Maddison Brown: 20 Pics Of Liam's Replacement For Miley

Earlier this month, the world spit out their coffee after seeing that Liam Hemsworth was no longer on the market. After breaking up with Miley Cyrus, the world had been wondering what went on behind closed doors to make this couple of 10 years break up. To add more juice to the story, Miley began dating singer Cody Simpson merely days after their breakup became real. Was Liam at home crying while Miley was out gallivanting with her new beau? Well, maybe, but that didn't last long.

A few days ago, Hemsworth was seen walking hand-in-hand with a beautiful blonde. Who was it? Dynasty actress Maddison Brown! The two looked loved up while walking throughout New York City but when did this happen!? Who exactly is Maddison Brown and what is it about her that caught Liam's eye?

20 She's 22 And Thriving


Born on April 23, 1997, Maddison is a young and fresh 22-year-old woman. Liam, on the other hand, is 29 years old — a solid seven years between them. But considering they're in the same industry (and probably had to grow up fast), these two probably have more in common than people think.

19 She Stars In 'Dynasty'


Maddison portrays Kirby Anders in The CW's Dynasty. The popular television drama revolves around two wealthy families as they compete with one another to come out as looking the best. Maddison's character has been on the show since 2018, starring in 26 episodes. The show is currently on its third season and is a reboot of the famed '80s show of the same name.

18 She And Liam Are Taking Things Slow


According to a source over at People, Liam and Maddison are totally digging each other. "It’s very new. Liam is taking it slow but he’s definitely interested in her.” Dating someone new after being with one person for 10 years must be a huge change but the source continued saying, "Spending time with Maddison has been natural, fun, and easy for Liam.”

17 She Has Friends In High Places


Maddison Brown is pretty new to the acting scene but she clearly has a knack for the craft because her first movie ever was staring beside Nicole Kidman and Joseph Fiennes in Strangerland: A Storm is Coming. In the movie, Maddison portrayed Lily — Nicole Kidman's daughter. Sadly, the film didn't perform too well, only grossing $1 million in box offices.

16 She's One Tall Beauty


When looking at pictures of Maddison strolling next to Liam, you'll notice how tall she is standing next to 6'3" frame. Unlike Miley's tiny stature, Maddison stands at 5'10" tall! That's one tall glass of water. And although their relationship is new and they're forming a friendship, fans wouldn't be upset if these to ended up together...

15 She's From Australia


Well, well, well, it appears we know what Maddison and Liam have in common! Maddison Brown hails from Sydney while Liam is from Melbourne. There's no word yet on how these two met—whether it was in Australia or the US—but something tells us going home will be extra special this point forward.

14 She's Been Acting Since She Was A Kid


Maddison Brown is only 22 but she's a had a passion for the arts since she was a kid. She told I-D, "I was always drawn to acting — as a child, I took community acting classes and really took to it and loved it. Since I was about five, my whole life has been my career..." With gorgeous looks and a tall frame, it's no wonder Maddison is reaching the top.

13 She Used To Walk The Runway


Before her acting jobs took off, Maddison used to be a runway model for designers like MiuMiu and Calvin Klein. She's also been in numerous print works and has a close relationship with Vogue Australia. If you head over to her IG, you'll notice how much the pair works together which is quite a feat for being so young.

12 The Pair Were First Spotted In NYC


As we mentioned, Liam and Maddison were first seen canoodling while roaming the streets of New York. While we were all so busy waiting to see what Miley and Cody were up to, no one even knew Liam was seeing anyone! We saw him throw himself into his work and that was that. Little did we know, he had a stunner like Maddison waiting for him.

11 She Resembles Bella Throne


It appears that Maddison has dyed her hair from brunette to blonde to a soft auburn. So when her hair is a soft strawberry blonde, she looks very similar to actress Bella Thorne! Those lips and soft eyes could make these two sisters in any movie. In fact, we're waiting for this production!

10 She's Insecure


Funny enough, Maddison did a game where she had to choose a celebrity to marry (among other things...) and while the Hemsworth brothers were in the running, she didn't choose to marry them. "I couldn’t marry them [the Hemsworths]. I’m too insecure. I would just be like, 'You’re too attractive, you are never allowed to leave the house'."

9 She Doesn't Take Herself Too Seriously


In April of last year, Maddison appeared on the cover of Vogue Australia. The best part about the cover was the fact that Maddison showed us another side of her. On her IG she posted the two photos above, saying, "If you don't love me at my face mask then you don't deserve me at my Vogue cover." So not only is she stunning but she's silly, too!

8 And She's A Self-Described 'Dork'


Her caption for this photo is "Just a dork being dorky." The funny thing is most fans wouldn't necessarily call Miss Maddison "dorky." In the photo above she looks effortlessly beautiful with her wavy hair and full lips. And let's not talk about how stunning those eyebrows are!

7 She's Living In New York


Maddison may be from Australia but she appears to be living in New York City. Like most young actors and models, living in LA or New York is a smart idea because that's where most casting agencies, shoots, and meetings are. New York is also completely different from Australia, so perhaps she likes the change.

6 They Seem To Have A Mutal Love For The Beach


You don't need to scroll for long on Maddison's social media pages to see that she loves the outdoors. Likewise, Liam Hemsworth is also an outdoor junkie who loves to surf and post up on the beach. Will we see these two surfing together in Australia? Time will tell!

5 She's A Fan Of A Good LBD (And She's Witty)


Every girl needs a little black dress and according to Maddison, this dress is her favorite. After posting this on social media around New Years, she wrote,

"An almost haiku by me:

My room is a mess

This is my favorite dress

Happy New Year."

Maybe poetry will be Maddison's next venture?

4 She Likes Taco Tuesdays!


Maddison appears to be close friends with actress Ana Brenda. And in the picture above, the two are cooking together, making tacos for Taco Tuesday! Ana is also on The CW's Dynasty, which makes their friendship that much more adorable. We wonder if the rest of the cast were making tacos as well!

3 She Misses Australia


Back in September, Maddison was pumped to be able to fly back home thanks to Vogue Australia's Vogue Fashion‘s Night Out. "Thank you to @vogueaustralia and the entire vogue team for bringing me home," she stated proudly on her IG. She also posted many pictures around Australia and how thankful she was for the fashion brand.

2 She Stays Active Throughout The City


As an actress and a model, most casting agents and managers expect their clients to look their best. Working out isn't just great physically, it's great for the mind, too. Here we see Maddison working out on a few bridges across the city. And anyone who looks that good working out has our vote.

1 She Loves Her Dynasty Squad


Dynasty has been a huge hit by younger fans (older fans still miss the original Dynastyso they're not too thrilled about the reboot). And adorably enough, Maddison posts a few pictures on IG of her and her Dynasty squad filming on set and hanging out after hours. For fans, it makes the show so much better knowing there's a real friendship behind scenes.

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