Man Screaming At Spider 'Why Don't You Die?' Leads Police To Intervene

The police in Western Australia confirmed that they sent several police officers to an emergency call, which ended up being a man screaming at a spider, due to his fear of it.

A concerned neighbor was passing by the house at the time, when he heard his neighbor's toddler screaming, while his neighbor was continuously shouting "Why don't you die?!" After the person called the emergency line, police officers arrived at the scene, only to find a man who was just trying to kill a spider. The man apologized for having such extreme fear and reaction towards the spider.

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The local police took to Twitter to post a screenshot of the police log about the incident that happened last week. According to the police log, the man that called the police wasn't familiar with the screaming man, but he had spotted the neighbor and his child a few times when going on walks around the neighborhood. And after he called the police, the officers arrived, and about 20 minutes later, they provided an update to the entire situation.

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The officers had talked to all of the parties that stated the man was only trying to kill the spider and had such an extreme reaction due to his fear of spiders in general. Furthermore, according to the police log, there were no injuries sighted, except to the spider and the situation didn't require any further involvement of the officers. Unfortunately, after the police station posted the screenshot on Twitter, they quickly took it down, because, according to a spokesperson, it included a screenshot of police communications. The spokesperson said that the entire situation was to be transcribed first, before being posted separately, in order to avoid any grammar errors or typos.

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A few years ago, specifically in 2015, a similar situation occurred in Sydney, Australia, when the local police officers had to respond to a report when someone heard a man threatening someone as well as throwing furniture. However, when they arrived, they realized that there was a man, alone in his apartment, out of breath and flustered, once again, trying to kill a spider.

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