Loki Is The Most Meme-able Marvel Character (25 Posts)

I’ve been a fan of Norse mythology ever since I was a little girl and read those stories long before I’d even looked at Marvel’s take on Thor. When I heard that they were making a film based on the comic book character, I was intrigued because of my love for the aforementioned mythology and I’m a sucker for the fantasy genre; Game of Thrones is one of my favorite television shows.

I’ve always thought actors and musicians with long blonde hair and blue eyes were good-looking, since I had a huge crush on Taylor Hanson as a teenager back in 1997, but I walked out of there fangirling HARD for Tom Hiddleston’s Loki instead of Chris Hemsworth’s Thor.

While I do love Hemsworth as Thor, I personally feel that Loki is the more interesting character, probably because I can relate to him a bit more than I can to his big brother. I too often felt like the “black sheep” while growing up and I was definitely a bookworm.

Loki also intrigued me because he wasn’t quite a villain and he was the perfect foil for Thor. I was thrilled when he faked his death in Thor: The Dark World and that he was redeemed in Thor: Ragnarok.

I was also incredibly unhappy and angry with Loki’s storyline in Avengers: Infinity War and truly feel that poor Tom Hiddleston got the short end of the stick. Thankfully, memes like the ones below have helped make me laugh and kept my mind off of how badly Marvel burned the Loki fandom.

25 Hail, Loki

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When I saw Thor: Ragnarok, I CACKLED when Loki showed up with Korg and his crew while shouting that he was going to be the savior of Asgard. I STILL don’t know how Tom Hiddleston didn’t fall over laughing hysterically when he filmed that scene or how the extras didn’t start giggling — I would’ve lost it if I was on set for that moment.

Given the fact that thanks to Marvel’s Loki, Hiddleston has a fan army that is scarily loyal to the actor, I’m not shocked that someone made the leap and started joking about the fans worshipping their favorite God of Mischief.

If Marvel Loki was real, he’d be ASTOUNDED that he had such a loyal following and would probably get a big kick out of the fact that his fans would want to worship him. He’d be all “Finally! At least NOW I get some recognition instead of my lovable yet goofy big brother.”

It’s too bad Thanos had to wreck Thor’s plans about creating a new Asgard on Earth during the events of Infinity War, since I could easily see the god of Thunder being SO CONFUSED when the ship landed and was greeted by hordes of Loki’s fans that were just itching to get a glimpse of the trickster.

24 Puppy Loki Is The Best

Someone needs to show this meme to Kevin Feige and the Russo brothers because this would be such a HILARIOUS plotline for the fourth Avengers movie. I need this meme in the movie NOW because it would just be so darn funny.

I know there is a fan theory that is going around which states that the real Bruce Banner left on the ship with Korg and Valkyrie while the “Bruce” we saw in the film is actually Loki in disguise. This explains why the Hulk couldn’t defeat Thanos AND why Bruce, who NEVER remembered any of the Hulk’s actions before, knew all about the Infinity Stones and was able to explain the threat of Thanos when he got to Earth.

As much as I love the idea of Mark Ruffalo playing Loki playing Bruce Banner, it would be 10 times funnier if Loki escaped on the ship with Korg and Valkyrie as a giant fluffy Labradoodle.

Not only would it be amusing to see an adorable pooch transform back into Loki right when the Avengers are teaming up to take down Thanos, it would be also a nice nod to the Norse myths where Loki transformed himself into a horse or when his son by the giantess Angrboda turned out to be a ginormous wolf named Fenrisulfr.

23 Ah, Brotherly Love

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Even though Thor is really hard to defeat in battle with both Mjolnir AND his newfound lightning powers, let’s face it: Loki is still his best weapon, especially in Thor: Ragnarok —much to his brother’s eternal chagrin.

Despite the fact that Loki’s irritated expression at the faintest WHIFF of Thor suggesting “Get help,” even he can’t deny that it WAS a good plan.

