Love Letter Found In Charity Shop Makes Its Way Back To Owners

A couple has been reunited with their original marriage certificate and a love letter that they lost 60 years ago.

There are often times when we see things in movies and on television shows that lead us to romanticizing aspects of our own lives. Couples reuniting after years apart or overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds, characters in stories almost always getting their "happily ever afters". Sadly in real life that is not always the case, and Hollywood can make us forget that.

Every now and again though, there is a case of something happening in real life that's akin to what we would see in a movie. It happened in Cornwall in the United Kingdom, and the story began in a charity shop five years ago. Well, technically it started all the way back in 1958. Cathy Davies bought a sugar shaker from a charity shop five years ago, not knowing what was inside.


After gifting it to her friend, they discovered that the lid was jammed on so tight that it couldn't be used. Instead the friend used it for display purposes. Five years later the shaker was accidentally smashed, and inside it there was a note. The note had been written in 1958, from a woman named Louie to a man named Derek. Along with it was the couple's marriage certificate.

via Cornwall Live

With that the two friends went on a hunt to find the couple. Shockingly not only did they find them, but Louie and Derek are together to this day. They've been married for 60 years and it sounds like reuniting them with their letter and marriage certificate after all this time was a pretty emotional affair. The couple's daughter-in-law, Michelle Edyvean, told The Express "She didn't remember putting it in the sugar shaker at all. She thinks she must have given it to a charity shop when they moved house a few years ago".

The tale might not exactly be something worthy of a blockbuster movie, but it is certainly pretty heart-warming. The couple likely hadn't given the lost letter much thought, but to be reunited with it 60 years later must have been pretty special. It just goes to show that sometimes there are happy endings akin to those in the movies, and the story makes a welcome break from most of the bad news we hear on a daily basis.


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