Long Island Medium: 20 Little Known Facts About The TLC Show

Join us for a séance with the dead. Let’s conjure up the spirits of days gone by and learn of what was and what shall soon come to be….

For many, a statement like that is pretty absurd and redundant. For the upcoming Halloween season, however, it sounds pretty appropriate. But for others, especially Theresa Caputo, of Long Island Medium, it’s pretty much a way of life.

She claims she can definitely conjure up the spirits that have passed from this earth, and as it turns out, she makes quite a bit of cash doing so, charging celebrity guests quite a bit along the way.

But many have wondered if the woman and the show are legit. Join us as we take a look at some pretty staggering facts and rumors that you may not have known about this hit TLC show.

20 Her Abilities Are Self-Proclaimed

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Anyone can pretty much go out there and proclaim that they can do something or other. If we told you that Howard, the guy in accounting can bench 350, you'd have to believe us because we said so, right?

Maybe not, but yet, the public believed Theresa because it's on TV. Most people will buy anything if it's on TV, and the sky's the limit folks.

19 She Did A Reading For Kim K

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Perhaps one of the most iconic reality stars of this modern era and age is none other than Miss Kim Kardashian herself, or rather Mrs. Kanye West that is. But Kim and her family have been trying to reach their late father for years as well as others from their past, and they sought the public help of Theresa no less.

But what you need to ask yourself is... did they really learn anything new from the experience?

18 She Divorced In 2018

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She was married for quite some time. She and her husband Larry married in 1989 and they even had kids... a son and a daughter, but unfortunately, just a year shy of celebrating 30 years of marriage, they decided to call it quits.

Despite the fact that she's public about most things in her life, the reasons behind the split are pretty hard to track down.

17 Skeptics Call Her Work ''A Con''

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It's a pretty old story and has been made fun of in most popular forms since the dawn of time. The seance as its known is often referred to as a joke and we can more than understand why.

There are those that believe in the powers of a person like Theresa, but so many out there believe that there is a trick at hand when they are ''communicating'' with the dearly departed.

16 Many Have Claimed Events On The Show Are Scripted

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Like so many other reality shows out there, many have claimed that a lot of the scenes that have unfolded on the show are positively scripted. This may be so, as so many shows have been outed for such tactics.

The Jersey Shore, featuring some of Theresa's Long Island neighbors, has been proven to be a show that not only scripts some of the scenes but actually goes through lengths to create overly dramatic situations for the desired effect.

15 Maybe A Lot Of Special Effects Are Involved

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And to create those types of dramatic scenes on a show like this, a lot of special effects would definitely be involved. Furthermore, the sound guys would need to put in quite a bit of overtime on the cutting room floor, we're sure, and our dear Theresa would have to put on quite the show all at the same time.

We can't say any of this for sure. just like all of you, we can only speculate, but a lot of proof is out there.

14 She Did A Reading For Kelsey Grammer

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And like for Kim K, she also did a reading for the likes of Kelsey Grammer, a Hollywood heavyweight of some renown. of course, everybody remembers him as lovable Frasier Crane, and he has had quite the career as an actor and veritable funny man. But things got serious when he sat down with Theresa.

And having celebrities such as him on the show only help her to grasp that audience she seeks more and more.

13 Terry Sleeps With A Night Light

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This one's a tad cute, but we decided to include it as it kind of makes a point all on its own. She has claimed that she sleeps with a night light, and she may very well, but it just seems like a way of plugging her show and what she does just a little too much.

Stephen King once said, sometimes you tell the press what they want to hear, and at the same time, it helps sell a few books. Well, maybe Theresa's been reading up on her Stephen King advice.

12 She Works Out 4 To 5 Times A Week

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Pictured here with her son, she says she works out four to five times per week. She went to social media to show her progress and she looks great.

We'd imagine that the reason to get into shape had to do with health and of course aesthetics, and not at all to help her to outrun the ghosts she conjures up at seances.

11 Claims She First Felt Spirits When She Was 4 Years Old

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It often helps to tell the media and the public that you've had a particular gift from when you were little. It sort of helps sell your product all that much more. Time and time again Theresa proves that she must have not only gotten visited by a spirit at the age of four but perhaps she was also reading How To Succeed At Business from about the same time.