Besides, I don’t get why he gets so cranky about it — Loki is a godlike alien being and it is not like he gets injured very easily, even if he’s thrown full-force into a horde of creatures and using his body weight to know them over.

Even if Loki DOES get hurt, he knows seidr (magic) and can easily heal himself if he does wind up getting any kind of cuts and bruises. His mother Frigga taught him well, after all. Heck if Loki really wanted to, he could go the human route and just put an ice pack over his bruises or pick up a pack of Band-Aids from Walgreens.

Perhaps Loki dislikes the “Get help” ploy because it ruins those glorious raven locks of his and he has to spend an hour getting all of the tangles out.

22 Bless The Writers Of Fan Fiction

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After the heart-wrenching and utterly maddening plotline of Avengers: Infinity War, there’s only one thing fans can do aside from cry their eyes out, and that’s write fix-it fan-fiction to cheer up the rest of the fandom.

I learned from a young age that when movies, books and television shows don’t go your way, it is best to drown your sorrows in fan-fiction.

I was furious back in the day when Colin Hanks’ character Alex Whitman was unceremoniously kicked off in season two of Roswell or when the showrunners made the decision to explore the relationship between Max Evans and Tess Harding even though everyone wanted the former to get back together with his girlfriend Liz Parker. So I spent HOURS reading fan fiction on FanFiction.net or Roswell-centric message boards.

Many of those writers were incredibly creative and wrote better stories than the Roswell showrunner Jason Katims or his team of writers. One in particular was called The Importance of Being Elizabeth and the author created this elaborate plot about how Liz was actually an alien and Max’s rightful queen from a past life. It’s too bad Katims and his team never read that fan fiction and got some ideas from it, since it would’ve boosted the ratings and saved the show.

21 Thor's Gleeful Grin Says It All

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I truly believe that Thor and Loki could have simply punched, hit, and kicked their way out of trouble but since he dearly LOVES to pick on his brother, that is the reason why he suggested performing the “Get help” routine in Thor:Ragnarok.

Look at that gleeful grin — he knows that Loki dislikes being used as a physical weapon against their enemies, but it brings him great joy to toss his brother around the way a human on Midgard would toss around a bowling bowl at a bowling alley.

Just as older siblings LOVE to irritate their younger siblings, Thor probably kept picking “Get help” to get out of tricky situations because he knew it would irritate Loki. I am almost positive that if Loki didn’t kick up a fuss about how he disliked performing “Get help,” that Thor wouldn’t constantly suggest it as a way to distract and take out their enemies in battle.

Poor Loki. He really is his own worst enemy and if he just swallowed his pride every now and then, he probably wouldn’t have to be used as a human cannonball to be tossed around by Thor at people that are trying to attack them.

20 Even Trickster Gods Have Poor Memory

I know that feeling, Loki. I have such a bad memory and even though I can remember the names of dogs that I have met only once at the dog park while describing their breed in intricate detail, I am awful at trying to recall the names of people I’ve met.

It is probably due to the fact that dogs’ names are a bit easier to remember because either it is something simple like “Bella” or “Sunny” or the owners are pop culture nerds that name them after popular characters from franchises like Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, the Lord of the Rings, etc.

Also, dogs are WAY cooler than people. For all of those folks that are socially awkward like me, dogs don’t care what you look like and it is A-okay to talk to them the way you would a child. They couldn't care less about what you are saying and if you forget their names, they won’t get mad. Just be sure to make it up to them with a lot of yummy treats or a rousing game of fetch!

Plus, there’s only so many breeds and mixes out there in the world. After a while, it becomes easy to recognize a mutt with a saddle back reminiscent of a German Shepherd dog or a cute fluffy Bichon Frise.

19 Soul-Searching With Loki

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Oh gosh, I feel personally attacked by this meme. Thanks a lot, Loki for hitting me right in the feels!

Just kidding… well, kind of. Pretty much everyone has the stereotypical image of the little kid that knows EXACTLY what they want to be when they grow up.

But what I’m doing now and what I wanted to do when I was a wee lass are two VASTLY different things.

