20 Madden Player Ratings That Make Zero Sense

Every football lover that plays video games plays Madden, even though they complain about the gameplay every year. There are definitely glitches and parts of the game that are unrealistic, but for the most part, it's a fun game. Sometimes Madden makes unnecessary changes, but most years the game is simple to play.

One thing that triggers many Madden fans is the player ratings. It's definitely hard to rate players as it's subjective, but there are certain players that EA Sports clearly gets wrong. If there's something unrealistic about Madden, it's that sometimes players are better or worse than they are in real life.

EA Sports has teams to analyze players, so it's disappointing when some player ratings' are inaccurate. EA Sports even updates the player ratings constantly, which would allow them to make up for their mistakes.

All of these player ratings are as of Week Eight, halfway through the 2019 season. How badly did Madden mess up?

20 D.J. Chark - 79 Overall

via Sports Illustrated

D.J. Chark at 79 overall to start the season is fair, but he’s been incredible all season. If Chark keeps it up, he can finish with over 1,200 receiving yards and over 10 touchdowns. Talk about a sophomore season.

Chark’s receiving percentage is much better, and Gardner Minshew continues to trust him. Chark should be around the 86-overall range.

19 Matthew Stafford - 82 Overall

via Pride Of Detroit

Throughout Matthew Stafford’s career, he’s been underrated. Maybe it’s the lack of success by the Lions, but it’s unfair to the talented quarterback. Stafford’s been really good all season and has the player rating of an average quarterback. Without the run game, Stafford has still helped the Lions win games. 88-overall seems fair.

18 Austin Ekeler - 82 Overall

via CBS Sports

No, Austin Ekeler is not elite between the tackles, but he’s one of the best receiving backs. Ekeler likely won’t rush for over 1,000 yards, but he can definitely catch for over that margin. If you add that to Ekeler’s ability to be a mediocre back between the tackles, he should be higher than 82 overall. Ekeler’s receiving abilities should have him around 86-overall.

17 James Conner - 82 Overall

via Behind The Steel Curtain

No, James Conner is no Le’Veon Bell, but he’s a good running back. Last season Conner nearly rushed for over 1,000 yards and nearly caught for over 500 yards but missed a few games that would’ve allowed him to hit those milestones.

Conner is one of the most versatile running backs in the game and should be around the 90-overall range.

16 Shaq Barrett - 83 Overall

via Mile High Report

Prior to this season, Shaq Barrett probably wouldn’t even be above an 80-overall in Madden. It’s good that EA Sports recognizes his success this season, but he’s still way too low.

Barrett has been one of the best pass rushers this season. Unfortunately for Barrett, he’s on a team with one of the worst secondaries, which hurts their total defense. Regardless, Barrett should still at least be a 90-overall.

15 DeShaun Watson - 85 Overall

via Battle Red Blog

Sometimes it seems that DeShaun Watson doesn’t get enough credit, and this is definitely an example. Watson is a top-10 quarterback and is making an argument for a top-five quarterback. He’s been excellent in so many different areas of his game. It’s a shame that you can’t use that exciting player in Madden. If his player rating was more accurate, he would be around a 94-overall.

14 Kenny Golladay - 85 Overall

via Sports Illustrated

Even after last season’s performance, 85-overall may be too low for Kenny Golladay. Granted, Golladay hasn’t become a top wide receiver in the NFL, but he’s still really good.

EA Sports wasn’t terribly off with this ranking, but it still doesn’t make sense that a player who is trending towards a second consecutive 1,000-yard season, would only be ranked 85-overall. Put him around an 89-overall and it sounds a lot better.

13 Larry Fitzgerald - 85 Overall

via CBS News

Considering Larry Fitzgerald has played with rookie quarterbacks in two consecutive years, he’s still been really good. Even last season, Fitzgerald finished with a sneaky 734 receiving yards and six touchdowns.

Fitzgerald has connected better with Kyler Murray, and he’s still really good. It’s safe to keep Fitzgerald around 90-overall.

12 Marvin Jones - 86 Overall

via Pride Of Detroit

So according to EA Sports, Marvin Jones is better than Kenny Golladay based on their player ratings. That doesn’t seem right. Jones has been extremely efficient this season, but Golladay is still the better receiver.

Based on Jones’ 2019 season, 86-overall is a bit of a stretch. Give Jones an 82-overall and it fits his production better.

