Man Stands With Sign For 3 Hours To Reunite Lost Dog With Owner

A man stood out on the street with a homemade sign after he found a lost dog in the hopes of reuniting the pup with her rightful owner.

Dogs are not referred to as "man's best friend" for no reason. Our canine companions have been by our side for centuries and are almost loyal to a fault. It doesn't matter what we do or what kind of person we are, our pups will pretty much love us unconditionally. However, some of them don't realize that it isn't safe for them to wander off into the world all by themselves.

If your dogs are anything like ours, then they are fine off the leash and won't willingly wander out of sight. However, some dogs are not that way, and even those who are can be easily distracted. The feeling you get when you realize your dog is lost or has escaped is a horrible one and if you have been lucky enough to have never felt it, we envy you.


Jason Gasparik was recently on the other end of someone losing their dog as he came across a labrador named Roxy running in and out of traffic, reports Good News Network Upon being discovered, Roxy was naturally pretty panicked or excited, or maybe even both. That meant it took Jason and some other helpful passers-by a full hour to calm Roxy down enough that she would willingly climb into the car of the man who originally spotted her.

After taking Roxy to the vet only to discover she was not microchipped, and hearing nothing back after posting photos of her across social media, Jason opted for option number three: make a sign and stand out on the street with it. As more and more people spotted Jason, Roxy, and the sign, word began to spread. Eventually, the lost lab's owner got wind of where to find her.

Roxy's owner turned out to be an elderly man named Ed. Due to his back problems, he is unable to walk for very long so was restricted to driving around in his attempts to find his beloved pet. A woman walking her dog informed Ed of Jason, and the two got in touch so that Roxy could be reunited.

As great a tool as social media can be, sometimes it doesn't work, and you have to resort to good old fashioned methods to get something done. A great deed and a heartwarming story with a happy ending.


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