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be an artist because I loved drawing and painting. Thanks to my dyscalculia, my visual-spatial skills are — well, let’s just say they are not the best and leave it at that.

I got into Parsons School of Art and Design after I graduated high school, but I was extremely depressed at how math-based everything was and it didn’t jive with my dyscalculia. I left, decided “well, I love writing, so if I can’t be an artist or an illustrator, I’m going to the next best thing” and enrolled in my mother’s alma mater for the fall semester.

Aside from freelancing, I also work as a dog trainer and a dog walker. I got into THAT after I adopted a fearful puppy I had no idea how to work with. After much blood, sweat, and tears with Zoe, I decided to go back to school to be a dog trainer so no one else would ever have to go through the kind of stress I suffered with.

18 Norse God Of Worry Warts

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I feel personally attacked by this meme because holy moly, it pretty much describes ANYONE that has been jokingly called a “worry wart” in the past.

Like, someone could text me and be all “We need to talk.” Most folks would just shrug it off and think to themselves “Okay, cool. Nothing’s wrong.”

Not people that are worry warts and IMMEDIATELY start jumping to conclusions. My brain would kick into overdrive and start thinking things like “Oh no, this is serious, something major is about to go down” or “Oh man, what did I do to make them mad at me?”

It' during times like this that I wish I could just flip a switch and get my brain to SHUT UP because I KNOW that 99.9% of the time the person that sent me the text message that caused my mind to jump to conclusions just wants to chat about something TOTALLY mundane and it winds up being nothing to worry about.

Stupid brain. It really needs to calm the heck down whenever I get sent text messages like that so I won’t have to waste my time with worrying about something that never even comes to past half the darn time.

17 Trust My Rage

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This pretty much sums up Loki’s entire plot from the first Thor movie. He felt that he kept getting pushed aside thanks to Odin’s A+ parenting, and the rage and resentment kept piling up until he decided it was time to go full villain in order to be named heir to the throne instead of Thor.

It's too bad this meme didn’t exist back then, otherwise Loki could have simply texted it to his dad and then yelled at him for being such a bad parent before seeking out his mom so he could complain about his irritating father.

If Loki HAD sent this meme to Odin, maybe the fate of Asgard would’ve been changed because the All-Father would have realized that he SERIOUSLY messed up when it came to raising his sons. He would have noticed that his youngest child felt slighted, so he would make the decision to have a heart-to-heart with the god of mischief in order to clear the air.

Frigga would probably have to push her husband to do the thing since he’s just as stubborn as his kids, but if the heart-to-heart went well, then Loki could’ve learned the truth about his heritage WITHOUT freaking out. Then the whole mess with Hela would have never happened.

16 Thanos Needs To Go Bye, Bye, Bye

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Oh look! Here we have pretty much every Loki/Tom Hiddleston fans reaction to Thanos even THINKING about walking up to our favorite Norse God.

Poor Josh Brolin... I have a sneaking suspicion that he is getting TONS of hate-mail from angry fans that saw Infinity War and now want Thanos’s head on a pike. He’s probably regretting even signing on to play the role in the first place.

If the remaining Avengers want to take down Thanos in the fourth movie, all they have to do is assemble Loki’s army of fans. It won’t matter if the giant purple grape alien has that stupid gauntlet with its trashy-looking gems, Loki’s fans are full of righteous wrath and they will tear Thanos to pieces before using that hunk of junk to make sure that Infinity War is erased from the timeline and our favorite trickster is whole again.

Thanos won’t know what hit him and the last thing he would see is an army of ROYALLY TICKED-OFF FANS descending on him like a pack of hungry wolves before he’s torn to shreds. He’d DEFINITELY regret trying to go after Thor, Loki and the rest of the Asgardians in Infinity War.

15 Thor And Loki Demand Refunds

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Thanks to this meme, I now have a HILARIOUS mental image of Loki attempting to get Thor to order something off of Wish or RoseGal because he’s read the reviews and knows there is a 50/50 chance that it won’t look like what his big brother ordered.

