The Long Furby — An Internet Sensation — Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

Furby, a gremlin-like creature created by Tiger Electronics, was a popular plush toy among children in the late 1990s and early 2000s. But as with all beloved cultural icons, someone had to distort this harmless furball by creating LongFurby, a demonic, tailed creature that will surely haunt your dreams.

LongFurby, which made its first appearance on Tumblr, was created by a 23-year-old photography student/wedding caterer who goes by Aloe. "She was an Idea that I just had to get out and onto paper," Aloe told VICE. The result is a terrifying, snake-like creature with a Furby head. Thanks but no thanks.

"I'm still discovering her quirks as I go!" said Aloe, who for some reason thinks of LongFurby as female. Maybe it’s because she’s pure white, which makes her even more unsettling. According to her creator, who I’ll call FrankenFurby, she weighs 15 ounces and is three feet and two inches long. She reportedly loves gardening, pizza, and hot dogs, which undoubtedly makes her a murderous fiend.

For those who find the idea of a Furby slithering around on a furry white tail, they’re in luck. Aloe sells LongFurbies for $80 plus shipping. However, if you’re in a hurry to get this monstrosity in your home, there’s a waiting list, so you’ll need to be patient. "This is simply a hobby and I’m just making them as a way to spread them further for those who otherwise would not/could not make their own," Aloe said. "There’s no love in mass production. Love is in handmade." We’re good, Aloe.

A 'star' on social media, LongFurby currently has thousands of followers, mostly as a result of her appearance in Instagram memes and Twitter threads. Yet she’s not alone. Devin Gardner, 24, also creates long Furbies, which he then photographs and posts to his Instagram account, long.furby.fam, which has more than 13,000 followers.

Gardner’s long Furbies can be seen in a variety of situations, each more disturbing than the one before. For example, he photographs the long Furbies on the toilet, eating sausages and drinking brandy, and sitting in some kind of vintage wheelchair.

Gardner, who creates these abominations in his apartment in Burbank, California, says, "I think as far as the overall appeal to them, it's almost like a perfect storm of '90s nostalgia with off-the-wall meme humor.” He doesn’t believe his creations are grotesque but rather unnatural. Sorry Gardner, but I digress.

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As for the original Furby, it’s still available, minus the horrifying tail. Over 40 million Furbies were sold during the three years of its original production, with 1.8 million sold in 1998, and 14 million in 1999. The robotic plush toy’s speaking capabilities were translated into 24 languages.

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