'Lucifer': 15 Behind-The-Scenes Facts Most Fans Don't Know

Fox has a hit on their hands with the TV show Lucifer. Season after season it seems to be peaking the interest of more and more fans. What many people fail to realize is that the show is so much more than what's on the surface; it is based on a book by the wildly popular Neil Gaiman. Also, it has an incredible cast that get along like a dysfunctional family. I mean, who doesn’t love a cast that can transfer that crazy energy from behind-the-scenes to the TV screen?

Even some of the most die-hard fans fail to realize that the show has so much depth and controversy surrounding it. Being a show about the devil essentially taking a vacation from being the devil is bound to catch the eye of many people (good or bad). Besides its controversial storyline, the show has many fun facts involving the cast, the production team, and even the music that will surprise even the loyalist of fans. correct me if I'm wrong but after all this research, I believe this might be one of the coolest casts to work with.

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15 It Almost Didn’t Make It

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14 David Bowie

The author of the graphic novels, Mike Carey, said that his initial inspiration for the character of Lucifer is the late, great David Bowie. If you have not already read the graphic novels (or if you have) it is easy to see that there is a great resemblance to the musician. The actor Tom Ellis says that as he has portrayed the character, and seen him evolve, he sees Lucifer more so as an Oscar Wilde type of person. Lucifer’s poetic spirit is one that is hard to hide. As an ode to the original David Bowie inspiration, the writers always find a way to incorporate a David Bowie song or two into a couple episodes a season. At least they are staying true to the authors wishes one way or another.

13 Lucifer Was Supposed To Be An American

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Ellis has taken a few liberties with the character of Lucifer. Not only does he see him in a different inspirational light, he also decided that being American just didn’t work for him. Ellis said that it was an easy decision to change the accent of the character because when he tried to film the lines with an American accent, the character came off as horrible. He seemed cocky and rude whereas, his natural British accent made Lucifer’s rude behavior and abrasive lines come off as charming and more acceptable.

He’s kind of right, everything seems to sound better coming from someone with a British accent even when they are insulting you. (Except for Gordon Ramsay, that man is just straight up terrifying, no matter the language.)

12 Tom Ellis, The Comedian

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Ellis stated during an interview with empireonline that he is actually more of a comedic actor. He does acknowledge that many fans of the show stateside may not know of him or his work. Appearing in such shows as The Catherine Tate Show, and Pulling and Miranda, Ellis says that Lucifer was quite the changes for him. “I've worked a lot in comedy. As much as I love playing dramatic roles, it's always nice to be able to have some humor around when working.” He went on to say, “It was just different in the concept and the character was a different character to a lot of the ones I'd been reading.”

So far so good seems to be the consensus of the fans. They love his interpretation of the graphic novel character and he isn’t bad to look at either.

11 L.A. Is Now Its Home

For the first two season of the show, Lucifer was filmed in Vancouver, Canada. Vancouver is home to A LOT of TV productions including Riverdale, Arrow, Once Upon A Time, Supernatural, and Supergirl. The show, however, is meant to have an L.A. backdrop and now in season three it will actually be filmed in L.A.

Executive producer Joe Henderson told CBR.com that they really wanted to up the L.A. sparkle in season three, moving production to L.A. was the only way to do that. “We’ll be able to shoot every corner of Los Angeles..." He counts L.A. as an actual character, not just a background, “I think it’s always been a character in the show, but you’ll feel it a bit more in a really exciting way.” So, if the new season looks a little more authentic to you, you know why.

10 Crack-Ups Behind The Scene

The cast has truly become a family behind the scenes (which all fans adore). One can expect this to happen when you have to spend at least 12 hours a day together. They have taken to killing downtime by pranking one another and playing on their hobbies and fears.

According to TVInsider.com the cast allowed Halloween obsessed prop guy, Ben Krakowsky, to indulge in his love for the special day by providing him with a veggie and meat platter in an odd shape. Pictured above is just one of the ways the cast crack up together. They also take silly pictures that are documented on their Instagram accounts and a few silly costume changes that leave fans questioning when that will appear in an episode.

9 Is Season Three The Last Season?

Fans have been wondering why season three of Lucifer has been staggering all over the TV map. A few episodes will play and then all of a sudden, the show will disappear. In addition, the season started out with 20 episodes, then two episodes were pulled leaving fans with 18 episodes, and now apparently a few more episodes are set to be pulled. Word on the street is this is what Fox does when they are gearing up to pull a show from its lineup. The cast hasn’t mentioned anything, although they are normally the last to know when a show is being canceled.

Could season three be the last season of Lucifer? According to ratings, no, but then again, you never know, the ratings for season three are not are good as season two.

