Lord Of The Rings: 15 Things That Happened After The War Of The Ring

We all remember how the Lord of the Rings trilogy ended. Frodo said goodbye to Sam, Merry, and Pippin, and climbed the ship that headed to the Undying Lands together with Gandalf, Elrond, Galadriel and Bilbo. It was such an emotional scene for viewers everywhere. And few people can argue with the fact that it was the most perfect ending to the movie. But those of you who have read the books know that it wasn't supposed to be the final scene. The books also talk about the events that happened to all other characters after the War of the Ring was over. But, these days, movies seem to be more popular than books, so I think it's fair to shine some light on some events that went down in the books that were never shown in the movie. Buckle up and be prepared.

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15 Sauron Didn't Actually Die

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If you thought that after Sauron died at the moment the One Ring was destroyed in the fire of Mount Doom, you're wrong. The Dark Lord didn't cease his existence. He was a Maiar, which means that he was immortal. But Sauron depended on the One Ring too much; he put all his power into it. And when it was destroyed, he was weakened, lost his physical form and turned into a spirit. He had to wander around aimlessly forever, not being able to regain his source of power ever again. And even though some could still see Sauron's terrible spirit floating above Mordor, there was nothing to be afraid of as he became completely impotent. He was just a vicious spirit that could never take his shape or grow again.

I think it's a good punishment for someone who caused so much suffering to all the races in Middle Earth.

14 Orcs Didn't Disappear With Sauron

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Even though the race of orcs didn't present as much danger as it did during the War of the Ring, it remained in existence for some time after Sauron's fall. This is what J.R.R. Tolkien himself told about the fate of orcs: “… so the creatures of Sauron, orc or troll or beast spell-enslaved, ran hither and thither mindless; and some slew themselves, or cast themselves in pits, or fled wailing back to hide in holes and dark lightless places far from hope.” It is also known that orcs were such a vicious race that they didn't only hate other people, they also hated each other. In fact, it was even necessary to keep them fighting against other enemies so they didn't just kill each other.

Since Sauron and all other major villains were destroyed, there was no one to give a chance to fight the orcs. In 100-200 years after the War of the Ring, orcs turned into legendary characters, which gives us an idea that had finally wiped their own kind by themselves.

13 Aragorn Ruled For 120 Years

Aragorn, the son of Arathorn, also known as Strider, had a long and hard way to the throne. He had to hide his origins, live without his beloved woman, and fight with countless enemies. But when the War of the Ring was over, he eventually ascended the throne as the 35th King of Gondor, the 26th King of Arnor, and the first High King of the Reunited Kingdom. During the time of his reign, everyone enjoyed the harmony that was established among the races of men, Dwarves, and Elves. The Kingdom prospered like never before.

Overall, Aragorn ruled for 120 years. When he realized that his death was approaching, he gave his crown and scepter to his son Eldarion, said goodbye to his daughters and passed away. But what about his beloved wife Arwen? Read the next entry!

12 Arwen Died Soon After Aragorn

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Arwen Undomiel, the daughter of Elrond and the wife of Aragorn II Elessar, was the half-elven who gave up her immortality to be with her loving man. She was married to him for over 120 years and gave birth to his son Eldarion and several daughters.

Arwen and Aragorn loved each other so much that they couldn't even imagine their lives without one another. For this reason, after the demise of Aragorn, Arwen's life didn't last much longer. Only a year after his death, the Queen of the Reunited Kingdom died of broken heart and was buried at Cerin Amroth in Lórien. At that moment, she was 2901 years old. Their son Eldarion became the King of the Reunited Kingdom after that and continued to rule the Reunited Kingdom in a similar way his parents did.

11 Sam Was Taken To The Undying Lands

Samwise Gamgee, the character whom Tolkien himself considered the most important hero of the novel, also had an interesting life after the end of the War of the Ring. You know that after overcoming all the difficulties on the way to Mordor, Sam became brave enough to finally tell Rosie Cotton that he loved her. The two got married and had 13 children (three of them was named after Frodo, Merry, and Pippin). Our humble Sam also was the Mayor of Shire for quite a while. When Rosie died, he gifted his eldest daughter with the books about Bilbo's journey to Erebor and Frodo's quest to destroy the Ring before leaving the Shire.

