Magic The Dog Miraculously Survives Two Whole Days Under Brick Wall Which Collapsed On Him

A family dog, believed to have perished after a brick wall collapsed on him in Philadelphia's Kensington neighborhood, was found alive under the rubble two days later, according to NBC10 News.

Jose Gonzalez believed his dog Magic, a 16-year-old American Pit Bull Terrier, had died in the horrible accident. The family had tried digging through the rubble by hand, but to no avail-- they could not find their beloved pet. They had given up hope of retrieving Magic alive, but the unthinkable happened, when construction workers cleaning up the debris found the canine under the bricks. He was still alive-- badly wounded, but alive.

Via: NBC 10

"They say men don't cry but I was so happy I was crying," Gonzalez told NBC News, describing the extent of his emotions upon learning the incredible news.

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The Gonzalez family immediately took Magic to a veterinarian for a full examination, and they learned that the animal was suffering from head trauma and was severely dehydrated. The good news was that he would survive.

The city's Department of Licenses and Inspections told renters to stay out of the neighboring building, as they investigate what happened. Officials believe the contractor was doing dangerous work in one of the basements of the rowhome on Emerald Street. They said the work was not being performed according to city codes, endangering lives of the residents next door as well as their pets.

Chrissy Thomasco, one of four roommates who lives next door, said she will never forget that terrifying night. They were asked to evacuate immediately in the middle of the night, and the emergency crews told them their rowhome at 2215 Emerald was in danger due to structural damage caused by a contractor doing work next door. They had to relocate and also find shelter for their animals.

Officials later confirmed that the construction work was being carried out by an unlicensed, uninsured contractor, as both his license and insurance had expired. An inspector is expected to come out later this week to check the rest of the building again and make sure that it is safe for occupancy.

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