London Fashion Week Is Fur-Free At Last

This year, London Fashion Week has decided to completely omit fashion pieces that are made of fur. Because of the size of this event, this decision is a huge step towards making cruelty-free items a norm. From big to small companies, the new “in” thing is going to be taking care of the planet.

As companies continue to become more morally conscious of their products’ production, we as consumers should also strive to make better choices. While not all brands give us the option of cruelty-free products, it is important to know how the thing you are enjoying was made. Especially when it comes to clothes and fashion, it is easy to ignore the reality of how the product was made if we only look at comfort and convenience. It will certainly take more time and effort to consciously buy products that are cruelty-free, but the payoff will be worth it; a greener Earth that is cared for of will take care of us in return.

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For this month’s fashion week, the British Fashion Council decided to stop showcasing fur items after surveying the schedule of designers included in the event. The announcement came after big brands like Burberry and Gucci have promised to stop including real fur in any of the products they will release. Furthermore, British MPs have called for the ban of real fur products seen sold in large retailers such as Boots, Amazon, and Tesco. Even though fur farming is illegal in the country, studies show that the UK imported almost 75 million of fur in 2017. With the call for big retailers to stop selling fur, the country is taking steps forward towards achieving a cruelty-free market.

The decisions made for the London Fashion Week showed the world that in order to take good care of our environment, there needs to be a collaborative effort between the public and private sectors. Apparel companies took the initiative to stop producing products with real fur, and the UK government is proposing bans on the fur industries. This encourages us, the consumers, to follow suit. If real fur is eliminated from our choices, then it becomes unlikely that we purchase it.

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While we should celebrate the statements made by the British Fashion Council and the UK government, we need to realize that we don’t have to wait for others’ decisions to change spending habits. If you want to work towards ending animal cruelty, then you can take a proactive role by becoming a responsible shopper. With all of our collaborative efforts (businesses, governments, consumers, etc.), a cruelty-free apparel market will not be just a dream.


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