Since Sam was a Ring-bearer for some time, he was allowed to go to the Undying Lands and reunite with Frodo there. Remembering the heartbreaking goodbye these two were saying to each other, you can only imagine how happy they were to meet there again!

10 The Lives Of Merry And Pippin

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Merry and Pippin, the two rascals we all loved in the LOTR trilogy, returned to the Shire after the War of the Ring and married Estella and Diamond, two beautiful Hobbit women. Now let's see what the two of them accomplished in their lives. Merry had at least one son. He became the Master of Buckland and wrote a short essay called Old Words and Names in the Shire. Pippin also had a son (who later married one of Sam's daughters). He was the military leader of the Shire (so-called Thain) and held this position for 50 years.

The two of them eventually returned to Rohan and Gondor when Merry was 102 and Pippin was 94. Both friends died a few years later and were buried in Gondor. After the death of Aragorn, they were entombed next to his grave.

9 Eomer Restored The Former Glory Of Rohan

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Éomer, also called Éomer Eadig, which means "the Blessed," managed to help Rohan recover from the damage of the War. If you remember his character from the movies well enough, you won't be surprised to learn that he was a great King of Rohan. During his reign, the area became a rich and prosperous city again. Éomer was also the one who restored the Oath of Eorl. In case you don't know what it means, I'm here to explain: this sacred oath creates an everlasting bond between Rohan and Gondor. It was a necessary step that ensured peace and prosperity in the entire Reunited Kingdom.

When Éomer was in Gondor, he met Lothiriel, daughter of Prince Imrahil of Dol Amroth, and married her. Lothiriel gave birth to his son Elfwine who became the ruler of Rohan after Éomer's death.

8 Faramir Was Appointed As The Prince Of Ithilien

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Faramir, son of Denetor and brother of Boromir, managed to overcome the way his father treated him (always putting him second after Boromir) and became one of Gondor's highest-ranking nobles and one of King Aragorn II Elessar's main commanders. He was also appointed as the Prince of Ithilien, Lord of Emyn Arnen, and the Steward of Gondor. Among other feats, Faramir helped drive away all the orcs and outlaws, rejuvenate the city of Gondor and clean Minas Morgul of all evil that remained there. Aragorn trusted Faramir so much that he entrusted the rule over Gondor to him while he was away from the city.

After the War of the Ring, Faramir married Eowyn. They had at least one son whom they named Elboron. They all settled in Emyn Arnen, which was the ancestral home of the Stewards of Gondor. After Faramir's death, his son succeeded him on all his positions.

7 Éowyn Changed Her Life Principles

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Now let's talk more about Faramir's wife, Éowyn. You surely remember how daring she was in the trilogy. Gosh, she was the one who defeated the Lord of the Nazgul! But in the meantime, she was always so tender. TBH, she's my favorite female character in LOTR.

But after the War of the Ring, Éowyn changed her mind about fighting in battles. She decided that she needed to devote herself to a happy and peaceful life in marriage with the man she loved. She married Faramir and lived with him for the rest of her life in Ithilien. Interestingly enough, the grandson of Faramir and Éowyn was the one who wrote the love story of Aragorn and Arwen (named The Tale of Aragorn and Arwen). He must have heard a lot about it from his grandparents and was impressed by the story!

6 Gimli Became The First In A Couple Of Things

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Gimli, son of Gloin, was an important member of the Fellowship of the Ring. When War of the Ring was over, this brave dwarf gathered a large number of Durin's Folk at the Lonely Mountain and led them all to the Glittering Caves to help them settle there and establish a new kingdom of the Dwarves.. Altogether, they managed to rebuild the Great Gate of Minas Tirith, repair all the damage inflicted by the War, and restore the city. Later Gimli became the first Lord of the Glittering Caves.