Of course, Loki’s instincts are right and Thor’s face falls when his cool new Midgardian shirt looks like it is small enough for a toy poodle to wear.

Knowing Thor, even though he is now the King of Asgard, he’d probably toss the shirt down and call the customer service helpline while screeching “Another!”

True to his title as the God of Mischief, Loki would be filming all this on his brand-spankin’ new Smartphone and would immediately post it to YouTube in order to troll his brother. Thor would be embarrassed, but Loki would DEFINITELY say that it was all worth it just to get such a hilarious video.

Jokes aside, we’ve ALL had that infuriating experience where a clothing item we really want is ordered from an online store and it looks NOTHING like what we were supposed to get. I ordered a shirt online once as a teen and not only did it not fit right, but it was also badly made too. I was so mad that I tossed it out and never ordered from that place ever again.

14 Introvert Versus Extrovert: A Detailed Example

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I will be 100% honest with you; I laughed when I spotted this meme and just HAD to include it on this list. I, like Thor, love taking selfies whatever chance I get.

Most of the time the selfies are taken with my dogs or my dog training/dog walking clients so that I always have some cute photos to promote my fledgling business with on social media websites such as Facebook or Instagram.

When I’m not working, I enjoy taking selfies when I’m with my significant other when we’re visiting cool places like the Metropolitan Museum of Art because hey, why not? The permanent exhibits like the Greek, Roman and ancient Egyptian wings are really neat and it’s fun to pose with historical items from thousands of years ago.

If Thor had time to go to places like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I bet he too would take hilarious selfies with the statues and other artifacts while a long-suffering Loki just rolled his eyes. Because OF COURSE his older brother had to interrupt his discussion on the history of the piece. Meanwhile, Valkyrie and Heimdall would be giggling at the siblings and how different they are when it comes to touring Midgardian museums.

13 Even The Goddess Of Death Is Scared Of The Hulk

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If Hela managed to survive Surtur going all King Kong on Asgard and reappeared in the fourth Avengers movie after the surviving superheroes brought everyone back to life once Thanos was gone for good, I bet she would NOT want to mess with Bruce Banner since he can transform into the Incredible Hulk.

After all, she thought her pet wolf Fenris was nigh unbeatable but once Bruce transformed into the Hulk, the giant green rage monster proved her wrong.

I felt SO BAD for Fenris because he was quite adorable and I love wolves, but I did giggle at how the Hulk managed to defeat the ginormous canine.

Hela was probably watching the entire exchange in Thor: Ragnarok and thinking to herself “Okay, note to self: the angry green giant is able to take out my enormous wolf pal AND the dude is practically impervious to pane. DO NOT WANT TO TANGLE WITH THIS DUDE.”

When Loki unleashed Surtur to fulfill the prophecy and destroy Asgard, Hela’s final thoughts were probably of relief so she wouldn’t have to make a fool of herself in front of her two younger brothers by trying (and possibly even failing) to defeat the Incredible Hulk in battle.

12 Loki, King Of Marvel Fan's Hearts

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Just peeking at the Loki fandom on Tumblr is proof that the Trickster has TONS of male and female fans that swoon every single time they see him on screen.

He really went the wrong way when trying to take over the Earth in the first Avengers film. Instead of using the Chitauri Army lent to him by Thanos, all he had to do was arrive on Earth and prance around without a shirt. Men and women EVERYWHERE would have been DROOLING over him and gladly done anything that he wanted.

And let’s face it, who can blame the fans? Tom Hiddleston is a good-looking dude, but it’s like his attractiveness gets enhanced the minute he puts on the Loki costume and starts walking around with that arrogant swagger. It’s the epitome of that “heart eyes” meme, in my opinion.

I still laugh every time I watch the YouTube video of Hiddleston appearing as Loki at Comic-Con and one guy in the audience yelled at that his partner has a huge crush on the actor. In my eyes, it looked as if Hiddleston was trying desperately not to laugh and break character.