11 Allen Robinson - 86 Overall

via Dynasty Nerds

If Allen Robinson had a better quarterback, he may be a top-15 wide receiver. Quite possibly the most underrated wide receiver in the league goes overlooked due to the offensive woes in Chicago.

Robinson is an excellent route runner, good after the catch and has easily been the best part about the Bears offense. Robinson’s talent is certainly up there, and he should be at least a 90-overall.

10 Nick Chubb - 86 Overall

via Heavy.com

After this season, there might be talks about Nick Chubb being a top-10 running back if those conversations haven’t already started. As disappointing as the Browns have been, Chubb has been excellent.

He’s been extremely efficient, and really helps wear down defenses. Plus, there’s probably a larger workload that Chubb can take. Rank him like a top-10 running back at 92-overall.

9 Nick Bosa - 86 Overall

via NBC Sports

Rookies are typically rated lower in Madden, but Nick Bosa is on another level. Not only is he the frontrunner for Defensive Rookie of the Year, but he might be in play for Defensive Player of the Year.

Bosa has been a wrecking force on the 49ers defensive line and has been a major part of their defensive success. It might be premature, but 92-overall seems fair considering the early success he’s had.

8 Marshon Lattimore - 87 Overall

via Sports Illustrated

Marshon Lattimore is having himself a nice third season. Some of the statistics may not be as pleasing as it looks, as teams aren’t as pressed when they have a comfortable lead. But Lattimore has locked down star receivers like Amari Cooper and Mike Evans.

Lattimore isn’t a top cornerback yet, but he’s not easy to throw against. 90-overall seems fair.

7 Cooper Kupp - 87 Overall

via Turf Show Times

One of the worst player ratings that EA Sports haven’t been able to get right, is Cooper Kupp. Kupp suffered a season-ending knee injury and has come back even better. No one would’ve ever thought he would be the best wide receiver on the Rams by a mile.

Kupp should have a higher player rating, somewhere around 94-overall. He’s that good.

6 Emmanuel Sanders - 89 Overall

via The San Francisco Examiner

Even after Emmanuel Sanders’ big game against the Cardinals, it seems too extreme to have him at 89-overall. Sanders is a good football player, but there’s a lot of better wide receivers in the game than him. If EA Sports has Kenny Golladay and Allen Robinson at 86-overall, Sanders should be much lower. Sanders should be closer to the 84-overall rating.

5 Saquon Barkley - 90 Overall

via SB Nation

After Saquon Barkley missed a few weeks, he came back looking like the player he was before he got hurt. It’s embarrassing that Barkley is only a 90-overall. Barkley is one of the most electric running backs in the game. Many would expect him to be a cheat code in Madden because of how good he’s been. Give that man a 97-overall.

4 Aaron Rodgers - 91 Overall

via CBS Sports

EA Sports must not be watching if Aaron Rodgers is a 91-overall. Rodgers, with a depleted wide receiver corps, has been unreal. He’s making throws that most quarterbacks can’t make and is elevating talent that might not even get playing time elsewhere. Right now, Rodgers is the best quarterback in football, so he should obviously have a 99-overall player rating.

3 Amari Cooper - 91 Overall

via Bleeding Green Nation

All Amari Cooper needed was a change of scenery to become a top-10 wide receiver. Cooper might be the best route runner in football. Add that along with his strength to battle cornerbacks, and his ability to make plays after the catch makes him so hard to stop. Cooper has been incredible all season and should be rated 95-overall.

2 Stefon Diggs - 94 Overall

via The Viking Age

Stefon Diggs has been excellent with Adam Thielen out, but not 94-overall good. Three of the four 100-yard receiving games Diggs’ has had, come off of weaker secondaries. Diggs is a great route runner but maybe isn’t as good as EA Sports ranks him. 90-overall seems more like it, for now.

1 Odell Beckham Jr. - 95 Overall

via Sports Illustrated

Everyone thought the Browns would be a playoff contender and that Odell Beckham Jr. would go off as a Brown. Not necessarily. Beckham Jr. hasn’t been bad, but he’s not playing like the top-five wide receiver that most look at him as. Beckham Jr. is having the worst season of his career despite the 2017 season when he missed 12 games. Right now, Beckham Jr.’s player rating should be sitting around a 92-overall.

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