8 Only Loosely Based On The Books

Fans of the show know that Lucifer is based on a series of books called The Sandman by Neil Gaiman, which was then turned into graphic novels for DC. The books focus on the devil and what happens when he begins to seek redemption in his life filled with sin. The show has the same basis, but fans of the books may be annoyed to find out that the show will be significantly different from the books. They will have very few similarities. The writers tend to take a few liberties with the story of Lucifer. Reviewers have stated that the show comes off as melodramatic and soap opera-esque. This is a far cry from the way that Gaiman writes. It is interesting to see scenes from the books actual play out on the screen.

7 Fox Is Letting Them Get Away With A Lot

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The season one finale was a shocker and it left fans and the writers wondering not only HOW they got away with it, but what more they could get away with in the future. During an interview with TV Insiderexecutive producer, Joe Henderson, admitted that he was unsure if Fox would allow him to get away with what he had in store. We aren’t here for the spoilers, so I will just say it was pretty surprising. Henderson said, “we were talking about cliffhangers and finding a way to really sell the ending and I told the network, ‘Well we have this idea, but it’s kind of crazy and we’re not sure how you guys are going to feel about it.’ And they were like ‘That’s it! That’s your finale!’”

Well dang, it looks like Fox is starting to be more open with their programming.

6 They Are The Reason For Superman’s Return

Actor Tom Welling spent 10 seasons on TV playing Clark Kent/Superman, needless to say, he needed a break afterward. He never planned on returning to TV but all of a sudden, the idea of possibly having a guest starring role on Lucifer sparked an interest in him. The actor said yes to a role on season three of Lucifer and everyone is thankful.

Welling said the showrunners approached him to join the cast and while he was hesitant to say no, they reassured him that it would be a great experience. A friend of his who works on the show, Greg Beeman, called Welling and said, "I know you. I know these people. Don't overthink it." Apparently, that was enough to get our fave man of steel back on the the screen.

5 The Standalones

Those four episodes that were pulled from the season two lineup actually ended up airing. They were considered standalone episodes and many fans were inclined to not watch them. They revolved around certain characters like Lucifer and Ella, Ella and Chloe, Dr. Linda, and, of course, one of Lucifer himself.

Standalones are called standalones for a reason, it means you can pick up any one of those episodes and know exactly what is happening. According to executive producer Joe Henderson, the standalone episodes actually do mean something, and they do connect with the overall series. However, they only wanted fans to focus on the fact that they were edgy, dark, strange, and a little goofy.

Okay, so it looks like fans who decided to skip the standalone episodes may actually get screwed over in the end. Anyone else back peddling now?

4 Tom Ellis Is A Nobody

Tom Ellis may play Lucifer in a pretty popular show, but at home, no one cares. During an interview with People Magazine, Ellis revealed that his kids don’t care who he plays on TV. He is a father to three girls, “My kids are the least impressed about any work that I do, which is quite amusing,” he continued on to say, “time and time again, if I’m on the telly, I’ll go: ‘Look, it’s Dad on the telly,’ and they’ll sort of look up … give it a cursory glance and then carry on with what they’re doing ’cause it really doesn’t faze them at all.” Yikes, tough crowd, right? He believes that as a father he is nailing it but that's it. What a way to kill someone ego especially someone with a profession that thrives on people’s opinions.

3 Neil Gaiman Is Impressed

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Neil Gaiman created the Lucifer character that the show is based on so of course fans would like to know just what he thinks of the show. Thankfully, he said he is pretty happy with it. In particular, Gaiman is really impressed with the way Ellis is portraying his version of Lucifer. To be exact he describes it as a “sexy, mad, bad Doctor Who,” this is the authors official seal of approval. While it sounds like a backhanded comment, it’s certainly not. Ellis found it very complimentary. He told DIY Magazine that Gaiman contacted him personally to tell him how much he enjoyed it. He also clarified that he can see where the Doctor Who reference comes from. So, maybe he can he explain it to us?

2 'Supernatural' Crossover?

It looks like fans may actually get what they want if they blog hard enough. Since Lucifer started, fans have wanted to see a crossover between Supernatural and Lucifer. There is even fanfiction written about it. They have even stretched it by pointing out actors who have appeared in single and multiple episodes of Supernatural that now have bigger roles and guest roles in Lucifer, like Ella the forensics expert. She played a Christian virgin in an episode of Supernatural (I said it was a stretch), however, it looks like the showrunners may be up for it. Cain in Supernatural now plays God in Lucifer so, we are getting a bit closer. Let’s see where it goes, a crossover episode is always hit or miss but the fans will always find something to like about it.

1 Tom Is A Musician IRL

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Lucifer loves to sing and play the piano in his nightclub, but one has to wonder how much of that is Tom Ellis and how much is a backing track. Apparently, it's all Ellis. Before he became a professional actor, he played the French horn. What a random instrument to play, right? He probably loves that part of his job where he gets to mix two things that he truly enjoys and get paid for it. Ellis has admitted to being a fan of David Bowie whose music plays a key role in the popular show. Who knows, maybe when Lucifer is over and done with, he will put out an album and tour the world. He wouldn’t be the first celeb to bounce between music and acting.

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