I give him a TON credit for keeping it together when he was probably mentally cracking up at that comment. I don’t know how he did it though; if I was him, I would have lost it and just fell on the floor in a fit of hysterics.

11 Thor, Don't Do It

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I will FOREVER be salty that Marvel never gave us a Thor movie where these two are just siblings and have to team up against a villain. We saw a little bit of that in Thor: Ragnarok but it was towards the end of the movie and there wasn’t enough time to dedicate to those two characters, since they had to focus on defeating Hela.

I would have LOVED to have seen a Marvel film where these two were fighting side-by-side and just making sassy remarks at each other about their plan — or lack thereof.

Heck, they could have redeemed Hela, not have kicked off Odin, and have the three siblings travel around the universe, fighting monsters and protecting the innocent all while practicing the art of sarcasm.

Almost like the CW’s Supernatural, but with less paranormal creatures and entities.

Every time Thor came up with a ridiculous plan, Loki would start rolling his eyes at his brother because he is used to his harebrained schemes while Hela would facepalm at her younger sibling’s stupidity. Even Fenris would get in on the “Mock Thor” brigade and whack his muzzle with his front paw in an attempt to facepalm just like Hela.

10 Time To Pet All The Doggos

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Oh Loki, I know that feel bro. It is truly one of the greatest highlights of my life when I’m at a party or some other event and someone has a dog. Thanks to my delightful generalized anxiety disorder, sometimes I need to take a break at noisy events and find a quiet spot so that I won’t get overwhelmed and drown in sensory overload.

If there’s a dog at the event I can play with and cuddle until I feel brave enough to rejoin the noise fray, even better. Dogs are awesome, and you don’t need to make small talk with them. Plus, even the loudest and most vocal doggo is NOWHERE near as bad as a party or event full of humans talking, yelling, and screeching at full volume.

Let me tell you, I’m also hard of hearing and aside from my GAD sometimes causing sensory overload, my poor ears are also SO ridiculously sensitive that I often cringe at loud noises.

My family is predominantly Italian-American and therefore, holidays? Lots of loud talking and sometimes I can’t help but wince because the volume hurts the ever living heck out of my ears. Construction work nearby also makes my ears want to leave my body and never return.

This is why I like dogs, y’all.

9 Toss The Alarm Clock Out The Window

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This was SO me when I was in school. I am naturally a night owl and I would VASTLY prefer staying up all night before getting up in the afternoon.

Every time my alarm clock went off when I was in high school, I seriously contemplated throwing it out of the window and wondering if my education was worth it. It wasn’t until I discovered the joys of coffee that getting up so darn early got a wee bit easier, although I’m still groggy to this day until I have my caffeine boost.

It was the worst when I got stuck in Honors English in junior year and I had to listen to my kindly but UTTERLY BORING principal/English teacher DRONE ON AND ON about the bloody Enlightenment or the works of Henry David Thoreau.

Of course, this was the last class of the day and he’d always lose track of time, so we’d be forced to stay late.

There were times I wish I could’ve tossed an alarm clock at his stomach just so he would SHUT UP and let us go home. The dude DEFINITELY needed to relearn how to keep track of time; he was a walking, talking “absent-minded professor” stereotype.

8 Loki Demands Tribute

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Y’know, if Infinity War didn’t happen and the Asgardians managed to create a New Asgard on Earth after the events of Thor: Ragnarok, I could definintely see the Odinson brothers being FASCINATED by the Midgardian concept of Netflix.

Although, given the fact that in the MCU Thor and Loki ARE brothers (they are BFFs, not siblings in the original Norse mythology) we all know that they would probably bicker as much as normal human siblings do when it comes to Netflix.

I could easily imagine Thor getting himself into a spot of trouble with the Avengers and Loki showing up to save him, but only on one condition: if he shares the Netflix password that he SO RUDELY CHANGED before he left on the mission and that not even Heimdall, who sees pretty much everything, knows.

