Macaulay Culkin Stars In Google's New 'Home Alone' Themed Holiday Commercial

Macaulay Culkin has seamlessly reconnected with his most iconic character, Kevin McCallister, in a new commercial that shows the actor recreating scenes from Home Alone in the 21stcentury. Culkin avoided the spotlight for years for personal reasons, but recently he has seemingly embraced his child star past and has made frequent onscreen appearances.

The ad for Google is intended to promote their Google Assistant feature, which is featured on a wide array of devices. In the commercial, Kevin McCallister, now 38, finds himself home alone again and attempting to thwart another home invasion.

"It was interesting going back and doing a lot of this stuff. They do a very good job on the set decoration and the props. All of the shots were really spot on. I hope that people are really going to dig it," Culkin says.

Culkin gave up acting in 1994, returning in 2003 with a role on Will and Grace and in the film Party Monster. He has also written an autobiography, Junior, published in 2006. In 2013, the star co-founded the comedy rock band the Pizza Underground in New York. The band toured in 2014, though they broke up in 2016. In 2006, he starred in Sex and Breakfast, a dark comedy written and directed by Miles Brandman, and in 2009, he appeared in the thirteen-episode NBC television series Kings as Andrew Cross.

Though just a minute long, the Google ad manages to capture the actor shaving, jumping on a bed, ordering pizza and watching the fake gangster movie Angels With Filthy Souls, while warding off the would-be burglars. Google Assistant has integrated some fun new holiday features, including a recreation of dialogue from the film.

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Along with the new ad, Culkin has recently appeared on Cinemassacre, a YouTube channel, to review old Home Alone video games. He also reviews Home Alone 4 with Red Letter Media. His appearances are in part an effort to promote his new website and podcast, Bunny Ears. As of 2013, the star lives in Paris and has been in a relationship with Brenda Song since October 2017. The two will appear together in Changeland, an upcoming comedy-drama film written and directed by Seth Green.

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