Brighten Up Dull Walls With Bath Mats

Looking for a unique piece for your wall that is also affordable, consider bath mat wall art, which is reminiscent of wall tapestries from the sixties and seventies. Inspired by Judit Just, whose incredible woven pieces are featured on her Instagram and in her Etsy shop.

The Barcelona native, who now lives in Asheville, North Carolina, moved to the US after she met her husband Samuel Clemons, who was teaching English in her hometown. The couple relocated after visiting Clemons’ family in North Carolina and taking a trip to Asheville, which felt like home. Just, who is deaf in one ear and wears glasses, became interested in tapestry-weaving as an extension of her reliance on her sense of touch.

Just learned her craft from her mother. “[She] used to weave in framed looms and make tapestries when I was growing up; she had a very classical style. I was 11 years old when I made my first weaving of a little elephant. I stopped weaving for a while and started again when I moved to Asheville a few years ago,” she said.

To create similar tapestries, you can use inexpensive bath mats.

Materials: 1 to 2 color bath mats, a 30-inch by 21-inch white bath mat, a 30-inch by 21-inch piece of plywood, a staple gun, yarn and roving, and fabric scissors.

Instructions: Cover the plywood with the white bath mat. Trim any excess and staple to the back. Staple the accent rugs to the plywood. Then staple on pom poms, which you can create using this tutorial. Construct a border using the roving, and staple and fluff the material to hide the staples. Use rug scraps to add a design to your tapestry, and add tassels as fringe to the bottom of the accent rug. Hang the tapestry.

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