Logic? Brainstorming? Pfft! Forget That, These 15 People Will Just Wing It!

No one can go through their whole life without making any plans at all, even if the plans that they're making aren't long term ones. The most spontaneous people among us can manage to go years without creating a bullet point plan of the things that they would like to accomplish over a ten-year period, but even they can't go a day without making a few personal objectives, like "go get tacos from that one truck down by the local gas station because they're having a sale" or "rifle through the clearance bins at Target; sometimes they have a good deal".

It's impossible to plan every detail of one's life, but it's not impossible to try. And yet, some people still insist on not trying at all. They're comfortable taking whatever life throws at them right when life throws it at them, without any forethought whatsoever. While we admire these peoples' freewheeling attitude and will forever endeavor to roll with the punches more easily and effortlessly in the future, we wish some of these non-planners would put a little more effort into their blueprint making, because the last thing they'd want to do is end up like these people. Logic? Brainstorming? Pfft! Forget that, these 15 people will just wing it!

15 Tragic

Via: imgur.com

It was generous of this person to describe that little cretin in the lower left hand corner as a "cat". Clearly, that thing could not be called a feline. It's not even an animal. That's a little demon beast with a pointy goblin nose that will, in all probability, sneak into its owner's bedroom tonight when they're asleep and rip out their soul with its very humanoid set of pearly whites. This is an unsettling mythical creature, like a krampus or a banshee. If someone sees this thing next to their vase of gorgeous flowers, they know nothing good can come from it.

This person is right, though. It must be a real frustrating thing for this artist to be able to paint flowers so incredibly well, yet botch the kittens to pieces. How could an artist do one of those things so well and the other, well...not so well? We might have fallen asleep a time or two when we took an art course in college, so we're certainly not authorities on this subject, it just seems to us like something's not adding up. Anyway, we recommend this artist use their eyes the next time they paint a cat. Might help 'em out a little bit.

14 A chainsaw would've solved this problem faster, but whatever

So. Somebody just up and decided to build a road one day, eh? Someone with zero experience in planning roadways woke up one morning with "the road building itch" and figured that was as good of a day as any to start putting up two lane roads up? Alright, fine. We don't believe that, but okay, we'll go along. Besides, after looking at this picture, we don't really have a choice. Much as it pains us to think that people would be so silly as to build a road without first clearing a path for it, this image leaves us with little wiggle room for an alternate theory.

How this tree managed to slip by unnoticed by the road builders themselves, and was only discovered by the yellow line painters, is beyond us. But the people who paint those yellow lines, we have to give it to them. They weren't about to pay for the mistakes of others. They weren't going to cut that tree down. It's not their job. And so, they worked harder in order to avoid working by welding this raised set of yellow lines into an impressive golden arch that would rival McDonald's. Still, we feel like somebody could have planned better, that's all.

13 Maybe it's time to reevaluate

We hate to criticize, which, of course, only means that we're lying, because we actually love to criticize, but shouldn't this woman have thought about the fact that she doesn't know how to raise kids before she had five kids? Or, at the very least, shouldn't she have realized she wasn't cut out for motherhood enough to have five kids while she was raising the first one? Alarm bells should have been going off in her head telling her to ditch the "become a mother of five" plan. She should have opted to skim through a birth control pamphlet, instead, but we guess that never entered into the equation for her.

At some point or another, everyone questions their ability to parent, but if a mom or dad finds themselves on Dr. Phil? Oh, boy. That's never a good sign.

What was this woman's thought process? We just keep picturing this woman holding her first baby, saying to herself, "Holy mackerel, I have no idea what to do with this thing! Welp. Guess I'll have four more of them. I mean, what other options do I have, really?" There's a lot to be said for spontaneity, but some things should never be winged.

12 Tow truck? Don't need no stinkin' tow truck!

Via: wroops.com

Logic is a destroyer of dreams, and all too often people let silly things like "common sense" and "rationale" stand in the way of them and their greatest hopes. Well, Stan wasn't about to be another statistic on logic's casualties list. Stan would be darned if he was gong to cater to every one of logic's whims because Stan? He played by his own set of rules, by gum, and it logic didn't like to do things Stan's way, then Stan was going to get through his life without it. How do you like them apples, logic?

When Stan's new car broke down on his way home after hot-wiring it and stealing it from the parking lot of that dealership—uh, we mean, when Stan's new car broke down on his drive home from the local Whole Foods (yeah, that's it), he could have done what any logical person would do and call a tow truck. But because Stan has no brain and prefers to wing things that should never, not under any circumstances be wung, he called his friend Tim, instead, who used his forklift to lay Stan's new car sideways in the back of Stan's old pick up truck. And, voilà! There you have it.