The unlikely—but strong—friendship of Gimli the Dwarf and Legolas the Elf continued throughout all their lives. After the demise of Aragorn, Legolas invited Gimli to go with him to the Undying Lands. He was the first and only Dwarf to ever sail there. And he totally deserved this great honor!

5 Legolas Made His Contribution As Well

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There is no way we can miss this member of the Fellowship of the Ring. The thing that still remains a mystery about Legolas, son of Thranduil, is his age. Tolkien never talked about it, but some diehard fans claim that he has to be at least 2000 years. Well, I guess we'll never know for sure.

When the One Ring was destroyed and Sauron was defeated, Legolas was happy to attend the coronation of Aragorn and Arwen's wedding. After that, he helped Gimli on his way to the Glittering Caves. Later, Legolas went on to Fangorn Forest and returned to Ithilien. He decided that he had to help restore the forests and lands ravaged by the War. He was doing a great job with that. After Aragorn II Elessar died, Legolas realized that his mission was over and that it was time for him to head to the Undying Lands. He built a ship, took his best friend Gimli with him, and left.

4 Isengard Had Its Beauty Restored

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Originally, the Isengard tower was a beautiful place. It was surrounded by large fields and forests, and there was the Angren River flowing through it. But everything changed when Saruman took the side of Sauron in the War of the Ring. He turned Isengard into his personal home and operation base. The White Wizard ordered to cut down all the trees and remove all the grass, redirect the river, and install heavy machinery. I don't even have to tell you how much it ruined the entire place!

Luckily for everyone, after the War of the Ring was over, things got back to normal in Isengard. The valley was gifted to the Ents and they did everything possible to restore its former beauty. The ring-wall was destroyed, Saruman's caverns were filled, new trees were planted, and a small lake was created nearby. The Ents renamed the place the Treegarth of Orthanc and took the responsibility to keep the valley safe from then onward.

3 The Easterlings Remained A Threat For Some Time

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The Easterlings were a race of men who were Sauron's allies during the War of the Ring. They lived in the lands of Rhûn near Mordor and included a number of different kingdoms and nations, from from barbaric nomads to civilized empires.

But even after the fall of Sauron, the power of the Easterlings didn't diminish immediately. Some of them still represented a threat for the Free Peoples during the beginning of the Fourth Age. Aragorn II Elessar led a number of campaigns to eliminate this menace and defeated them. He conquered them eventually and annexed some of their lands to the Reunited Kingdom. At that time, the Easterlings finally ceased to be a threat for the Free Peoples. But little is known about their life after that.

2 The Shire Became A Protected Community

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For the most part, after the War of the Ring had ended and its consequences were handled, life in the Shire continued in the usual way, with some additional benefits. Following the coronation of Aragorn, it became part of the Kingdom of Arnor once again. However, hobbits were still allowed to keep their old laws and traditions there.

The Shire got some other perks from the King of the Reunited Kingdom that allowed them to live peacefully and happily. First of all, the Shire became a territory protected by Arnor, still remaining the Free Land; the entrance of full-grown men was forbidden into this territory. Besides, the Shire stretched its borders as the colony of Buckland was recognized as part of it. Hobbits must have been happy about it all!

1 Magic Slowly Faded Away

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The Fourth Age (the age that began after the War of the Ring ended) was called the "Age of Men" for a reason. This was the time when magic, that used to dominate for all the previous millennia, started fading away from Middle Earth and men started to take over the continent. Since the One Ring was destroyed, the Three Rings (kept by the Elves) also lost their power. Ring bearers gradually left Middle Earth. Lorien was abandoned and Rivendell was deserted. Small colonies of the Elves remained in Ithilien. Thranduil's peaceful rule continued only in Eryn Lasgalen. And the Elves of Lothlorien moved to the east and called their new land East Lorien.

It must have been sad for the men of Middle Earth to see the Elves going away from Middle Earth forever. But this was unavoidable. The War changed a lot of things.

Source: lotr.wikia.com

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