Their Logic Is Irrefutable: 15 People Who Thought Things Through

Every day is a good day to use logic, and today is no different than any other day, so today is as good of a day as any to use logic. Make sense? We sure hope so because if it doesn't, then that completely defeats our whole "logic" premise. We'd hate to think we look like illogical imbeciles in the post about logic, especially since it's our post. That would be embarrassing. Anyway, before you start getting your own ideas as to what this here lineup is going to be like, let's talk about the rules for the following pictures.

When we say, "Their logic is irrefutable," we sometimes mean that literally, and we sometimes mean that facetiously. See, some of these folks really do have good ideas, ideas that we love and enjoy. But then again, some of these people? Well, they're not well acquainted with logic. In fact, we don't even know if they've ever met logic before, and because they lack sense, we are forced to mock their mistakes. So come on over here and check out these 15 people who thought things through (except for the ones who didn't, in which case, as we said before, we're just teasing).

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15 That's a problem

Oh, well, obviously this lady thought things through. She had five kids because, hey, she's really good at getting pregnant and having babies. There's just one minor problem. It seems that, wouldn't you know it? While she's amazingly fertile and as experienced as it gets when it comes to delivering infants, but darn it all, she just can't figure out how to raise those rugrats once they pop outside the womb! Ugh! So annoying, right? Talk about unfortunate. We mean, sure, she could, you know, try to parent. She could check out some child-rearing books from the library and skim through them, or take some classes or something. But let's not blow things out of proportion, here.

Maybe—and this is just a suggestion, so feel free to shoot it down—this lady should, oh, we don't know. How 'bout, stop having kids since she doesn't know how to raise them? Does that sound so unreasonable? Because we don't think it does. We hate to criticize, and by that we mean, we love to criticize, we just felt like we had to put a disclaimer on it, but if you can't figure out how to bring up your children, why would you keep having them? We just don't get it.

14 A centuries-old problem finally laid to rest

Via: reddit.com

For months, nay, years, people have been debating whether or not you should pour the cereal before the milk, or the milk before the cereal. We have our own opinion on the subject (which is, just in case you're wondering, cereal before milk, all the way!), and we're sure you do, too. But thank goodness for this Twitter user, who used his unparalleled logic to make sense out of all of the chaos. With his wise words of wisdom, his carefully thought out stance has shined a new light on this pressing matter, and suddenly it's like we can see clearly for the first time in our lives.

This guy nailed it on the head. He's right. Both ways are correct, but only under certain circumstances. This means we no longer have to give other people the stink eye or insult them on the internet because of their cereal beliefs. If everyone is right, then there's no need to fight—hey, that even rhymes! This guy has settled this issue once and for all, which means instead of wasting hours telling people they're wrong about their cereal eating tactics, we can devote our spare time to things that really matter, like telling people they're wrong for their other habits.

13 They got a high score in logic

Via: dorkly.com

Little kids are so smart. They've got these tiny brains that are like one of those "grows in water" novelty toys that you get at dollar stores and gas stations. Sure, their minds seem small and useless in the beginning, but once you douse them in a pool of education, they grow and grow until they're something completely unrecognizable compared to what you started out with. It's amazing.

A child's capacity for learning is seemingly limitless, but as great as they are at picking things up, sometimes their hand-eye coordination ain't so good, which is understandable. You have to learn how to crawl before you can walk, after all.

This little guy looks like he's as sharp as a tack. Look how into that video game he is! He is out for blood. He's determined to win, and we're sure one day, when he's a teenager and has his own gaming console, he'll be able to dominate the competition. But right now? Mmm...better to give him a calculator and trick him into thinking he's participating than actually let him participate. Hey, video games may seem like kid stuff, but they're not. These two gamer guys? They thought things through. Hooray for logic!

12 Always thinkin', that bottle of dog shampoo

Sometimes when we see videos or Snapchats of people giving their dogs baths, and it looks like the dogs are actually enjoying it, we wonder what we're doing wrong. Our dog is, well, a dog, just like all of those other dogs. So why isn't he having fun getting lathered, rinsed and repeated? Why doesn't he like the water and the bubbles and the splishing and splashing? We don't understand. In any case, whatever the reason, the fact remains. Our dog loathes baths, which makes cleaning him up a real pain in the posterior, let us tell you.

It's not like his disinclination for bathing makes him any less of a good boy or anything. Certainly not! But it does mean that we have to be super duper creative when it comes to his bath time. Just getting him to step foot in the bathroom itself is a major accomplishment, and that's not even half the task. Once we've managed to muscle him into the tub, we've got to figure out how to keep him from jumping out AND we still have to figure out how to get him clean. If he escapes in the process? Pfft. Forget it. Fortunately, these dog shampoo instructions thought things through.

11 Everyone say, "Cheese!"

Sometimes in life, you can't rush out and get something that will solve your problems, often, you simply have to make do with what you have, just like this family did. They didn't have a camera with a timer, so they grabbed the mirror plumb off the wall of the bathroom, and they DIYed their way out of this situation. With a little ingenuity and by pooling their resources, they finagled their way out of this jam. Wow, that is so impressive.

