Magician Bamboozles Dogs At Shelter

Magician Bamboozles Dogs At Shelter

Watch this magician completely bewilder dogs with magic tricks at an animal shelter.

Dogs are wonderful creatures. They always love and support their humans, even when their humans don’t always love and support them back. Like when a magician plays tricks on some dogs at a local shelter for the audience’s amusement.

But this isn’t just us humans having some fun at our canine companions’ expense. This is actually an advertisement for the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter in New York, where they’ve got tons of fur babies that are available for adoption right now.

Magician John Stessel teamed up with TBS to record a film of him showing various pooches a few sleight of hand tricks that really evokes quite a wide variety of reactions from his doggie assistants.

Starting with Ruckus, a pitbull mix that didn’t take any of Stessel’s guff. After making a treat disappear in front of Ruckus’ very eyes, he seems to stare at the camera briefly in complete bewilderment before he proceeds to wag his tail and think it’s all a big game. Which is correct, of course.

Next up was Prince, another pitty wearing an adorable sweater! He also got momentarily confused, but then felt this nice magician fella sure is swell and cuddled up between his legs for many pets.


A puppy named Luna decided that treats aren’t the only thing that Stessel brings to the table and proceeds to nab his hat right off his head.

Magic for Animal Shelter Dogs | TBS

To help get these animal shelter dogs adopted we brought them the magic of the holidays to show off their sweet and lovable personalities. Credit to John Stessel and Rob Bliss for making this video.

Posted by TBS Network on Monday, December 17, 2018

Cali seemed to have the most reasonable reaction of all the puppers that Stessel performed his show on. After making the treat disappear, Cali looked him straight in the eye and then backed off in obvious fear of the apparent warlock before him. Then he started barking.

As hilarious as the video is, it really does show the wide range of personalities each of these dogs possess, which should make it easier for those looking to adopt in deciding which dog would be right for their homes.

This Christmas, consider the gift of love that only adopting a dog can bring.


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