The other Avengers (especially Bruce Banner and the Hulk) would likely start rolling their eyes at Loki’s theatrics and I am SURE that Tony Stark would start making snarky remarks at the god of mischief to help them instead of worrying about the new Netflix password.

Of course, Thor is at heart a kind dude, so we all know that he’d immediately tell Loki what the password was and start smashing the villains with lightning once he was freed.

7 Mischief Managed

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This is DEFINITELY something that has happened to me in the past, thanks to having a younger sibling. Between my sister, my father, and I, it was always like a race to eat whatever we could in the refrigerator before the next person got it — much to my mother’s chagrin.

One time I was in the midst of a bad PMS spell and I ate some delicious chocolate, only to realize in sheer horror that it was my SISTER’S chocolate, and not mine. Oops! We had both been gifted the exact same type of chocolate, but my sister was VERY touchy about people eating her food and would often throw a temper tantrum if anyone even BREATHED on HER item.

I did my best to hide the remnants all the way back in the refrigerator, but she ultimately found out and had a fit despite the fact that I had the EXACT SAME THING and I offered it to her. Not even an identical chocolate bar was enough for her and she caused such a commotion that from that time on, we had to CLEARLY label which food was for whom so that no one accidentally ate someone else’s item.

6 Thor's A Real Fashionista

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Despite the fact that it has been YEARS since the first Avengers movie was released in theaters, and I’ve seen it several times since then, I still crack up whenever Tony Stark tells Thor “Doth mother know that you are wearing her drapes?”

Between Tony’s snark and Thor’s shocked look, that scene is HILARIOUS. I don’t know how Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Hemsworth filmed that interaction with straight faces; I have a sneaking suspicion that both men kept giggling in between takes.

It is such a shame that Thor: The Dark World didn’t feature a scene with Loki making a sarcastic comment about Thor wearing his mother’s drapery before Frigga died. They should have included that nice shout-out when Loki was presented to Odin in chains just so the Asgardian royal court would be really confused while Frigga rolled her eyes at her snarky son and Thor facepalmed.

It's too bad Marvel unceremoniously kicked Frigga off in the second film because I have NO DOUBT in my mind that Taika Waititi would have included a callback to that funny line in Thor: Ragnarok. Knowing him, he probably would have had Korg ask Thor why his cape looked like a drape his mother had hanging in the palace at Asgard.

5 Odin's A+ Parenting Strikes Again

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It has become a running joke amongst Thor fans that Odin was such a bad parent that there are literally tags on Archive Of Our Own called “Odin’s A+ parenting” and I find that to be SO HILARIOUS because, well, it's true.

We don’t know Loki’s exact birthday, but given the fact that Thor was clearly Odin’s favorite because the Trickster probably reminded him a little TOO much of his firstborn Hela, I wouldn’t be shocked if the All-Father totally forgot his adopted son’s birthday and held his trial from the second movie on that date.

Frigga would have smacked him silly afterwards, but I could easily see this meme play out in Thor: The Dark World.

Between Odin and John Winchester from the CW’s Supernatural, those two are neck and neck in the race for “worst fictional parent ever.” Odin kind of made up for his abysmal parenting skills in Thor: Ragnarok when he acknowledged Loki as his son, forgave him for acting out in anger and admitted that he was proud of him. So I suppose he’s not AS BAD as Sam and Dean’s father. But it’s still a pretty close race, and I side-eye both characters for what they did to their sons.

4 Stop De-Powering Loki 2K18

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If I could bake cookies and give the creator of this meme a hug, I would. After the events of Avengers: Infinity War, I would LOVE to whack Kevin Feige, the Russo Brothers, and the rest of the Marvel executives upside the head for forgetting that LOKI IS A GODLIKE CREATURE AND CANONICALLY, HE HAS MORE POWERS OTHER THAN STABBING PEOPLE.

In my eyes, it is a GIANT plot-hole that Loki would be SO STUPID as to try and stab a ginormous alien that looks like a walking, talking grape. Especially when he is a) a shapeshifter and b) HE CAN CONJURE ICE.