If that meme of Bear Grylls that says "Improvise. Adapt. Overcome." were here right now, we bet it would be so proud. We know we are.

This makes all of the pictures that people have taken over the years where mostly everyone in the family is in the picture, but one member of the family is left out because they're the one who had to take the picture, completely useless. This is the most obvious solution in the world to that problem, and yet it's taken us humans, what, a hundred decades to figure it out? Pathetic. Well, in any case, kudos to this family, who saw a problem, put their heads together and solved one of humankind's biggest issues.

10 Hillbilly ingenuity at its finest

"Gertrude? I been thinkin'. Hey, where are you, now? Gertrude?!"

"Consarnit, Wayne, what is it? I'm tryin' ta read through my magazines, but how am I s'posed to do that with you hollerin' and caterwaulin'? What're you carryin' on for?"

"I says, I been thinkin'. That old toilet we took out of the outhouse in the backyard before we finally got indoor plumbing? I hate ta throw that away, it's still in pretty good shape. Now, I been lookin' on that newfangled enter-neck, and I found some clever ideas—"

"Wayne. I am *tryin'* ta read about the royal weddin'. Where are you goin' with this? Would you get ta the blame point already?!"

"Gert, I wanna take that old toilet, and I wanna turn the pot into a grill, and I wanna turn the tank into a beer cooler. You're always complainin' about how no one ever wants to come over, and about how we don't have anythin' good for entertainin', and I think this little DIY project just might be the thing ta 'WOW' our guests! What do ya think?"

"Wayne...that's the best idea you've had since you decided to duct tape that Big Mouth Billy Bass to the hood of our '78 Chevy Impala. Suddenly, I remember why I love you."

9 It'll be well worth the wait

Boy, we sure love arts and crafts projects, don't you? There's nothing we enjoy more than buying bolts of fabric to make pajama pants from a free pattern that we found on Pinterest before inevitably giving up because, heck, we don't know how to sew, we have no idea what we're doing with that machine! We just wanted to try to make something simple with it because our mom bought it for us for Christmas last year, and she'll be disappointed if she asks us if we've made anything with it yet and we say no when she calls us later this month to check in.

Handicrafts are great, but they're tedious to make. It takes skill, dedication, and plenty of crying and asking yourself, "Why did I ever think I could do this?!" to complete any DIY project.

The fact that this brother got one sock should make him immeasurably happy. Do you know how long it takes to knit something? Like, a hecka long time. Too long, actually, which is why your sister has made the wise decision to give you one sock now, and one sock later. Besides, people who "need" two socks are just being greedy. Be happy with the one.

8 This explains a lot, actually

Where is the lie? This shower thought has got us thinking about things differently now. They're right. We're just big Tamagotchi pets and reality is some hunk of plastic attached to a handy dandy keychain, with a screen on it featuring crappy little graphics and buttons that you're never really sure what they do. And the person in charge of taking care of us? It's life, and life is just as ambivalent about our existence as every '90s kid was about the survival of their virtual pet. That's pretty spooky when you think about it.

Well, we guess we don't need our Fitbits anymore, not now that we know the child whose pocket we're riding around in is just going to end up destroying us. Either we won't get the food that we need to survive, or we won't get the love that we need to survive. In the end, we'll run out of battery power and die and get left in the lost and found box at school. It'll be sad, yes, but at least it'll be over. Hmm. We wonder if our mom ever saved our old Tamagotchi pet? We'd like to dig that thing out of the attic and apologize for all those years of neglect.

7 That was one close call

Some people don't believe in herbal supplements. Not in a "Santa Claus may or may not be real" kind of way. It's not that they question their existence, they just question their efficacy. Personally, we're big fans of natural remedies. Why can't certain plants cause certain reactions? If ginger can settle an upset stomach and if peppermint can soothe a sore throat, why can't other plants provide cures for other maladies? Makes sense to us. Our biggest beef with herbal supplements though is that, well. Take a look at the picture above. See? Both of those labels are identical.

If this person reaches for a bottle of pills on the side table in the middle of the night without turning the lights on, they could make a regrettable mistake with distressing consequences.

These pill manufacturers. They need to mix it up a little bit. They need to change the colors of their labels and add some more artwork and graphics or something. And we mean, sure, the person who owns these two bottles of pills could just read the labels, and that would ensure they don't make a bad mix up, but who wants to do that? If you ask us, the pill makers' logic was flawed.

6 Looks like she's qualified

"Babysitter" is a funny word, innit? You've got the "baby" part, which is easy enough to account for. We all know what a baby is. But then, tacked onto the end without explanation is the word "sitter". Where did that come from? What does that mean? Do you need someone to teach your baby how to sit? Because, depending on how old your child is, that might be an unreasonable request. Those newborns are pretty weak, they still need someone to support their necks, what makes you think they're ready to sit on their own? Sounds like you're just being demanding.

