Arizona Man Makes One Girl's Dreams Come True After Finding Her Christmas List In A Balloon

An Arizona man played Santa to a little girl from Nogales, Mexico after finding her Christmas list that floated over the border U.S/Mexico border in a balloon.

Via Facebook/Randy Heiss

Randy Heiss was hiking in Patagonia, Arizona when he came across a balloon that had seen better days. The balloon was torn up from its journey and stuck in a bush but he noticed a piece of paper that had the name "Dayami" on one side and a numbered list written in Spanish on the other.

He brought it home for his wife to translate and when they realized it was a Christmas list for Santa, they knew they had to act and make a little girl's Christmas wish come true. The list was asking for common items such as art supplies, a doll, a dollhouse, slime, and some clothes.

Heiss set out to find Dayami in order to deliver her presents. He shared the letter on his personal Facebook page but was unable to find the little girl. He believed the letter most likely came from Nogales, Mexico so after hearing nothing on his own, he reached out to a radio station in Nogales. Radio XENY shared the letter on their Facebook page and found Dayami and her family within an hour!

Ayúdenos a encontrar a una niña de nombre Dayami. Una niña de nombre Dayani, que se cree viva en Nogales, soltó al aire...

Posted by Radio XENY AM on Wednesday, December 19, 2018

NBC affiliate KVOA in Tuscon, Arizona was on hand to document this sweet meeting where Heiss and his wife delivered the toys.

Dayami is eight years old and lives in Nogales. She sent her balloon away hoping it would reach Santa. Instead, it was brought most likely winds the 20 miles from Nogales into Arizona.

Via KVOA-Tuscon

The whole event meant a lot to Heiss and his wife. “We lost our son nine years ago,” Heiss said to KVOA. “So we don’t have grandchildren in our future and so really getting to share Christmas with kids was something that’s been missing in our lives.”

We're sure that Heiss' kindness meant a lot to Dayami and her family. He truly showed that humanity and love that knows no bounds.

What do you think of this kind act? Would you have done the same for a stranger? Let us know in the comments!


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