We can picture her now, pencil over her ear, spirits buzzing around her head, practicing the art of the deal and sale.

10 The Oldest Trick In The Book

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And at the end of the day, she really practices the oldest con in the book. As we stated, many have tried to get a little fame and fortune conjuring up a few deceased people, and she's no different.

Really if we look at her career and the show, she isn't really offering anything all that different than we've seen before at a carnival or on TV.

9 She Often Gets Things Wrong

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And unfortunately, if you really pay attention to the scenes depicting her seances, many have caught her in quite a few errors. Of course, they aren't often displayed on TV, but there have been a few awkward segments.

And behind the scenes, some have told of blunders she'd made during the filming that was, well... left on the cutting room floor as it were.

8 The Living & The Dead Never Exchange Harsh Words

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What,s also pretty astounding is that despite the fact that she's dealing with the afterlife, the spirits she calls to her never seem to exchange even the harshest of words. And they never seem to have an issue or problem, acting out aggressively to those left behind.

Now we know this isn't some horror novel, but come on ... a spirit takes the time to make it all the way back here, and it doesn't go off on his wife for getting remarried! Come on!

7 She Never Gives New Information

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And as we've seen many of these people do, she will often say things that have already been stated, or rather are known to the other people at the seance. She rarely gives any new info on the situation, relying on some background information she might have.

It's pretty comical once you've seen the same scene a few times over. Just try it and you'll see. and she always waits for affirmation, and when the people give it, she goes on, actually causing the poor people to think they've learned something new.

6 Individual Audience Members Are Investigated At Live Events

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And why does she seem to know so much? Well, as it turns out, there have been leaked rumors from audience members at her live shows that before they entered, some of them were actually interviewed. And no we're not talking about what's your favorite color and all that jazz... we're talking about intimate details about their past.

Now it just so happens that these interviewees may just be the people she picks on at live shows. How about that?

5 She’s Even Written Books

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Now, we're not one to pick on anybody, but she has written some books, and of her books she's said: ''I don't read. The only book I've read has been my own.'' Now reading that statement, do we really need to go on? Well, if you insist... if a person doesn't read, there's no way they can have the tool to write. It's as simple as that good friends.

Do you want to write your very own list article like this one here? Well, read as many of them as you can, and someday you will. maybe we'll buy you a coffee on your first day.

4 The Ghosts That Visit Are, Well… Just Too Nice

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It doesn't make any sense. We're not talking these dudes and gals that visit the realm known as earth need to be as creepy as Jason, Freddy, and Michael Myers, but for crying out loud, can the spirits on her show have a little bit more of an edge to them? Why in the world are they so nice and polite? Doesn't make sense.

To expand on our previous statement, we'd expect them to be maybe a tad upset at something or other. After all, they saw fit to make the difficult trip back.

3 Her Mainstream Success Makes It Easy For Fakes Out There To Prey On Families

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We're sure that there are many out there that think that they too can conjure up the spirits gone past. And it is for this reason that maybe a show like this isn't all that good. It shows how easy it may be to con some poor unsuspecting families out there out of quite a bit of money.

After all, she does it, and all those people on TV believe it... why not make a few bucks telling people that I can talk to their long-departed Grandpa? The thought is awful.

2 Rumors Of Her Being A Diva On Set

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And like so many other reality stars before her, perhaps the fame got to her. maybe, just maybe, she let all the glitz and glamour of the lights, cameras, and attention get to her head just a wee bit. It's possible, as some have claimed that she can be a little bit of a diva and/or prima donna on set.

Well, she is beautiful and she is charismatic, but still, humility goes a long way. we hope that the rumors aren't true.

1 They’ve Passed Their 100th Episode Mark, Despite It All

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But despite the naysayers and those that don't believe in what she claims she can do, the show continues to achieve success, and her live shows and other business ventures are doing well as well.

The show has exceeded its 100th episode and at the same time, it's exceeded expectations. At the end of the day, we just hope she's being honest and not deceiving the nation with terrible antics.

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