Two Retired Mailmen Have Been Sending Each Other They Same Funny Card For The Past 43 Years

Two retired mailmen from England have the absolute best inside joke that they've kept going for over 40 years. For them, a simple Christmas card has turned into a fun time that celebrates their friendship.

78-year-old Raymond Pearson and 59-year-old Steve Ford first met as Royal Mail workers in 1975. The two became fast friends and had a similar interest in motorcycles and movies. They started a casual work relationship that became a friendship. Pearson decided to go ahead and send his new pal a simple Christmas card that year with a simple message.

The following year, 1976, Ford returned the favor gifting Pearson with the same card with his own message. Since then, the men alternated each year who sent who the card and they took turns coming up with a joke to write as a yearly send off to their friend. It's become a Christmas tradition for them. The two men have been exchanging the funny card ever since. It's as adorable and silly as it sounds.


The Good News Network shared this warm story about friendship and the simple things in life. It's an especially important reminder to cherish friendship this time of year that makes us all slow down a little bit and appreciate the little things.

The Christmas card (the original one from 1975) always has a fun lighthearted message written in it. The men do a simple sentence having to do with the next year and usually hoping for good fortunes because that's what we all wish for. Some of the phrases are "The Saving is Mine in 79" and "Over to You in '72."  And of course, the message usually rhymes because that makes everything better. We're sure there are many other gems they've come up with over the last four decades.


As for this year's message, it was up to Ford, who according to his friend is a little weird, wrote, "It’s Christmas time 2019, the card is making news, may your year be full of tidings bright and devoid of any blues." Not bad. The men are running out of space on their card but hopefully, they'll find a way to keep up this tradition for years to come.

Do you think this is adorable? Because we do! What inside jokes do you have with your friends? Let us know in the comments!


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