Alternatively, "babysitting" could mean that you want to hire someone to sit on your baby, as the person who created this advertisement has explained. They do make that sound like the most reasonable explanation for the creation of that word. Plus, it looks like they're qualified. Look at them sitting on those babies. They must have years of experience! We would definitely trust them to plant their posteriors on our infants, if we had any. The question here is, are the kiddos up for the challenge? Do you think they can support the weight of an adult woman? We're willing to find out.

5 Imagine any western film, but with cheese guns. Amazing

Uh, yes. Definitely. We like this idea, and much like the "we'll just hold a mirror up so we can all be in the shot because we don't have a camera with a timer on it" idea, we can't figure out why it's taken us humans this long to come up with something so ingenious as a cheese gun. This person, this "boo", is the next Thomas Edison. The next Nikola Tesla. The next Albert Einstein. They're taking everyday problems, like not having a cheese gun, and putting their mind to a solution, like having a cheese gun. A true revolutionary.

Imagine how much better parties and family get-togethers would be if everyone had the ability to shoot cheese into their mouths at will. Heck, imagine how much better life in general would be if we all had that ability!

If we had a cheese gun, that would essentially be the same thing as having a superpower. But, puh-leez! Forget invisibility and telekinesis. We don't need super strength or the ability to read minds. All we need is a glue gun with mozzarella and colby cheddar cheese sticks loaded into it so that we can hit the bullseye that is our mouth.

4 Who needs traffic cones when you have your students' cellphones?

Kids and their phones these days. Geez, it's like they're joined at the hip! Not that phones have hips, but that was the best idiom that we could come up with on such short notice, so just cut us some slack, would you please? The quality of our choice of phrases aside, the fact remains that these teens are in love with their gadgets, and they treat them like beloved family members. They'd be nothing without their phones—at least, that's what they think—so this driver's ed teacher's decision to literally put their student's phone's lives on the line was pretty creative, to say the least.

This teacher thought things through. They knew that they needed to teach their students how to parallel park, and they combined that need with the knowledge that they had about how much the kids today love their cellphones. They figured out a way to get kids to really focus. By raising the stakes to such a level that even the youths would take it seriously, they not only figured out how to make the kids pay attention, they also taught them the useful skill that is knowing how to drive. There's so much win in this, we can't even believe it.

3 Dr. Hooman is living their best life

Obviously, you should never let anybody or anything dictate what you want to do with your life. After all, it's your conscience you have to answer to, it's your existence you have to be proud of and it's you who you're stuck with 24/7, so it's you that you need to make happy. You have to do the right thing for you. All's we're saying is, in doing the right thing for you, keep your last name in mind.

We went to school with a girl whose surname was Cypher, and she decided to go into marine biology, but how cool would it have been if she'd been a code breaker? Talk about a lost opportunity.

Your last name is nothing more than a crap shoot. You come into this world and, boom, you've got it. You have zero control over it, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't pay attention to it. This person applied logic and they thought things through. They knew that they had been blessed with a once in a lifetime opportunity. Becoming a vet with a last name like "Hooman" was really their only option. They followed their heart—their animal and wordplay loving heart—and we all get to benefit from it.

2 Can do! Wait...what?

Pfft! Yeah, great job thinking things through on this sign. People going up, stay to the right; people going down, stay to the left? Fam, did you even consider how that would work? You made this sign in the hopes that it would prevent a traffic jam, but the instructions you printed on that paper are such that it reads like your whole intention was to cause a head-on collision. If you wanted this to make any kind of sense, you should have said "stay to the right whether you're going up or down", just like you're supposed to do out on the roadway (depending on what country you're in).

You know, we're actually not sure that this person should be allowed to use a printer, let alone a computer, if they can't figure out how basic directions like left and right work. If you don't have a handle on that concept by now, we're sorry to say it, but there's just no way that you're prepared to be giving other people directions. So, here. You just take this 64-pack of Crayola crayons and this Frozen coloring book and run along, and leave the whole "running an efficient place of business" thing to the adults. There's a good kid.

1 Touché

Via: reddit.com

Those "batteries not included" gifts are the ultimate killjoy on holidays and birthdays, especially when you're a kid. You get so stoked when you tear back the wrapping paper and open your present and discover that it's the super cool, super awesome toy/gadget that you wanted that talks or plays music or records what you say and plays it back to you. And you're still excited two minutes later, when you've finished reading the box and decide to take it out of there. You're enthralled. Ecstatic, we tell you! But then, you open up the instructions and see it. "Batteries not included".

It's at this point that every swear word you know runs through your head like they're all competing in an expletive marathon.

"Batteries not included"? What do you mean "batteries not included"? This isn't a gift, it's a chore and a disappointment! Well, at least this person decided to apply that backwards logic to their gag gift. You think it sucks when your gift comes sans batteries, eh? Well, how do you feel after getting these batteries that come sans gift? Isn't it ironic? Don't you think? A little...too ironic. And, yeah, we really do think, and—wait, that's Alanis Morissette. Never mind.

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