11 Honey, no

Oh, we love it when people on the internet ask us what it looks like they do for a living. That's nothing but an open invitation for us to mock them, and we're always all too happy to oblige. Those poor dopes. They think the people of social media will be kind to them and have mercy on them, but that's where they're mistaken. Sorely, disappointingly mistaken. Asking someone to tell you what it looks like you do for a living is the same as posting one of those "roast me" posts to Reddit. In other words, it's always a bad idea for the person being roasted, but always a heck of a lot of fun for the people doing the roasting.

Never ask the internet anything. They'll just exploit that opportunity for their own trolling benefit.

There are people on the internet (AKA us) who lurk in the dark, shadowy places just waiting for people like this girl to wander down our dark alley and say something silly. That's when these roasters jump out of nowhere and start throwing insults around like confetti. If this girl wanted to avoid that onslaught of mockery, she should have done some more brainstorming before she posted this botched sentence.

10 Say that again, but slower this time

Via: me.me

Some things say people without them thinking thoroughly through. Wait. Crap. Well, we guess we just proved our point. It's human nature to start saying something before we've completely figured out exactly what it is we want to say (see the girl in the previous image who asked people of the internet what it looks like she does for a living by phrasing the question "What look I does it do for a it living?"), but sometimes we don't end up looking a fool because we've tripped over our words because our tongue got ahead of our brain. Sometimes we look like ninnies because we string together coherent, comprehensible sentences that are, nevertheless, completely devoid of sense.

To be sure, this dude didn't get all tongue tied in the store when he approached this employee to interrogate them about their piercings, but the words that he uttered were still nonsensical. Brother, they have a job. You don't need to worry about them not being able to find what they've already got. Instead, why don't you focus all of your search and rescue efforts on tracking down your common sense? Make sure it's not treading water in an old well somewhere while you're over here asking the dumbest questions possible.

9 Something about this faucet gives us a sinking feeling

"What are you going to do today, Howard?"

"Well, I don't know, Melanie. I woke up yesterday morning, and I just felt like installing a faucet on back of the counter on my kitchen island, only, here's the problem. I don't have a sink underneath where I want to install the faucet. I mean, I was up late online shopping and I already bought the faucet, had it overnighted and everything, so there's nothing stopping me, but I'm just not sure What do you think I should I do?"

"I'll tell you what you should do, Howard. You should follow your heart."

Logic plays an important roll in everyone's life, but only if you let it.

When people listen to logic, there's no telling how far they'll go, and there's no telling what they'll be capable of. We mean, just look at Sherlock Holmes, for crying out loud! That guy is the king of logic, and he's an incredible brainiac. Wouldn't you like to be an impressive know-it-all, too? We know we sure would. But some people are content to keep logic out of their lives and never have any relationship with it whatsoever. As a result, it's not uncommon to see this kind of thing.

8 Not one person saw how this could be misconstrued, huh?

Via: reddit.com

Hippos are our 19th favorite animals. They beat out porcupines, but there was no way they could compete with squirrels and pigs. Sorry, hippos, we know the truth hurts, but that's just the way it is. But our personal stance on hippos aside, one fact remains. They should never be used as bowling ball dispensers. Ha! There's a sentence we never thought we would say. In fact, we shouldn't have to say it, either. That should be a given. We get that the people of this bowling alley wanted to make it a fun place for kids, but there were better ways and we know it. Don't try to tell us there weren't.

A little more logic, a little more brainstorming and these people never would have had a "hippo-poo-tamus" situation on their hands. Do you begin to see how a lack of planning can hurt no just the people who neglected to plan, but also those around them? Let this nonsuccess of hippopotamic proportions serve as a warning to you to always consider all of the possibilities of your actions before you commit to them. Also, let it serve as a warning to always sanitize your hands after touching a bowling ball. Ick.

7 Shoulda tied it to a string

Having your marriage ceremony on a bridge sounds super romantic. We don't know why, but it just seems like water is a really nice thing to have when it comes to a wedding. Maybe it's the symbolism. People love to have their weddings on beaches, maybe it's because it's got that whole "my heart will go on" vibe thing going on, what with the ocean and the seashells and the way they both symbolize eternity. Sort of. We think. Or maybe people like to have weddings near water because it makes for a serene, tranquil setting, that's another possibility that we haven't yet considered.

Or maybe people just like watery weddings because of the hydrating properties of the liquid. Who knows?

Either way, if we were planning a wedding, we'd keep the whole thing high and dry, and this GIF illustrates exactly why we'd do that. All it takes is one marriage officiant with butterfingers to take your special day from on top of the world amazing to the pit of despair unhappy. We hope for the sake of everyone involved in this wedding gone awry that somebody nearby has a waterproof metal detector. It looks like they're going to need it.

6 It lets the driver know when it's tea time. Duh

You don't have to be an auto mechanic to drive a car, but it helps to know at least a little bit about cars, and by "a little bit" we're not talking things like how to change the oil, how to switch out a spark plug or even how which part under the hood is the carborator. Look, don't get us wrong, knowing about all of these things is certainly helpful. The more you can understand about your car before you stick the keys in the ignition, the better, but you don't have to know these things in order to drive.

