Living With Leighton Meester: 20 Things She Makes Her Daughter Do

The role that actress Leighton Meester is most famous for is Blair Waldorf in the television show Gossip Girl. But these days, she is actually playing a very different type of role that is nothing like that one.

She is the mother of Arlo Day Brody, whom she shares with her husband, actor Adam Brody. According to romper.com, the pair welcomed their little girl on August 4, 2015. Other than that, not many details are known about little Arlo.

Being a mom is not an easy job, and apparently Meester agrees with that since she claimed that it is a very hard job to have. But it’s definitely one of those things that most people never regret. Since Meester became a mom, she has learned that it is best to step back and let her little one experience things for herself. Here are some things Arlo has to do.

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20 Her Daughter Has To Accept The Fact That Her Grandparents Will Not Be In Her Life


Meester has little to do with her family since she doesn’t speak to her parents much. The star used to be close to her mother, but their relationship pretty much ended when she was younger. According to nickiswift.com, Meester filed a lawsuit against her mother.

It all started over money. Meester’s brother has health issues, and she was sending her mom money every month to help her take care of him. But Meester felt that her mom was using the money on herself.

19 It’s Possible That Arlo Might Get A Sibling


It is hard to tell for sure whether or not Meester and Brody will welcome another child into the world without either one of them talking about it. However, according to romper.com, since neither party has ruled it out at all, it seems as though the couple might plan on having another child in the future.

18 Arlo Has To Be Cool With Spending Lots Of Time Around Her Parents, Despite The Fact That They Work A Lot


Meester and Brody are both very successful, so they are really busy. It’s safe to say that they probably don’t have much spare time on their hands. However, they are usually both capable of spending months at home with their little one, so she has to be cool with getting lots of time with her mom and dad. But Arlo doesn’t always need them. According to people.com, the little one is already developing her own personality and style.

17 Their Daughter Has To Enjoy Going On Hikes With Them


According to inquisitr.com, Arlo’s mom and dad like to take her with them when they go on hikes. Brody enjoys taking his daughter to go hiking in the morning since he believes that it is a great activity for both of them. He likes to watch the sunrise with her.

16 There’s No Doubt That Arlo Will Be An Activist


Little Arlo will most likely grow up to be an activist, considering the fact that her mother has always been one herself. According to cosmo.ph, the actress has absolutely no trouble standing up for what she believes in. Meester is setting an awesome example for her daughter, as well as lots of children everywhere.

15 When It Comes To Parenting, Leighton Has Something In Common With One Of Her Characters


Meester is currently starring on the television show Single Parents, and she does a fabulous job on it. However, she and her character are very different from one another. Nevertheless, she still shares some similarities with the character. According to abcnews.go.com, both of them know that motherhood is hard, and they do their best to be successful at it.

14 Arlo’s Life Has To Remain As Private As Possible


Fans of Brody and Meester always want to know more about their favorite couple, as well as the little girl they share with one another. But the lovebirds are famously quiet about their private lives, especially when it comes to Arlo. According to people.com, Meester is a very proud mother, but she is really tight-lipped about her daughters’ life.

13 Leighton Encourages Her Daughter To Play


Playtime is very important for little boys and girls. It helps them develop lots of skills that they will need later on in their lives, and it’s also just a lot of fun. According to romper.com, Meester knows how great playing can be for children, which is why she tries to ensure that her daughter will play often.

12 Arlo Probably Won’t Be Watching Gossip Girl


Children who are actors often have to grow up a bit faster than children who are not in the spotlight. Meester was quite young when she started working on Gossip Girl, and when she started looking back on her days on that show when she got older, the actress came to the conclusion that it was not a healthy environment for her at that time, according to etonline.com. So, it is probably safe to assume that Arlo won’t be checking it out anytime soon.

11 Arlo Needs To Accept The Fact That Leighton Focuses On More Than Just Her


Just because Meester is a mother now does not mean that she is any less focused on her professional career. According to refinery29.com, the actress is very determined to prove that mothers can still be successes in whatever type of career they choose. Arlo has to be comfortable with the fact that she is not always the first thing on her mom’s mind.

10 Getting Out Of The House Is A Big Deal


Meester and Brody are very private people. They always have been, and they only became even more private when they became parents. But that does not mean that the pair stay in their home all day long. They enjoy going out and about with each other, as well as with their child. According to romper.com, Meester believes that getting out of their home every once in a while is a necessity.

9 Arlo Has Had A Huge Impact On The Roles Leighton Accepts


Since Meester became a mother, the roles she has been up for seem to have changed. Her age has a lot to do with it as well. According to refinery29.com, the actress believes that finding a young woman on television is much easier than finding one who has reached the age of 30, and those who are older than that are often stereotyped.

8 Leighton’s Daughter Makes Her Sometimes Feel Like She Is A Single Parent


Meester spends lots of time with her daughter, and sometimes that makes her feel as if she is the little girl’s only parent. While Meester has never said that Brody is a terrible father, she has claimed that she feels like a single mom sometimes, even when she is not filming Single Parents. According to abcnews.go.com, that’s because there are lots of moments during which she is the only one taking care of Arlo.

7 There Is No Balance Between Work And The Family’s Home Life


Things must be pretty chaotic in Arlo’s home. Apparently, her mother and father have not exactly been able to find a nice balance between their professional lives and their personal lives. According to yahoo.com, Meester does not even believe in such a thing. She thinks that there is no way to balance things like that when there are kids involved.

6 Arlo Gets To Spend Equal Time With Her Mom And Dad


Sometimes, Arlo’s mother is the only one spending time with her, which is why Meester made the odd comment about feeling like a single mom. But there are also times when she gets to have some time alone with her father. According to etonline.com, the fact that Brody and Meester both work in the entertainment industry makes it easier for them to understand how busy they both are.

5 Leighton’s Daughter Helps Her Prepare For Certain Roles


Motherhood is a truly powerful experience that is like no other. However, it can be hard for an actress to portray a mother onscreen if she has not been through it herself. According to babygaga.com, Meester claimed that becoming a mom herself has been a great way for her to prepare for playing a fictional mother.

4 Arlo Needs To Know That Her Mom Truly Values The Time They Spend Together Because Of How Much She Works


Both Meester and Brody are very busy parents. That typically means that they don’t get to spend much time at home with their child, which is always a pretty big deal for parents. But Meester seems to be dealing with it very well. According to babygaga.com, the actress claims that distance makes her feel even more appreciative of the time she gets with Arlo. Arlo probably feels the same way.

3 Leighton Wants To Be A Great Example For Arlo, As Well As Other Young Girls


According to hauteliving.com, Meester thinks that being a great example for her daughter is incredibly important. That is because she thinks children are more likely to learn something if they see someone doing it than if it is simply something they read in a book. This is why the actress is very involved in lots of organizations.

2 Arlo Should Know That Her Mom Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way


Meester may spend lots of time away from little Arlo, but even if she could go back in time and change that, she wouldn’t. The actress would not change a single thing about her career or her personal life since she is perfectly happy with the way everything is now, according to bustle.com. So, Arlo has to be okay with the fact that she will likely spend most of her time with her dad, or someone else.

1 There’s Nothing That Leighton Wouldn’t Do For Arlo


Arlo is Meester’s favorite person, and that is something that is probably true for lots of moms and daughters. According to msn.com, the actress loves her more than anyone else in the world, including her husband. She even said she’d be willing to do some very questionable things for her little girl.

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