that we went through these secrets and learned some more about the community.

So, it's about time that we got started. Let's look at some of the secrets about the Amish community that we know will surprise most of the people out there!

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25 Wedding Nights Are Boring

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Most of us think about the wedding night as a chance for the bride and groom to spend some quality time together after a long day with family members. However, in the Amish community, the new couple spends the night at the bride's house.

They spend the entire night talking with the family in the hope of fostering a better bond between everyone.

24 There Is A Lot Of Them

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As they believe heavily in the "go forth and multiply" part of the bible, it should come as no surprise that there are a lot of Amish people out there!

In 2018, it was found that the Amish community in the US was 318,000 strong, up from 1992 when it was recorded that there were only 128,000 Amish people in the US, with most residing in the state of Pennsylvania.

23 They're Not All Against Technology

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One of the main beliefs that many of us have about the Amish community is that they shun technology. While this is true in general, there are some people that are willing to make some concessions.

For example, the Amish community has been known to take advantage of both solar panels and laundry machines that are powered by diesel.

22 They Welcome In New People

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While they certainly do shun most outsiders, that doesn't change the fact that they are always looking for new recruits that are willing to join the Amish way of life.

Even if these recruits do manage to stick to the strict rules that are laid before them, it is not certain that they will be accepted into the community. It is all down to the Amish living there.

21 Inheritance Is Flipped

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In most places around the world, inheritance law is based on the idea that anything that passes from one person will go to their eldest child.

However, they do things differently in the Amish community, where they pass the land onto their youngest sons, presumably as they will have more time to properly utilize it before passing it on themselves!

20 Don't Take Photographs

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Once again, this rule changes depending on what community someone is choosing to interact with, but as a general rule of thumb, the Amish do not like to be photographed.

They ask that people do not take photographs of them and that if they must, they do not want their faces in the shot, which is exactly why this photo only shows their backs.

19 They Make Less Barns Than You'd Think

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One of the stereotypical hobbies of the Amish community is raising a barn. They believe that this is something that brings the community together and forces people to get along.

We can only imagine how many people have been dragged along to raise a barn together, only to get to the end and have a sense of accomplishment that bonds them for life.

18 They Love Weapons Just As Much As Everyone Else!

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A lot of people consider the Amish to be a peace-loving people, and they would be right to think that, but it doesn't change the fact that they love their weapons as well.

To us, this is quite possibly the most surprising secret in this list, as we can't understand how a group that would want peace would also want to bring weapons into their community!

17 The Men Don't Have To Serve Their Country

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Yes, the people in the Amish communities are not expected by others to join up. This even extends to when there is a draft.

The men don't have to throw themselves into a war unless that's what they actually want to do, which very few of them will want to do as it goes against their message of peace.

16 They're More Likely To Be Multilingual

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Not only do the Amish communities speak English like the majority of the United States, but they also learn how to speak Pennsylvania Dutch.

Many will also attempt to learn the German language on top of that, meaning that most people within the Amish community have a wider understanding of language than the rest of the residents of the United States.

15 Women Can't Wear Certain Things...

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While everyone lives under fairly strict rules within the Amish community, it is the women that have to monitor what they're wearing more than anyone else.

They are expected to wear bland clothing and are forbidden from wearing any form of makeup or jewelry, presumably as this is seen as an excess of the modern world that is far from godliness.

14 ...And Have Very Defined Social Roles

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Not only can they not wear what they want, but Amish women are expected to fit into very traditional gender roles. The men want their women to stay at home, cook food, and look after the children.

If they don't want to live by these rules, then they're welcome to leave the community they were born into and seek a place in modern society instead.

13 Very Low Levels Of Cancer

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Being such a tight-knit society, it should come as no surprise that some genetic traits have been found throughout all of the Amish people.

There have very low rates of cancer, which some believe may be connected to genetics, while others believe it's down to their healthy way of living, while also choosing to eat purely organic foods.

12 Nobody Has Health Insurance

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It can sometimes be difficult to remember that the United States allowed various groups of people to claim immunity to some laws that everyone else has to live by.

For example, the Amish people are exempt from the various laws that surround the topic of health insurance. We wish that we were exempt as well!

11 Some Won't Even Visit A Doctor

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Yes, believe it or not, but there are some in the Amish community who don't believe it's right to visit a doctor when ill. However, most don't adhere to this principle.

When somebody in the community falls ill, it is expected that everyone else will pull together to help make them better, even if that means all of them pooling their funds together to pay for treatment.

10 They Don't Teach Science

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It should come as no surprise that a community holding some who don't even believe in modern medical science chooses not to teach their children about science at all.

They dislike the concept of science altogether, which is likely down to their deeply religious traditions that often end up clashing with the notion of science.

9 Puppy Mills Are A Standard Part Of Their Life

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Yes, believe it or not, but the Amish will often create puppy mills to make money out of those outside of their society. When the dogs are no longer capable of breeding, they will be humanely dealt with.

While it may seem sad, this is just the same as what other US citizens do with cows and other farmyard animals...

8 They're Different To Mennonites

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It can be easy for those not in the know to get Mennonites and the Amish communities mixed up, but they're actually completely different. They're both different subsets of the Anabaptist sect.

The main difference is that the Mennonites are much more willing to use technology to better their lives than the Amish.

7 They Have Their Own Stores

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Most of the time, people run into the Amish community when they choose to leave their own homes and seek out various stores in the real world.

However, they actually have their own stores within their communities that they will use first. Some are even open to other members of the public.

6 They Will Use Uber!

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While most Amish people refuse to use cars, that doesn't mean they're not willing to be driven around in cars!

When they need to get somewhere quickly, they will happily use services like Uber, where they can be driven to their destination much faster than if they were on the back of a horse!

5 School Stops After 8th Grade

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There is not a lot of importance placed on formal education in the Amish world. People are expected to give up on their academic work so that they can become experienced with more practical skills.

This is a community that thrives on people using their hands, so someone that wants to spend their life reading and writing isn't must use to them!

4 Even The Teachers Aren't Taught!

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If everyone stops their academic learning from 8th Grade, it's no surprise that even the teachers don't have a lot of formal education.

While most people are expected to take on training if they want to teach children in the rest of the United States, this isn't true for those in the Amish community!

3 Beards Have A Lot Of Rules Surrounding Them

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Even though facial hair is seen as one of the defining characteristics of the Amish community, there are only certain males that are allowed to sport this sort of impressive facial hair.

Only those that have married are allowed to stop shaving or those that have got past the age of 40 without having married someone, which is unusual in the Amish community.

2 No Mustaches Allowed Though

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Despite the fact that the Amish clearly have a thing for facial hair, growing a mustache is looked down upon. This is due to the Amish community believing that this specific type of facial hair is widely associated with the 19th-century military.

They're not willing to move on from the association yet!

1 No Instruments Allowed Either

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Part of living in an Amish community is coming to terms with the fact that creative self-expression is just not allowed.

This includes people being able to play their own musical instruments. Amish people can't just pick up a guitar and pluck away at a tune if they're bored like the rest of us can if we want to.

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