Now, what we do expect you to know before you get behind that wheel is the basics. We do expect you to know what a blinker is and how to use it. We also expect you to know that when the gas gauge is on the F that means you're fueled up, and when it moves to the E that means you're on empty. We also expect you to know that the little genie's lamp you see lit up here, endearingly (read: stupidly) described as a teapot by this person, means that it's time to check your oil level. Is that so much to ask?

5 Gurrrl, what?

Some people are spontaneous and some people are planners. We know that. We respect that. Not everyone enjoys masterminding plans for their entire lives, even though they should because when you don't have a good plan, then you have nothing to fall back on and everything goes to crap in the blink of an eye, and then what do you do? Because you didn't think of a plan ahead of time, and now your out of luck, and that's how things start to get out of hand.

We don't know how being organized fits into being logical and brainstorming about all of the possibilities before they happen, but it does.

Obviously this guy knew that paperclip was down there. He knew it because he told that girl exactly where to look to find it. The question is, if he knew it was there, why didn't he just pick it up and put it back where it goes? Why didn't he move it to his desk or the junk drawer in the kitchen? Sure, he knew where it was, but where it was was on the floor. What if he'd stepped on it on his way to the bathroom in the middle of the night? Think it through, guy!

4 Good thing he's wearing those safety glasses

Sometimes you're put in a situation where you have to think fast and act fast, like when you're in the middle of a heist and you and all of your closest cohort friends are being chased by security, and one of your buddies throws you the priceless artifact you're trying to steal (whether it's a rolled up painting or a fancy gemstone), then in that scenario, you won't necessarily have a whole lot of time to plan out your moves because, again, you're being chased by authorities and you can't afford to slow down in that kind of situation.

But, like we said before, just as there are instances where you need to think quick on your feet, there are other scenarios in which you have plenty of time to consider your actions before you commit to them. We reckon that's the case here. This guy had enough time to plan out his course of action when it comes to sawing off the ends of those deck boards. But, no. Instead of asking logic for its advice, this guy chose to wing it, and as a result, he will be lying on the ground two stories below in five...four...three...two...one. Aaaaaand, there he goes.

3 Been there

There are a lot of people out there—there are 27 at the very least because that's how many people that counted when we were out in public the other day, including us—and given that there are so many people on this big ole earth, we figure there probably aren't a whole lot of things that we can all relate to. But one thing everyone has had to go through, one of society's universal shared experiences, is getting your hair cut really short after growing it out super long, and immediately regretting that decision.

If, on the off-chance you're one of the small handful of people who have never taken the plunge and gone for that big, life changing haircut, learn from our mistake and don't do it.

We're not saying some people aren't flattered by short hair. They totally are. But such a big change can be a real jolt to the system. Go slowly, people. Take off an inch at a time and allow yourself to acclimate to your new 'do over a period of weeks, if not months, if not years. Better to take it slow than end up keeping your chopped off ponytail on a clip on so you can do this.

2 They're incorrect, however, we support this idea

So it doesn't take a genius to see that somebody at this dollar store totally goofed up. We mean, we're bad at math, but come on. Everyone knows that there are only seven days in a week, not nine. Although, it would be pretty sweet if there were nine days in a week, especially if we made those two extra days part of the weekend. Oh...yeah, we like this idea! We would still have a five day work week, but we would all get more time off! Who knew this painter's inability to plan and/or use logic could result in something so spectacular!

We're so in love with this idea. We can't wait until we get four days instead of two to build our living room blanket forts. Four days instead of two to bake tasty Pinterest recipes while binge-watching the latest Netflix series. Four days instead of two to play with our pets and enjoy being alive. We're going to contact our local representatives ASAP, see if we can't get some stuff going on this. If they're not willing to go the extra mile, then we'll see if we can get the calendar companies on board. We've got to make this happen, we've just got to.

1 They can still use it...sort of...

Assembling a piece of furniture is like being forced to piece together a jigsaw puzzle that you never signed up for, even though technically you did sign up for it because you're the one who ordered the wardrobe off of that website, you're the one who insisted on purchasing that nightstand from IKEA, you're the one who couldn't resist the temptation of buying that coffee table from Pier 1 Imports, etc, etc. You get the picture. Anyway, the first time you put a piece of furniture together is the first time in your life that you come face to face with frustration.

Putting furniture together is a pill, no matter how much logic and brainstorming you pour into the endeavor.

We're sorry to admit that, but it's true. Although, to be fair, it does help to go into piecing together furniture prepared. It won't make you immune from problems, but it will take you about as far as you can go. That's why we always recommend reading the instruction manual before putting anything together, even though doing so is a total drag. Also, another thing you should do? Make sure you're not accidentally building your furniture around a support beam like this guy did. That'd be embarrassing.

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