Man Swipes, Eats Dog’s Treat During Competition On Live TV

Man Swipes, Eats Dog’s Treat During Competition On Live TV

A man apparently swiped a dog treat from his dog during the 2018 National Dog Show on live television.

We’re not going to say that the editorial team around TheThings head office are, in fact, a pack of dogs, but they do tend to respond favorably to doggie treats. And we’re not going to say that we’ve gotten curious and tasted said doggie treats to see what all the fuss was about, but we’re also not NOT going to say that.

Got it?

So it comes as no surprise to us that a handler would decide to swipe a doggie treat immediately after showing his prized pooch to the National Dog Show judge. Showing dogs is tough work and burns a lot of calories, and why should the dogs get all the tasty treats?

As hilarious as it may be to see an actual human being eating a doggie treat on national television, that’s (probably) not what is actually happening here.

Shortly after Twitter user @_FleerUltra posted the upsetting footage to their feed, other Twitter users responded to dish a little bit on the ins and outs of showing dogs in a real competition.

As it turns out, that owner is not actually eating his pooches snack. He is putting the doggie treat in his mouth, but it’s not so he can eat it (probably)--it’s actually just to keep the dog’s attention pointed at his face.

Any dog owner knows that most dogs are very food-oriented, to the point where 100% of their attention will be pointed at the food while the dog gives furtive glances at the actual owner holding the food. If you decide to keep the dog treats in your pants pockets, your dog will be looking at your hips rather than at your face.

That’s a problem in dog shows. You want your pooch to appear attentive by always looking at your face. According to Twitter users @BarefootPanic and @elle_em, keeping the treats in your mouth might be gross, but it ensures that the dog doesn’t look anywhere other than at your face.

It also frees up your hands, which allows you to quickly pick up and maneuver the dog--two things you gotta do fast in professional competition.

This year’s best-in-show was a 3-year-old whippet named Whiskey, by the way. We didn’t catch his owner scarfing a doggie treat, but you can bet that it probably happened. Probably.


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