All he had to do was unleash his Jotun abilities and go all Killer Frost on the idiots that tried to invade the Asgardian’s ship.

I don’t care how many shiny jewelry trinkets the grape-man has or the weapons his buddies are packing, they would DEFINITELY freeze to death or get a REALLY bad case of frostbite (heck, possibly even hypothermia) before they could do a blessed thing.

Or Loki could have created an illusion to distract the bad guys and safely gotten off the ship with the rest of the Asgardian refugees because he is their prince. It is HIS JOB to see them safe while Thor is taking on the big bad. It’s just bad writing all around.

3 Thor Says He'd Like To Not Be Used As A Pin Cushion Anymore, Thank You Very Much

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I got a big kick out of the scene in Thor: Ragnarok where Thor recounts the tale of how Loki shapeshifted into a snake and then stabbed him after the God of Thunder picked him up. This was mainly because he was fascinated by serpents as a kid (minus the shapeshifting), hat is pretty much how real-life siblings interact.

Well, okay, minus the “whole stabbing each other with a dagger” thing, but I know some of my male friends used to roughhouse ALL THE TIME with their brothers or their male cousins. They might not have tossed daggers at one another in an attempt to prank them, but they would wrestle and get a ton of bruises or minor injuries. Needless to say, their parents were DEFINITELY exasperated with their antics as kids.

It is too bad that Taika Waititi didn’t give us a flashback to this in the movie or include a scene where Loki tries to do the exact same move on Thor, even though they are both adults. I could easily imagine Bruce Banner freaking out after Loki cut Thor while Valkyrie rolls her eyes as the god of thunder makes a bad pun about the entire scenario and then stands up like nothing ever happened.

2 We All Need A Hug After 'Infinity War'

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Did the creator of this meme spy on all of the shell-shocked Loki fans that walked out of the theaters looking bedraggled and clutching their bag of popcorn? This image hits WAY too close to home.

I have seen SO MANY Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr posts from my fellow Loki/Tom Hiddleston fans that admitted they walked out of the showing of Avengers: Infinity War in a daze because they could NOT BELIEVE what happened to the god of mischief.

I personally wasn’t so much in a daze when I found out what Loki’s role in Avengers: Infinity War was; my reaction leaned more towards instant denial and then sheer rage at Marvel for giving one of my favorite actors the short end of the stick.

In my humble opinion, Tom Hiddleston is a phenomenal actor and he really deserves better than what Marvel and the Russo brothers gave him to work with in Avengers: Infinity War.

I do hope that this is all part of a master plan to fix the timeline just like Barry Allen did numerous times in The Flash television show or the outrage from the fandom forces them to fix their mistakes in the fourth movie, but I also don’t trust movie executives to make the right decisions after the mess that was Justice League.

1 Move Over Prince Eric, Loki Is Here

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Now that Disney has bought Marvel, Loki and Thor ARE technically Disney Princes. Move over Prince Eric and Prince Adam/the Beast, because no one wants a dude that is enchanted by singing or that has a ginormous library! Now everyone wants to date a lanky, snarky Norse trickster demi-god, or Tom Hiddleston himself, since when he’s not in character as Loki he is an adorable ray of sunshine that just OOZES happiness.

Then again, Loki would be a better choice than most of the classic Disney Princes because I am SURE the palace at Asgard has a library to rival even the Beast’s collection and he is WAY more interesting than Prince Eric or Prince Phillip.

Nothing against the classic Disney movies, but the princes really didn’t have a ton of character development. They were just the stereotypical “good guys” and it got boring after a while. The only one with any sort of interesting character arc was Prince Adam/The Beast, but even then, they didn’t spend a ton of time developing him.

Loki on the other hand, is a fully fleshed-out character whose faults and good qualities have been allowed to shine. Marvel fans have watched him go from scorned second son to villain to snarky Trickster to Thor’s loyal advisor, and it’s been really fun to see how he has progressed through the series of films.

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